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Today, I found out that the only reason my boyfriend got a job was so that he could buy weed. FML
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perdix 29

You mean you give him sex for free? This is why most men work. Weed, beer or other intoxicants are usually further down the list of reasons to perform humiliating, tedious labor.


perdix 29

You mean you give him sex for free? This is why most men work. Weed, beer or other intoxicants are usually further down the list of reasons to perform humiliating, tedious labor.

dsbs 9

Op stop bitching. It's his money he can do whatever he wants with it.

More responsible than stealing TVs to pay for it.

SW500 13

At least he is a somewhat productive member of society.

48- I think gou have your drugs meaaed up. If you're stealing TVs for weed, you REALLY need to get your priorities straightened out...

Why must you be so selective, autocorrect!!! I meant messed*

ThisIsMyReign 4

77 - you autocorrect also missed "you".

77/81--- u both need to get a life, seriously! Omg

Oh noes, commenting one time correcting someone must have no life. Like oh Mah gosh this is some big news.

Seriously kid??? Grow some hair on your balls and then start talkin shit ok little boy!!... Dumbass kid.

120 - A slight overreaction, I think?

120's butt is very hurt right now. Please avoid any contact with 120. That is all.

120, it says on your profile that you're 30+. I think you need some growing up to do, you speak like a 10 year old. Respect people, it's okay to give your opinion but it's not okay to be a ****.

Wow your kinda a jerk i thought that was a legitamite reason

Wow a **** huh? Looks like 4 of them in that picture there!

gas, ass, or grass! whatever floats his boat.

its his money to with what he pleases

Better than him getting a job to buy meth I suppose..:/

Yeah I guess it's slightly better. Everyone likes to buy their own stuff I guess. At least he got a job and isn't using your money.

Lol hey, the only reason I got a job was to buy MORE weed. I got a half o in a bag pinned up against my beavis n butthead poster right now :)

168 you must be SO proud of yourself right now!

Finnick_fml 12

... well, better him getting a job & buying weed; than him sitting on his ass all day, stealing money from you/his family/other people to buy weed. trust me. there could be worse scenarios.

crammer1 6

I love how people say at least he's got a job and only smokes weed. Whatevs. Ahhh...lowered expectations. Most good jobs require drug testing so op's boyfriend is probably using what little he earns to buy weed and then mooching off her. Dump the loser. Find someone with a little more ambition or you're going to be miserable. Potheads need to stick to dating potheads

hockeyoceancity 13

Way to assume everything you asshole.

totally false that most good jobs require drug testing

I don't mean to be rude, but.. So? It's ~his wage! He's worked hard for it, he's paying his taxes and if he wants a joint on a Friday night to blow off some steam, who cares? It could be so much worse than cannabis.

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constipatedlady 0

Weed is barely illegal to begin with. I say better than buying booze!

if its illegal, he shouldn't do it anyway? that's ridiculous. it shouldn't be illegal in the first place. And the guy is WORKING to buy his weed, there is nothing wrong with that.

A7X_LoVeee 10

So? Well she states it was his only reason for getting a job. And I have a feeling he'll be smoking a lot more than just Friday night. But I do agree he could be getting into worse things.

It's one thing blowing of steam on Friday and another when your motivation for working is just money to buy weed. Needless to say this guy does not have his priorities set.

Keevarou, you're awesome and positive and everything but in contrast.. Since alcohol is legal, that means I should get drunk on a daily basis, and do whatever my intoxicated mind tells me to do. I've seen WAY more ****** up shit from drunks than pot heads.. Including my mom's old drunk boyfriend beating the shit out of her and turning on me for getting in the way, because he was drunk. They smoked pot on a daily basis and it never caused that kind of episode.

MorganXAlexander 6

Avenged sevenfold (a7x) I agree with you about him smoking it more than just a Friday night. The bottom line is if the two of you have a mutual understanding that BOTH will be paying bills and he is blowing all his paycheck on pot (I'm assumin he's smoking illegal) then you have the ability to make it stop by getting a new boyfriend.

Keliosan 6

Alcoholics suck. Doesn't make weed positive because there are worse things out there. If you want to smoke then do it but don't pull bullshit excuses like that to justify it.

Another reason why weed shouldn't be illegal.

6- who the **** uses weed to escape? That shit makes you giggly and happy. Someone doesn't know about their drugs.. And so what. It's his paycheck let him buy whatever the **** he wants. :D

Keliosan 6

55- you're clearly an expert. I've known plenty of people that use it to escape. Just because some people have nothing better to do than sit around eating everything in their house because they like to be cool kids doesn't mean people don't have other reasons behind it. P.S. If someone buys a gun with their paycheck and hurts someone you know , be sure to remember that.

mduffy08 8

Drigr - so we should all smoke pot on a daily basis? And be coherent with the thoughts of extraordinary high men? Shut up and use logic. You're family seems like a troubled family, if there your parents and still smoking and drinking. That's just sad. I probably have to fund those idiots through welfare too.

mduffy08 8

Besides why would you want weed to be legalized? The government is just going to tax the shit out of your drug, promote rehab institutions, and create one hell of a mess for the work place to regulate.

63, there is a thing called context, in which I was pointing out that the legality of something is irrelevent to it being "good" or "bad"

MarisaCB 16

Okay, weed is not good for you. If you decide you wanna do drugs, then yes, pick weed, because it will do the least. But the smoke from joints and the smoke from cigarettes contains many of the same toxins. And I agree with Keevarou. It's illegal, you shouldn't be doing it. I think alcohol should be illegal as well then. Either its all legal, or none of it is. So, no, weed is not organic and healthy. It can give you lung cancer. Look it up.

66, personally, I don't smoke, so I could give a **** less. 69, (yes you are the same person) assuming you were correcting yourself, it would actually be they're, not their.

mduffy08: You're an arrogant little prick, aren't you? First of all, you won't be funding anything considering you're not even out of high school yet. Secondly, he already made it very apparent that his mom's boyfriend was an asshole. Now I may not agree with his views on weed, but you don't see me or anyone else insulting his mom, who obviously has gone through a difficult time in her life. **** off with your attitude, it's almost as bad as your spelling comprehension.

Thanks 74. His comment about having to support her would be invalid anyways because she works in over the phone tech support for a tax software company during tax season and in the off season, does customer service. So she's actually the one stuck listening to people bitch all day because they can't figure out how to turn on a printer or make sure there is ink in it..

Op didn't say he was obtaining illegally

kirbeaar 19

No one said he's using to "escape". In my opinion, no one should care if someone wants to smoke marijuana with money they earned. As long as its behind closed doors it's no ones business.

90- weed is illegal everywhere in the U.S. medical marijuana is very rare to get legally.

A7X_LoVeee 10

^ Lol. I know someone who described his "symptoms" and was prescribed medical marijuana.

98, I don't think it's nearly as hard to get a marijuana prescription as you think..

Mcduffy--- it's funny how you tried to correct someone's grammar but your correction was wrong! Idiot!! FYL LOL

113 - He was correcting himself. Either way he still did it wrong.

deadeyedex 6

The FDA or what ever is trying to make weed one of the over the counter meds because One weed is only bad if someone puts chemicals in their also. Two beer is so much worse than weed if any " drug" should get legalized weed would be the first one and the world would be better because instead of drunk people getting in fights and drunk driving people would just be calm and happier.

weed cannot give you lung cancer. fail.

Since I've been with a pothead for over two years; Being with someone who does weed on a day to day basis is not what a good relationship is. You don't want to "escape", first of all. And secondly, pot alters your state of mind and your being while you're on it. How can you honestly love someone when you don't know who they are, really, because they're too into getting high? Read more in depth; no one would complain over an occasional thing. This obviously happens a lot since she posted this and has reason to be upset.

fucking_dev 2

bullshit .... I have my medical license .. it's not hard at all to get.. at least in California .. I don't really like smoking though .. I'd prefer edibles or drinks .

No, weed cannot give you lung cancer. Using anything other than a bong or pipe to smoke it will though. I'm not sure if you've heard of medical marijuana, but it actually CURES things. "Look it up"

The comments are making me think that I'm the only one who feels OP means her boyfriend spends all his money on weed and is addicted to it.

McNerdyNerd 8

I think that -_- everyone says weed can't hurt you, but they don't take into account it can turn you into a mindless lazy bum...especially of it's the one and only reason they find to work for.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

So OP's boyfriend is now a lazy bum for WORKING for his weed? Nice logic there.

I agree with 40, it's like people who think gamers are lazy bums. I'm holding a 40 hour a week job, and doing housework, while finding time for gaming.

Keliosan 6

It's not wether he's working or not that's the issue. It's his motivation. Doing it for weed implies that he just spends his time outside of work smoking. He's probably a super hard worker though...minimum wage jobs are super hard these days.... 40- if you're going to be an ass prove a point instead of just restating the FML sarcastically.

Well there are no addictive chemicals in pot so your statement is invalid. Pot isn't addictive. Never has been and never will be.

Keliosan 6

So physical addiction is it when it comes to drugs? Oh shit! Physical addiction is harsh but can be overcome. If you convince yourself you aren't addicted and you just never want to stop is that any better?

57, I can assure you, there are no addictive chemicals in online gaming either, yet I spend 20-60 hours a WEEK gaming, clearly I am addicted, no?

Keliosan 6

64- Exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. Thank you. P.S. you and me both brother.

10--- Actually it doesn't make you a lazy bum. A person is a lazy bum whether they smoke pot or not. I've been smoking pot forever and I run my own business. I wake up everyday at 4am and get home at 5pm!! So smoking pot ain't got nothing to do with someone being lazy. I sure ain't lazy!

Ideally he would be working out of ambition and with the goal of career advancement. Instead it seems that he works only as hard as he needs to in order to go home and smoke. That's the FML. Obviously some people steal and such for their drugs and that's certainly worse but makes this no more acceptable.

DrBAMF69 0

Dude weed isn't even bad for you so stfu

Keliosan 6

It can still give you lung cancer. Just not as easily as cigerettes.

112, just cus you're a "good example" of someone who can smoke weed and be fine doesn't mean everyone is. when I left school all my friends started doing weed. there was about 15 of them and they were lazy idiots, one had a part time job to fund his habit but it wasn't enough, the rest just sat around smoking weed until they were asleep they smoked some more when they woke up. so some people are lazy bums with it and some aren't, kinda depends on how much you smoke! so don't be such a twat about it, cus I'm with the rest, when I read this fml I see a boy who doesn't do anything but smoke when he's home.

ReverendDC 2

You can't be addicted to pot. The. chemicals literally don't work that way (THC). You are thinking nicotine, which is in cigs.

If you can give me one example of weed ever causing lung cancer I'll never smoke again.

161, I'm not a weed smoker myself but I'm pretty sure you can become addicted the feeling weed brings upon you, if smoking just weed without tobacco, therefore the smoker may not be addicted to the substance but will smoke enough of it to have to raise the amount he/she smokes to feel that feeling again.

moneybagz131 6

@McNerdyNerd I smoke weed and work 84 hours a week (7/12's) in a fab shop (construction shop) where I'm on my feet busting my ass all day... so nice logic on all pot heads are lazy bums. I bet I make more in 1 week then your bitch ass makes in a month

#10 If it is the only reason that OP's boyfriend works than that statement is complete contradictory. Because that would mean he has no obligations like rent or anything and if he does have a car and that his parent or guardian must pay for it. That being said OP has no reason to get a job but does just for weed. so if anything instead of being a mindless lazy person like you're assuming he is, he is actually doing the opposite by choosing responsibility and accepting the obligations of a job just for weed...

u shud smoke with him and relax! So what? It's just a harmless herb. At least he isn't selling weed to make money. Just let him smoke if he wants to! Nothing wrong with a little weed. Lol I love weed There, now that I got all those stupid comments out of the way, there's no need to repeat them. Trust me, I did you all a favour.

Its his moneh, he should buy weed because he wants 2 lloooooooool Got another one.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Wait, Doc, how about "Weed isn't bad for you, OP! It cures cancer and other shit. HERP DERP"?

Coming from the doc himself! Whether sarcasm or not

Shadowvoid 33

I don't think so, it may be not as bad as other drugs but it's the gateway to everything else. Sooner or later weed wont be enough. If he doesn't do this wisely he can go to jail. I don't think weed is worth going to jail and throwing your life away. You can be fired for possession of weed and it will be harder to find another job because it's in your records. Not only that but it does do damage to the body. The best bet is medical marijuana. Because getting weed off of other people can get u into trouble too. Yea it's his money but I don't think getting a job just for weed is responsible. Op I hope you do this wisely and not get into trouble.

Sounds like a paragraph out of a text book lol. It really depends what state you live in tho.

A-teen: Hey kid does every time you open your mouth you have to sound like a f'ing idiot?? Just shut it up already.....

Nabee... You seem new, so I'll let you know something... Trying to make well known FML Commenters look like idiots or calling them kid's will make you hated very fast.

110 I agree, none of my friends who smoked weed just stayed on it, now nearly half of them are on meth.

162 Shit! If half of your friends are on it maybe mine are too! I sure hope my dog isn't smoking meth. ******* idiot.

I was gonna clean my room, but then I got high.

kaymi 17

I was gonna go to work but then I got high, I just got a new promotion but then I got high, now I'm selling dope and I know why...because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.   Afroman already predicted his future for you, OP. 

I'm not real happy with it being the *only* reason he got a job, but hey he ...Got...A...Job. At least he's working. Some folks need to take baby steps. Also...It's you call, do you want to be with him?

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Well at least he intends to pay for it himself.