By highlandgirl10 - 21/07/2010 20:31 - Canada

Today, I brought my boyfriend of a year and a half to meet my parents. Turns out he dated my mom. This should be a fun dinner. FML
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wait. hold on. confused. so, is he as old as your parents? did he date your mom before she got married? or, did your mom recently get remarried, and in the mean time decided to pay a visit to cougar town? or did she cheat on your dad? i don't know what to think about all of this. i'm going to make myself a smoothie.

wow good luck with that


wow good luck with that

of gosh.. fyl! awkward!

haha it took you a year and a half to have him meet your parents?

I bet she's a Milf but you went to your patents and they're together but not together or she cheated?

That must've been an awkward dinner... I'm wondering if OP's boyfriend is really old or really young.

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either your mom is a cougar or you like dating old guys

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or her mom is a Milf !!!!!!

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rallets 22

now that hes tried the cougar meat, hes moving onto the younger stuff lol

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So, your boyfriend is old enough to be your dad (and they dated before you were born), your mom cheated or your parents are divored. Somehow, I don't think the third option I've come up with is likely. So, ew and ydi kinda for dating an old man.

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YDI for waiting over a year to let your boyfriend meet your parents

56- Maybe op is old enough to live on her own and lives far away from her parents.

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lmao at 20

So she never mentioned her boyfriend of 2 years name to her mother...or vise versa...?

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agrees with 9

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lol! fyl. "like mother, like daughter" as they say. lol. i bet thats his motto. ;))

ewww how old is he her and you

sounds like you need a THREE SOME

I would say threesome but that's boring and unoriginal

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91 don't be a downer :(

there are sooo many things wrong with thiss.

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this FML is just fucked up...

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I think 91 should get moderated. followed by this comment lol

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wooow... well, maybe she could give you some tips

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59 even if that's true, still its been over a year, OP could have at least mentioned something to her mom about the guy. Like idk his name and occupation.

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"Man, she is such a hot MILF. Oh wait, already did. Zing!"

umm..okay either you and they guy are sick your mom is..iether way..that's so ducked upp!

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Yeah it does. Even if they never met, if you've been dating him for over a year, how is it possible that he's never seen a picture of you and your mother and how is it that she's never seen a picture of the two of you? If he actually dated your mom how is it that you never happened to see him before?

I smell a 3 way incest.... no wait that was tacos. my bad

99 has no eyes!!! oh and op, fyl... I have no comment for this one though...

111- It is possible that op does not live close to her mom and does not have a close relationship.

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Reminds me of that movie with Jennifer Aniston. I forgot the name though.

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119 - Rumor has it?

this sounds fake. that wuld mean ur mom cheated or your parents are divorced. and u didn't mention ur bf's name for over a year or ur mom doesn't even knw wat he looks like? ydi, for lying for attention.

ewwwwww that's so grosss

stacys mom has got it going on

that low down dirty motherfucker!

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wow can u say cougar? akwarrrrd

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116 I do have eyes lol

I smell cougar and a weirdo bf

right out of a porn movie.

That's just wrong.. :/ FYL indeed..

every time i open this iphone app it says douche lorraine. who is that ?

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don't you feel stupid now

FUCK BITCHES GET MOooOOney, FML explained!

fuckin hell Mercy, your pic scares me :(

lolol it'd be weirder if you and your mom had sex with the same guy

hehheh..I like where this is going!!

Don't forget how her life sucks so much that she needs to take time out of the actual dinner itself to write an fml.... She deserves it.

op could be talkin bout a stepmom

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I'm shocked at the utter lack of "Your mom" jokes on here. Come on, people! This one practically begs for it

wow y was my comment moderated?!

Hey now u no who to ask for advice on what turns him on lol

165 - Ive been noticing that for AGES!!! Who IS IT!?! lmao! I'm going to the site! I'll let you know! 

wrong place. sorry

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That's true, But then again, what are the chances of them living that far apart but the guy being close enough to both of them to have a relationship. And if they did indeed live far apart wouldn't they want to try harder to keep in contact to make up for it. I don't know...

this might sound dumb but..... what's a milf??

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^^^ mother I'd like to fuck. Do I hear a 2 1/2some?? anyone?

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WTF?!? gangbang!!!!

^^^ shit they got a pic of me on google now

WTF??????? that's messed up.

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I love your eyes.

fun family reunion anyone?

bahaha. that would suck. is your mom hot?

Ask him who's better

Ask him who's better

ew :/ how old is he or is your mum really hot..

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milf *

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your own damn fault for not knowing that...

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agree with #11

*Straps on fanny pack* Unce-unce-unce-unce.

Ask her how good he is in bed. At least then u will know if he is worth it.

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so he must have been alot older or maybe your mom dated guys your age?