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Today, I'm quite ill. My new step-mother believes that the genetic wheat allergy I got from my mother would have gone away since she's now married to my father instead. Looks like dad picked a winner. FML
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Just be thankful that she isn't your doctor.

Isn't that how genetics works? Your hair and eyes can change color too!


Just be thankful that she isn't your doctor.

You have one of those psycho moms don't you?

#41 - Nah. Not psycho. Just dumb as a bag of rocks. Dad is obviously having a midlife crisis and married a cheerleader captain. She will be out the door once Dad finds out she's sleeping with his best friend.

That would be scary. She probably failed high school biology but still got to graduate because she flirted with the right person.

"Teacher? I'm having trouble with the reproductive system homework, could you please give me a private lesson in your room after school?"

Isn't that how genetics works? Your hair and eyes can change color too!

10- .....Actually, you can sync periods. That's not something regulated by genetics, but by hormones. The Doc, was being sarcastic....something I truly hope you Did understand. :p

27.. I think 10 was trying to be sarcastic..

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82, the point is 10 was being sarcastic about something that's true. You can, in fact, sync periods.

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I think 10 was referencing a past FML about the coworkers and since periods.

Definitely* it's hard to defiantly chose doc as your doctor because a lot of people respect him and all that he does for the public with his great comments. That saving lives shit may help a little, but being a good commenter is what does it for me. *whips the sarcasm on that last sentence from my hands*

Lol ya who cares if your intestines are spilling out all that matters is that you have a smile on your face when it happens

Cerealsly? Wheat an idiot! IHOP you wheynt to the doctor for that allergy, OP. And make sure your new step-mom knows that you still have the allergy.

Looks like the apple fell pretty far from the tree.

I think I misread the FML and thought that she was OP's real mom. I'll thumb myself down.

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Were you engaged to a make believe person?

I know it's off so sorry but I didn't find any forums nor did the FAQ say anything about this... I've got a problem that I can't submit a FML because it shows some weird error page with the following message: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <code>errflood</code>" Anyone knows what's the problem?