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  Xanax_Pazzo  |  0

this may sound really weird, but when I have an orgasm and my legs cramp I think it add extra pleasure lmao. then again I'm very into rough and crazy sex. soo pain plus haha.

  EinSteinFYL  |  0

What's up No. 6!

That's tough love right there. Give him the truth and record the reaction video of him being emasculated. That's YouTube material. Or, there's a new thing called stretching.

  ApplePieHead  |  0

Lololol funny how guys are saying sucks for him cause she's dishonet and fhl... haaaa most women fake their orgasims she just got a cramp and doesn't want to dammpen his spirits. if I were you I'd tell him the truth then let him try again. XD

  seanders  |  10

66: That just proves "most girls" are too damn stupid to realize communication is the key. if there's something we do you don't like and something you'd prefer, fucking tell us! if you don't it means we'll keep doing what you don't like, your sex will suck, and there'll be nobody do blame but yourself.

  projector  |  0

That's fucking crazy! who wins from pretending? You don't orgasm and he spends 10 minutes with a mouth full of c*nt for no reason. Lose lose situation.