By UnknownOperation - United States - Washington
Today, I finally decided to introduce my boyfriend to my parents. Surprisingly, he and my father already knew each other, so I asked him how they met. Now I know where my boyfriend gets all his weed. FML
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There's a typo in this. I think OP meant "how they met" not "how them met."
If the typo gets changed I suppose I can expect a million thumbs down, but what the hell.


A lot of things entirely unrelated to the original comment are often posted under the first comment. I'm on the App so it's much easier for me to just comment on other comments rather than making my own. I've bunkered down in preparation for whatever reason the community throw my way in any case!


60, I must say your taste in girls is bad if you only want her to hook you up with weed. Although your taste in music must be pretty good considering your Hollywood Undead profile pic.

  thawny_fml  |  21

62 I must say after reading through your profile it's pretty clear how much of a liar you are. You hardly have the right to call someone out on something when your interests are far more shameful.

  esines  |  9

62 you say you don't have a Facebook or Twitter because you believe in a real social life, not online social networking, yet you also say to look you up on kik... How is that real life socializing? Contradictory..

  sens3sfailing  |  24

I'm confused as to the shameful interests also. She may have some contradictory stuff but are people on here so ignorant that they will bury anyone who doesn't make weed their life's purpose? if its the atheism, then fuck off hypocrites, if it's the tattoos, it's her body and and whatever she does to it in a legal way is her business. Social networking does suck IMO. I don't use it but honestly I don't think any less of you if you do use it. I play video games a lot so I'm not one to preach about being social in the real world lol.

  BunchieRules  |  31

Yeah 3, OP's boyfriend could be a transvestite mass-murderer who escaped Alcatraz and eloped with Darth Vader on a unicorn in 1975. But that didn't happen. And your comment and mine have something in common: they both have nothing to do with the FML.


I agree 3! They could have known each other under bad circumstances. We've all heard about the pharmacist father and condom buying boyfriend...I'd be cooler with my drug dealer than my boyfriends conservative dad! Not that I do drugs or have a boyfriend.