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Today, I finished the first month of a diet and exercise program designed to help me lose weight. To keep myself motivated, I have avoided the scale the entire time. I weighed myself today. I've gained 6 pounds. FML
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Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are excersizing and building muscle mass. That's why


free2speak 14

exactly and if Op doesn't have saggy arm fat/ belly pooch or just looks good and toned, then it really doesn't matter what the number is.

my dad once took a shit and felt the need to tell everyone in our house that he had gained 2 pounds.

Streeet_hayley 6

And you felt the need to tell everyone here?^

12- nope, he was flipping shit that he gained 2 pounds.

I agree with seven. Also, if you feel better, and don't get so sore from working out, your stamina is building, and that's always a plus.

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OP, ignore all the fat comments. You're not fat, you're just horizontally enhanced. You're not out of shape either because round is a shape. Make it your motto.

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that's what happens when there's a McDonalds next to your Weight Watchers. :P

It takes about 4-5 weeks for results to start showing, although I can't say anything about the weight gained... Ma'am, step away from the donuts!!

Streeet_hayley 6

Is there any place McDonalds isnt next to?^

Muscle. Deffinately. People are so ignorant these days. Go Back to 7th grade and read a health book. Eating less and working out more is ridiculous. The more you work the more your body needs to fuel it. Its not how much you eat, its WHAT you eat.

You might want to re-read your own health book. "Eating less and working out more is ridiculous." What you said makes absolutely no sense. That's exactly how you lose weight. Yes, as you work more your body needs more fuel. It gets that fuel from the fat you have stored, and you burn the fat. That's how weight loss works. If you work out more and increase the calories you eat by the same amount you're working out? Nothing happens. You don't lose, though you'll probably gain weight in the form of muscle in that case.

If you were eating healthier and excercising more, there's a high probability that it was muscle.

104, shut up.. You probably have never even seen a health book Before. If you don't eat, your metabolism slows down and you gain weight. If you eat small meals every 2-3 hours, your metabolism speeds up and you gain muscle and lose weight

136, you are wrong actually. I had a friend who ate around 300-600 calories a day maybe one meal and never exercised or anything. 4 months later he dropped 80 pounds from Doing that routine shedding about 15-30 pounds a month.

136, what part of what I said sounded like, "don't eat?" Eat less, yes. Don't eat at all? Not even close to what I said. That said, if you don't eat (at all), you don't gain weight. Sorry, but the body can't work that way. Go count the number of over-weight starving people in Africa. You're not going to find any… It's true that if you eat nothing (or eat substantially too little), that you body's metabolism clamps down and you will burn fewer calories as part of your normal resting BMR. But it's not possible to gain weight while eating *nothing*. If you eat too little, your BMR drops, and you need to eat even less to stay under your BMR and keep losing. If you eat nothing, zero is less than whatever your BMR is, guaranteed (unless you're dead…) Now, I'm not saying starving yourself is the best way to lose weight. Not even close. It's an *effective* way, but to say that it has health consequences is putting it lightly. The best way to lose weight is to eat enough protein that your daily needs for muscle building and tissue repair are met, and not a calorie more than that. For most people, that would be between 800 and 1000 cal of pure protein, zero fat, zero carbs. That's enough calories and enough protein that your body doesn't perceive that it's starving, and your BMR stays normal. It's called a protein sparing modified fast. Google it, you'll find it works. I've lose 160lbs in 8 months doing it. Eating small meals every 2-3 hours is a wives tale. First, eating doesn't raise your metabolism, no matter how or what you eat. Exercising does raise it, and starving yourself does lower it. But eating "enough" calories just puts you at your normal BMR. Split the calories up any way you want. Have a single crumb every 15 minutes if it makes you feel better. It won't raise your BMR any more than your normal level, whatever that is. But… For someone who has a weight problem, trying to eat lots of small meals is a recipe for disaster. Fat people generally don't have the best skills at portion control. If you have 7 or 8 "small meals" of 400 calories a piece, you're gaining weight. Have 7 or 8 of 150 cal a piece, and you'll lose, no doubt. But go search for things that are 150 cal or less. Sorry, but I don't believe that someone who has a life-long weight problem has a prayer of consistently stopping themselves at such a small calorie number. Going a little over for a single meal isn't a catastrophe. Eat a little less at the next meal, and you're fine. But when you've got 7 or 8 chances a day to eat just a few extra calories… Yes, if you correctly spread your daily calorie intake across a number of small meals (snacks, really), you'll be consistently less hungry throughout the day, and you'll lose as long as your calories are low enough. But go just 50 cal a meal over 8 times a day, and you're 320 cal over per day. You'd be gaining a pound about every 12 days at that rate.

to summarize, exercise in such a way that you lose mure calories than you take in. ya that's about it

1000 calories is way to little and a horrible way to lose weight. I combed you on your loses but you are destroying ur Metabolism and even if it works knw once u stop "dieting" ur going to gain. 1000 calories dsnt mean ur bmr isn't changing. To lose real permanent weight u need to figure out ur calorie count for maintaining and cut that by 3-500 depending on ur goals. Continuously adjust the maintaining total as you lose wait. Lastly pure protein or pur anything for that matter is detrimental to ur health. It should be a simple, 45% protein, 35% fibre, 20% carb diet, and zero sugar(except naturally occurring sugars). This with a mixture excerise to boost ur metabolism will get you and keep you skinny long after u stop "dieting". Alot of people don't understand that going to the gym and getting stronger builds muse which os extremely more compact than fat. This muscle mass also tajes many more calories to maintain. Thus u can eat more if ur maintaing or lose weight faster if ur cutting.

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167- Im telling you now, no one is gonna read that

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sigh. health debates from those who know nothing about it are so interesting... OP your weight is not an indicator of fat or size. define the goal of the program before starting it if youre going to only look at arbitrary numbers.

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Dude this is fml u don't need to write a a whole page seriously no one wants to read that

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154, are you saying that your mate was anorexic cause that's what it sounds like.

I did; only since I started a diet yesterday.

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The way I lost weight was going on a low carb diet rather than a low calorie one, and I have actually naturally begun eating a few small meals a day rather than three big ones. I think it's helped my metabolism.

structuredchaoz 4

Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are excersizing and building muscle mass. That's why

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You two are wrong muscle weighs more than fat so in reality you may not lose any pounds or gain more pounds but you will find that your clothes will be looser

This drives me crazy. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. Muscle is more dense so it takes up less room which neans you could have more muscle in the same surface area So check your inches op.

Op I bet you gained some nice muscle. I say take your measurements. I bet you lost inches not pounds. It's hard to not look at the scale and care about the number, but in the long run the number shouldn't matter if you're losing inches. I say keep it up. It's hard enough to even start a program let alone stay on one. Good for you op.

Well yes, a pound of anything weighs the same as a pound of anything else...

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129 is totally correct. It's a common misconception.

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Muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1 pound of muscle is the same as 1 pound if fat.

Stiggy626 25

It's that same concept as a pound of lead weighs the same as a pound of feathers. there will be a lot more feathers

You people are idiots. Saying muscle weighs more than fat is saying that going by their volumes, muscle weighs significantly more. A pound of muscle would be pretty small, whereas a pound of fat might make you go up a pants size. Stop trying to degrade others and sound smart by saying "a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat". You're only making yourself sound stupid by saying something so ridiculous.

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Seeing that she's exercising aswell as dieting, it's more than likely she's gained weight due to her building muscle, and as quite a few other people have said before me, muscle weighs more than fat.

Just because you "go on a diet" doesn't mean you're going to lose weight. Unless you stay really disciplined and actually push yourself when you work out, you probably won't lose much weight. Too many people try to lose weight but end up half-assing it and give up after a short time.

Haha true ... Didn't read the other comments :$ FAAIL !

Tbh people think an increase of weight us bad. Even though it can be if you are overweight, it's healthy otherwise. IMO, body fat % and BMI tell the true story.

salvorican 24

Well I think op should know that what really matters is how you feel from the diet and exercise. It's great that your keep yourself healthy and it doesn't matter that you gained a few pounds. If you look at yourself in the mirror everyday it should motivate you to keep trying. Keep up the diet until your happy with what you see of yourself. Not what the numbers on the scale tell you :)

Whoaa I have a lot of thumbs downn I feel so special ;P

free2speak 14

If you drank mostly diet coke or drinks with aspartame, that's probably why. Aspartame is linked to weight gain in lab rats and is a common ingredient in all "sugar free"/ diet products.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

This is true. When you start to eat less, you always have to make sure you're eating whole foods, and as little processed or packaged foods as possible. When you eat less calories it's all the more important to eat more nutrient dense foods.

That's utter and complete BS. I've lost 160lbs since December and drink 3 liters of Diet Pepsi nearly every day. If you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. No exceptions. If you're doing heavy weight training and eating lots of protein, you *might* manage to gain more lbs of muscle than you lose of fat. Real tell is how do your clothes fit? If your pants are loose, you just gained muscle (and congrats, cause that's tough to do while dieting to lose weight). If not, sorry but you ate too much. Weigh yourself every single morning. If you're not less than the previous morning, it means you ate too much the day before. Try to eat less today, and see how you do tomorrow. Anyone who tells you certain magic foods keep you from losing weight doesn't have a clue. Eat less calories than you burn. That's all there is to it. Unless you're in awesome shape, there's no way you can burn enough calories to make a difference just by exercising. Run flat out for an hour, and you barely mange to burn off a cheeseburger. If you're dieting to lose, I'll bet you can't run for an hour nonstop. Only way to lose is eat a lot less. If you're really big, try starting at 1000 cal a day. Should lose 4-5 lbs a week at that. It's boring, it sucks, and you're hungry all the time, but you get through it and you lose the weight. I was 440 in December. I'm 380 now. All I did was put the fork down. Be honest with yourself, and there's no reason you can't lose weight. Stick your head in the sand, look for excuses, and pretend you're really dieting when you have a "cheat day" twice a week, blame your hormones or your genes for not being "able" to lose weight? Then if you're not already as big as a house, you will be soon enough. Work hard, deny yourself a little now, and it'll pay off. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I've got another 100 to lose myself, and I'd sooner off myself than put the weight I've lost back on. I've never felt this good in my life.

Right... I'm 280 now, not 380. Clearly the aspartame has cooked my brain. Either that or my brain shuts off before I start ranting on the Internet...

Weight loss is quite different if you're extremely overweight. I've been working out for several months now and my clothes don't fit all that differently, because I'm still the same size, only more toned and have gained muscle. I was only 5-10 pounds overweight, but now the number doesn't matter to me because I feel more confident. Also, the average adult needs about 2,000 calories per day. If you're only eating 1,000 then that's just not healthy. It's okay to eat the normal amount of calories if you work out enough to negate or close to negate it. Many calories are burned by simply digesting food and doing everyday things.

Actually drinking alot of diet coke is worse than drinking alot of coke.... Like what the other guys said, the ingredients **** people up. Diet coke is only better in lower quantities, but why would you even drink soda when your on a diet?

78 .... "If you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. No exceptions." There are exceptions.

ReynshineCutting 10

78 there are DEFINITELY exceptions. Genetics had a TON to do with weight loss. And like someone else said, 1000 calories a day is not healthy. You don't get enough nutrients that way. 1200-1300 is the minimum you should do. Not only that, but you can really screw up your metabolism by not eating enough. And cheat days are necessary for some people in order to keep their sanity. You don't just eat all junk all day, but eating a burger or a slice of cake sometimes won't hurt you. If you're absolutely miserable while trying to lose weight, is it really worth it? If you can be happy with yourself if you're overweight but are utterly miserable trying to get thin, it might just be better to stay overweight. I'd rather live a shorter happy life than a long miserable one.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

78, Get your head out of your ass. You don't have to study the human body in depth to realize how complex all the processes that take place within it are. There's still a vast amount we don't understand about ourselves and how we work. If things were this simple, doctors and scientists would have the easiest jobs in the world. And yes, aspartame is shit for your system. There's a reason cultures who eat no processed foods manage to be healthier than industrialized countries.

No there really isn't... spoken like a true fatty. There is NO way to gain weight while consuming less than you burn. It's physically not possible. However, it IS possible to consume more that you PERCIEVE you take in. Studies show that the overweight consistently underestimate the calories they take in (while normal weight people consistently overestimate their intake)

If you have hashimotos autoimmune disease, for example, you can take in less calories than you burn and still GAIN weight.

aeshleyrose 6

78- Are you seriously trying to tell someone else that aspartame is healthy for you while proudly bragging that you drink about 3 ******* liters of it PER DAY? For Christ's sake, should she start taking ephedrine also to help her shed some pounds? Maybe some crystal meth? Do you know what 'diet' means? Chemical shit storm. Also while you're guzzling that crap down it's extremely improbable that you're getting your recommended 2 liters of water per day. Do yourself and your body a favor and read about the years it took for the FDA to approve that shit. It's not fantasy, it's not fiction, it's documented government fact. Happy reading.

free2speak 14

78, most of your post was TLDR but what I did read I can tell you for a fact that eating fewer calories than you burn won't necessarily make you lose weight. it's about what you eat and THEN you count calories. you can eat 1000 calories of pure butter everyday and even though you're consuming fewer calories, you'll end up gaining weight. As a former assistant for a nutritionist, there are a few things to ALWAYS keep in mind when loosing weight (long but worth reading): 1. Protein and fiber: if you make sure you get a lot of fiber and protein, not only will you be building muscle mass but you will also feel full a lot longer. 2. Don't worry about calories too much unless you have an eating disorder where you feel inclined to eat all the time. If you're eating right (more proteins, les carbs) you'll automatically feel that you're consuming adequate amounts of calories. Not too much, not too little. 3. Sodium: #1 culprit keeping you from looking/feeling your best. Think Lean Cuisine is good? check the amount of sodium on the back. Even granola bars have high amount of sodium. And remember that your calorie needs may be smaller than stated so you may in fact be getting a lot more sodium. Sodium is good in small amounts but in larger amounts, it is linked to heart diseases and it makes you retain water so you weigh a lot more! Try going easy on sodium for a week and then weigh yourself if you don't believe me. 4. lastly Saturated fats & exercise: sat fats (& cholesterol) are not only the #1 cause of heart attack but they make you gain weight! Trans fat is used in making cell membranes but saturated fat is mostly deposited as an energy source in form of sterol-- I.e. it makes you chubby. Exercise (even if it's only 30 mins a week) to stay in good health and great shape. Oh and most people think card has is only for gym members-- not so! take a skipping rope and get to work- 30 mins on a skipping rope or jumping on trampoline is just as good as any hardcore cardio. And remember if you aren't sweating, you're not burning major amounts of calories. oh and don't forget-- no aspartame! that stuff is bad bad bad!!! Try Stevia as an alternative. It doesn't taste like sugar but it's natural (plant derived) and good if you're trying to cut down your sugars.

a_nutritionist 10

ignorant morons. stop spreading information you dont understand when its about health. this isnt just an argument on the origins of the universe, your information can **** people up if they dont know any better.

I've done it myself, you dipshit, don't tell me what is and isn't possible.

RandomPerson1227 3

Your obviously just a self-concious douchebag

perdix 29

You avoided the scale because you knew the plan wasn't working. It's not like cheating on your boyfriend or husband where everything will be ok if no one finds out. The scale sees all.

FYLDeep 25

Step it up! It also may be a good idea to get your hormones checked if something doesn't feel right.

BExactly! Especially your thyroid. I have thyroid problems and if your thyroid levels are low, your body could be more easily prone to store the fat on your body. You could just have a slow metabolism, OP. It's definetly worth it!

-B. I have no idea how that popped up in there. Stupid iPhone.

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But how much fat have you lost?? Muscle weighs more than the fat

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yeah, OP isn't fat or heavy, they just take up more room!