By kitkat1603 - 16/06/2010 11:32 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend thought he gave me unimaginable pleasure. I didn't have the heart to tell him I had cramp in both my legs at the same time. FML
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well at least he want to give you such pleasure.

u should tell him.. hel grow a big head


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wow lmao

let him think he's a stud for once

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ydi for being dishonest

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Yum Yum Yum yum Yum.... : D

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lmao fyl op!

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humm well there's alot of ways you could go from there... oh and the cramps could have came from him ya never know lol

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under dat ass

I heard creatine can help for cramps!!


that's more of an FML for her boyfriend

BelleElle_fml 5

Hahaha, you guys, almost all girls have lied to their bfs about that kinda stuff at one point or another.

lol y is the girls always callin out they boyfriends on this stuff but the guys never talk bout all the stupid stuff the girls be doin during it like damn

autumn16 0

not me

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this may sound really weird, but when I have an orgasm and my legs cramp I think it add extra pleasure lmao. then again I'm very into rough and crazy sex. soo pain plus haha.

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how is that an fml??

haha well thats interesting...well let the poor fella have his fun and confidence that he did a good job xD

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isn't that unimaginable plesure anyway

Just let him think what he wants. Let him feel good about himself so he can go tell all of his buddies. Haha.

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that's exactly what I was going to. say when I'm having an orgasm my leg usually cramps

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It's not that bad.

I have the heart to tell you your a dumb birch

What's up No. 6! That's tough love right there. Give him the truth and record the reaction video of him being emasculated. That's YouTube material. Or, there's a new thing called stretching.

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#13 is cute

maybe you should stretch before, like you would if you were gonna work out, to prevent cramping.... or something

Lololol funny how guys are saying sucks for him cause she's dishonet and fhl... haaaa most women fake their orgasims she just got a cramp and doesn't want to dammpen his spirits. if I were you I'd tell him the truth then let him try again. XD

66: That just proves "most girls" are too damn stupid to realize communication is the key. if there's something we do you don't like and something you'd prefer, fucking tell us! if you don't it means we'll keep doing what you don't like, your sex will suck, and there'll be nobody do blame but yourself.

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damn girl your fine ;)

69, 66 is a guy. I don't think he'd like being referred to as though he's of the opposite gender.

if a guy doesnt please u u should talk to him and help him make it better. not be a skank and fake it. wtf is that

also if ur not gonna get pleasure out of it whats the point u might a well give him head if it isnt good for u

Hahha thanks #76

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lol guys are lucky that girls are nice enough to pretend :p

83 your a dumb bitch if u think that

pics or it didn't happen

it's not an fml for anyone, because both parties still got lucky, right?

I know it's not an FML if you got laid during it.

wait. you got "unimaginable pleasure" and you're FMLing it? jeez. you are certainly a picky one...

ah. nvm. i read it wrong. you really should have just said, "hold on a sec," and switched positions. not that big of a deal.

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guys mite pretend too sometimes :p

mikeyboi19 5

do you scream "dear lordy, my legs be hurtin so good" when you have sex?

That's fucking crazy! who wins from pretending? You don't orgasm and he spends 10 minutes with a mouth full of c*nt for no reason. Lose lose situation.

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that's how clothes and shit get ruined

lizzilla8297 2

haha yeah.

oh come on stop complaining, we know you liked it, OP

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mayb u should do more aerobic exercise it will help in da bedroom

yes, because we all have a pre-intercourse stretch. who could forget that?

fyl damn that sucks..

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He gave himself unimaginable pleasure. He just used you to do it.

u should tell him.. hel grow a big head

lol that's punny

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ur a good girlfriend 

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Hahhahaha Haaaaa.

*Clicks thumbs down relentlessly*

as 10 said ur goodgirlfriend haha

Be likeeee, try again, do it differently. Maybe he'll understand.

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right now im imagining your position with both legs cramped

sugarr0babby0 0

no...just no.

I've had one leg cramp in missionary so it didn't necessarily have to be a crazy position