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By  DncrHap  |  9

wait. hold on. confused.

so, is he as old as your parents? did he date your mom before she got married?
or, did your mom recently get remarried, and in the mean time decided to pay a visit to cougar town?
or did she cheat on your dad?

i don't know what to think about all of this. i'm going to make myself a smoothie.


So, your boyfriend is old enough to be your dad (and they dated before you were born), your mom cheated or your parents are divored. Somehow, I don't think the third option I've come up with is likely.

So, ew and ydi kinda for dating an old man.

  twinny_sc  |  13

59 even if that's true, still its been over a year, OP could have at least mentioned something to her mom about the guy. Like idk his name and occupation.

  illkatt09  |  9

Yeah it does. Even if they never met, if you've been dating him for over a year, how is it possible that he's never seen a picture of you and your mother and how is it that she's never seen a picture of the two of you?

If he actually dated your mom how is it that you never happened to see him before?

  VegasSkiess  |  0

this sounds fake. that wuld mean ur mom cheated or your parents are divorced. and u didn't mention ur bf's name for over a year or ur mom doesn't even knw wat he looks like? ydi, for lying for attention.

  illkatt09  |  9

That's true, But then again, what are the chances of them living that far apart but the guy being close enough to both of them to have a relationship. And if they did indeed live far apart wouldn't they want to try harder to keep in contact to make up for it. I don't know...

  jearojas  |  4

agree with #11