By wabbyfish - 14/03/2014 03:36 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, my boyfriend asked me if we were going to become "that stupid couple that sings cheesy songs to each other." I just spent the past 3 months writing the perfect song that I was planning on singing to him tonight. FML
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Aw :( Maybe he will change his mind you never know, stay positive

Sing it anyways, forget what he says. He might feel dumb at the end.


Aw :( Maybe he will change his mind you never know, stay positive

hopefully he will change his mind and sing it to him anyways

no, OP, don't sing. Turn off Glee and join the real world where we don't sing at each other. Some people hate that, he might just be one of them. my husband and I were sweethearts all through highschool and if he had ever busted out in song, as gooey as O can be, I would have hated it and/or laughed my ass off out of sheer embarrassment. Take his hint, don't sing. If its that big of a deal to you, maybe it's the wrong guy for you. . .

Well it looks like at least half of you two will be.

Sing it anyways, forget what he says. He might feel dumb at the end.

Most likely. "Today, I asked my girlfriend if we were going to become "that stupid couple that sings cheesy songs to each other." She then sang me a song she spent three months working on. FML"

Sing it to him anyway. I'm sure the song is beautiful and if he really loves you, he'll appreciate it no matter what.

Could we stop saying this please? 1) You have no way of knowing whether the song is beautiful or not. What you're doing is assuming. 2) Appreciating and enjoying something are two different things. Just because he appreciates it doesn't mean he'll enjoy sitting through it. If she "really loves him" she would get to know her SO better to know what he likes. If she's going to do something to please him, it might as well be something he enjoys. All that to say: what she did was very thoughtful, but don't say the boyfriend has to accept it. If anything, she should listen to what he boyfriend is saying to her about what he thinks about singing couples.

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19, I agree with you completely. Couples do need to listen to each other. However, OP stated she spent 3 months working on it. Did you want her to say "hey babe. Do you like cheesy songs? do you want me to sing you one?". It was a surprise. OP could tell him what she did and maybe he will enjoy and appreciate it. Maybe... he could be a douche about it lol. Everyone is different and it IS dumb to say "if he loves you he'll... blah blah blah. I'm just saying, personally if that was my situation I know my bf would love it because he knows I can't give him much and what I do is from the heart. Hopefully this is the case with op.

You only live once! Go ahead and sing that song to him.

You get points for not using the acronym...

I can bet you that he will still love it. you might just want to make him sure that he doesn't have to do the same

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Aww, his timing sucked... Maybe you should just do it anyway and see, he could change his mind, cheesy couples are sweet and cute. :D

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How does his timing sucked? He managed to say he didn't like singing couples just before she made them into one. I'd say that timing is perfect.

Stupid couples that sing cheesy songs to each other, are cute and usually the relationship lasts long. Carry on.

Are you going to become that stupid couple that breaks up?

If OP cares about her boyfriend enough to spend 3 months writing him a song, it'd incredibly stupid and shallow to break up over one thoughtless sentence. Especially since he probably had no idea about it. To OP: if a guy says something like that, it means that he probably secretly wants to become "that stupid couple".

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No, it usually means that he, openly, thinks that couple is stupid.

Whoever keep downvoting me are idiots. I gave you gold right there. Her boyfriend said "are we going to become that stupid couple...", and I used his wording. Seeing as how all these fmls end in break ups, there is the necessary conclusion. My gosh, can you people give a comment a chance, instead of being so ignorant?

No one is down voting your comment because they didn't get it. They're down voting it because it's not a very good comment. It's okay, we all make bad comments sometimes. You learn from them and move on. You do not throw childish temper tantrums. There really is no need to be rude.

So is the song more of a Blue Cheese, or more like R'n'Brie? Whatever the choice, I'm sure it'll be gouda even if he isn't fondue cheesy songs.