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Today, I finally weighed myself after going on a strict diet of only fruits, vegetables, and coffee. I gained weight. FML
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try this little thing called exercise. you can't just eat right unless you have a high metabolism. so ydi.

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how much sugar did u put in that coffee....?


that sucks big time maybe you did it wrong!

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eating alot of fruit makes you gain weight. add it to the sugar in your coffee too and yah dah

True. Eating too much carbohidrates (sugar) makes you produce fat in your liver so you can store it as an energy source for the future. You also have to it some meat to lose wieght (and do some excersie if you're not doing any kind of physical effort)

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You'll gain weight at first then you will drop like crazy. Stick with it OP.

ydi for not doing research about healthy ways to lose weight. use your brain first that might help you burn some calories

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you need to exercise as well, not just eat right!

wow do some research before you's more then just cutting back on calories. people are retarted when it comes to losing weight.

fruits, vegetables and coffee isn't eating right. just fyi

you need protein to maintain your muscles which burn fat. your body went into hibernation mode because of your stupid diet

some people respond differently then others on diets. jus try another one

Note to self- I must eat meat or I will get fatter.. no but for real ur body needs the proten so eat fish and chickin

candy corns, sour apple rings and sour patch watermelons Are not fruits...

it body detected that u r starving it will store everything u eat

15 - shut the **** up. what do u know abt vegetarian diet? FYI most of the vegetarian ppl have normal weight than meat eating fat Americans

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You need to eat breakfast everyday too. Not eating breakfast can slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight. Eat ALL of the food groups, even the fats and oils because you need Omega3 in your diet. Plus you need exercise to stay healthy!

41 no it won't. Starving yourself helps you lose weight. Not saying that it's a good idea :p

above comment applies to 33 also. undereducation is to blame here.

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48 I was joking. Calm down and stop generalizing Americans

keep up the diet just eat less and cut the coffee. if that doesn't work then fyl indeed.

You were jokin but I ain't: YDI OP for being a vegitarian:)

if you wanna be on a diet and become healthy the LAST thing u should do is drink cofee ....and u need 2 eat more then just vegies..learn your shit btw YDI

by the way op, strawberry filled doughnuts don't count as fruit

10 it looks like the only way you have cleavage is if you take a pic from above you

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If you really want to lose weight start exercising with your diet.

ur just going to have to face the facts, your ment to be fat.... haha jk or am I o_•

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Actually, 50, starving yourself puts your body into starvation mode which makes your body store it's fat and slow your metabolism severely. If you starve yourself for long enough, you will lose weight but it will be both muscle and fat. It shouldn't be about the number of pounds you lose, it should be about how you're changing your body for the better, both health wise and looks wise.

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The blueberries in a blueberry Danish count as fruit, though, right?

105- if you starve yourself then sit on your butt and do nothing then yeah you will gain weight at first. but if you starve then go and work out you can shed weight like crazy. Trust me it works I've done it before.

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It sucks, but you should consult a nutritionist next time. the sugar in the fruit will just cling to your insides and turn into fat. You need a balanced diet. I find making a big breakfast with meat, dairy, healthy fats, etc is awesome, paired with a light lunch and little to no dinner. the breakfast will jump start your metabolism for the day :)

113- very true, I went from 125 to almost 145 in less than 2 weeks.

when you gorge yourself on food, (regardless on how healthy it is) it's still going to make you gain weight. you need to eat more sparingly.

oh good idea... go on a diet and dont exercise... oh wait how are you going to burn any fat? all youre doing is consuming LESS fat... but still gaining it..

Probably because you "enhanced" your fruits and veggies with fattening dips, and creamer in your coffee. Exercise wouldn't hurt either, Tubby. Get on that treadmill and quit whining on FML

I'm a meat eating Australian and am classerfied as under weight. I eat like a horse. the vegetarian diet is only healthy if you supplement it with iron tablets which this person did not

#52 I was jk two of my family members don't eat meat so I no all about it so I'm no under edjucated on this subject.. so FYL dumb a**

#30 I don't usually do this but you're cute :O

Ok for all you under-educated out there. Vegetarian diets are very unhealthy. Most obvious is the lack of protiens. But in most vegetarian diets now there is sufficient protien. However, the way in which vegetarians get those protiens is through mostly dairy, which are very heavy in fat. So if you think that simply being vegetarian makes you somehow healthier, you're mistaken. There are vegetarian diets that are balanced, but most vegetarians are eating that way because it's "hip", and actually know very little about the nutritional value (or lack thereof) of vegetarian diets.

136 - u r not my friend so I will not know if u r kidding or not. I can go by the face value only and it did not seem u r kidding coz u emphasized the importance of chicken and fish

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140, there are plenty of low-fat dairy products out there. Plus, most vegetarians get a substantial amount of their protein from products such as eggs, soy, nuts, legumes, etc. - not just dairy. There is really no medical need for meat in the diet if one does not wish to include it. Not to mention that there are plenty of meats out there that are just as high in fat as some dairy products... Also, before you try to educate people about nutrition, it's "protein", not "protien".

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I like how 136 spelled the words "educated" and "know" incorrectly all while trying to say he was smart. kudos

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Well muscle DOES weigh more than fat...

justt keep track of your calories, and cut down how many you would normally eat, throw in some exersize and baaaannnggg byebyee fatt.

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starving urself doesn't help. just try something else OP

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n u talk about retarded withba pi a u holding a ball of fire.....

Here's a tip: eating a lot of healthy stuff is still unhealthy. Eat healthy stuff in healthy amounts.

Eating healthy, you gain weight before you lose it, duh.

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You can be a rude jerk all you want but that doesn't make vegetarian healthy. it isn't. balance you're diet, don't overeat but don't starve. And exercize.

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YDI for not looking into the type of diet you were doing

op maybe you're meant to be a fatass. don't feel bad.

isn't eating a heathy diet just eating a moderate, yet balanced meal?

that's why I don't diet because what works for 1 person doesn't for other I take pills and in 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds no diet no exercise and no rebound I love them!!!! good luck next time

what kind of diet is that? that's almost pure sugar...dumbass

50- yes it and your the one who suggested to do research on dieting..

OP I heard that exercise and not overeating works too... Have you tried that? I dont think it would kill you to go for a morning walk.

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lol 14 fails at trying to sound intelligent =] fruits aren't full of carbs pastas, bread, etc. have carbs. carbs are long lasting energy hence athletes carbo-loading the night before a big game. carbs break down into glucose(sugar) but sugar does not = carbs =[ also carbs don't produce fat in your liver...WTF?!? how did u come up with that one? anyways OP YDI for going on a diet in the first place that shit is bad for you. if you want to lose weight dnt drastically change your eating habits in the hope that it will make you skinny in a few months. just watch what you eat(eating in moderation is more time, MODERATION IS KEY. got it?!?) and actually exercise. I do not understand how people think these days you can't lose weight if you are not actively exercising.

yeah OP did do it wrong! fruits are sugar and ure not eating protein so ur body is burning protein and storing fat! god knows y u thought coffee would be good

awww #48 got offended and is gonna cry 

OP, you deserve it for believing a "diet" to be anymore than a cheap fad in the first place. You can't click your fingers to get rid of weight, or spend a month just eating bananas, or something stupid like that. Eat a balanced diet, eat sensibly, don't over-indulge on luxuries (but don't get rid of them comletely), and do a little exercise. It isn't hard. People are just too goddamn lazy.

illnatic2 you are so ignorant your comment makes me want to hurl.while fasting, you will gain a tremendous amount of weight before you lose any, and your body will start to consume itself, and not the fat, it will first consume muscle

Lol you sound like my little sister. All holier-than-thou.

Yes she did do it wrong, she needs to exercise too. Big tip when you exercise put a Twinkie at end of treed-mule and then run to get it. :D GL op

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Best diet ever: absolutely no carbs for two weeks, then a 3 day break where you can eat them again, you know, stuff like potatoes, rice, bread, and you drink a glass of grapefruit juice with every meal, and you MUST eat breakfast and exercise! Works wonders!

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how much sugar did u put in that coffee....?

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probably needs to see a doctor about a personalized weight loss plan

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Fatty coffee. Fatty food. = Fatty you.

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omg I'm sorry!! that really sucks!

try this little thing called exercise. you can't just eat right unless you have a high metabolism. so ydi.

well you had it right until you put coffee in there

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haha I lose weight when I do that

#8 if you just take off all that nasty make up then you'll probably lose like 10 lbs

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that'd be because that isn't a healthy diet. only thing that diet will do is give you the *****. ha

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Well you see without the coffe its the best diet in the world

Dieting isn't enough, darling. You need to work out too!

yea, eating healthy alone isnt gonna cut it

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But she's not eating healthy ? :P