By Betty - 17/03/2010 18:26 - United States

Today, I went in for a doctor's appointment. When I got on the scale, I was really excited to see that I'd lost ten pounds since the last time I weighed myself at the gym. The doctor then severely lectured me on the fact that I had gained twenty since my visit last year. FML
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kenadeemarie 4

do you people have to be so ****** rude? get a life and stop insulting strangers on the internet.

IScreamRawr 4

So much for joy.


IScreamRawr 4

So much for joy.


dont whine about your weight fatty there is this amazing new thing called weight watchers

OMG! is this the only fml that didnt have a billion posts after number 1?

at least the op lost some of what they gained :D

keep trying to loose weight (:

He only sees you once a year so his data has a lot of holes. Maybe he wouldve been less harsh if you told him you've been working on it and have actually lost 10 lbs already. I'm sorry op. Try to maintain your weight when you lose it :

yess never givve up! ignore your doctor and keewp loosing (:

Gained 30 and lost ten in the last year? If you really lost ten in the time you've been in the gym, you ought to be able to reach an ideal weight soon enough. тгу  пот  Fатту.

It's still a reason to be joyful (depending on when she last went to the gym). She gained 30 over the course of a year, obviously realised it, started doing something about it, and is making good progress. OP, don't let the doc get you down. Keep up the good work. BTW, #29, mods are now enforcing FML rules. No irrelevant responses to #1 just to be up top.

Well, your name IS Betty..

I'm joyful that the ops fat ass finally started doing something.

IScreamRawr, your pic confuses me. I can't decide if it looks more like a Barbie doll from a CG world, or one of those airbrushed-in-real-life pageant babies with a desperately unbalanced mother. I apologize if it's a picture of you-- in that case I'm sure it's a fluke picture and that you look like neither face-to-face. But I have to know-- what *is* it?

bluesclues72 0

70; it's a sim character from either sims 3 or sims 2. SIMS FTW

not the doctors fault your a fat ass

nothing wrong with a little fat best movie quote ever!: so do you like my rolls? yah, I like woman with a little meat on them for those of you who have not seen dumb and dumber-er a woman is asking if he likes her dinner rolls

charlie_schmidt4 0

stop complaining just lay off the crappy food and take a jog every once in a while

I have yet to watch dumb

muscle ways more than fat

weighs* I hate you auto correct

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skullbashd 3

lol you have a picture of a pokemo. your probaly a fatty

How does Pokemon = fat? I love Pokemon, and play it a lot, but I'm a few pounds underweight. Anyway, FYL, OP. You should have told him that you've been working out recently and that might have shut him up.

that's cuz your a nerd

jasonsaied 1

yo 2 ur a ******* ****** just because she gained weight doesn't mean she's fat. she could be 100 pounds for all you know asshole

Nom. 71: I was thinking the same exact thing; well almost the same exact hing. Just take out all the angry parts. Respect.

SciGuy013 0

if she gained 20 lbs from her visit last year and weighs 100 lbs now, that means she's underweight.

no pokemon does not make u faT it makes u a faG

no matter what weight the op was, was, and is, that much fluctuation in weight can't be healthy. therefore : eat a salad, fatass

that's a pokemon? I miss the old 151 ;(

If she weighed 80 pounds a year ago, the doctor wouldn't be complaining about her being overweight.

get out if the kitchen woman! Never thought I'd have to say that...

Neither did I. A fat woman once chased me around a kitchen trying to catch me so she could deep fry me and eat me, but I won't mention any names. (Rosie O'Donald)

bluesclues72 0

Fail 57. it's Rosie O'Donell(sp?) next time you're going to make fun of someone, get the name right you ass hole.

Next time you use a picture s don't make it a cartoon. And fatass O'Donald doesn't deserve to have her name spelled right.

(and remember- you can't go wring drowning in grape flavored gopher semen!)

kitchens are a womens natral habitat

#77 you have a picture of a sims character. so smd. and don't make funn of afatmonkey cause there funnier then you.

Cynical_AbInitio 0

Smd ftw lol. #77 go drown in some grape-flavored gopher semen loool. So random.

ninba20 0

that is y i dont trust scales...they lie....

u_killed_kenny_ 0


How do they lie? Either she gained weight and then lost it, the doctor screwed up, or a fat ass like the op broke it.

hannahluvsyou 0

when you drink,eat etc of course you weigh more :(

kenadeemarie 4

do you people have to be so ****** rude? get a life and stop insulting strangers on the internet.

if you don't want to hear it, you get off the Internet

Monikabug 9

Congratulations on losing the weight! Your doctor was probably just looking out for your health, don't take him so seriously. If you are happy with your weight, then that is all that matters. I can't really say FYL or YDI on this one... so.. Other Option Button. :)

linamerri 0


imakeubleed 0

weight issues should be dismissed from FML. nobody cares. weight comes and weight goes and usually comes and goes again. get over it.

agreed. lovve the soccer picture btw! :D

Dear deathcab7, I do believe I know you, and quite well. Does this: "TAAATE!" mean anything to you? Please respond. Dearest wishes, me

that does not ring a bell at all. sorry

OK. Weird. In that case, you have a doppleganger in the form of my younger sister. You look eerily like her, here and in an earlier pic of yours I believe. Well, take it as a compliment-- my younger sister is *gorgeous.*

haha wow what a coinsidence! and thank you!

Heh, you changed your pic. Sorry if I freaked you out.

ohh no thats not why i changed it! :P i change it alot haha

Awwww. :( But still its a lose from what you were before, 30 pounds heavier

Peacemaker9 7


Billbo23 0

lol win

yourlifesfucked 0

im sorry but if youre fat YDI. its really not that hard to stay in shape... put down the fork...

They are. It's better to get in shape after being fat than not at all