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Today, my friend decided to come clean to his parents about his pot usage. He told them that he did it with me on many occasions. His parents decided it would be the right thing to call my parents. Thanks a lot asshole. FML
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"I broke the rules and got caught waaaah FML!!" Seriously, grow up. Regardless of your views on marijuana, if you are young enough that your parents knowing is an issue, YDI for disrespecting them.


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Wow, you sound like an extremely immature un-educated little boy. I'm not saying YDI for smoking pot, I'm just saying YDI for being stupid about it and not descreet enough about it with your friend and you got caught and now are mad and bitchy about it....WTF did you think would happen if youre young as hell and get caught?! Next time, be more descreet about it, and if youre not, don't get mad if youre too stupid to not hide it well.

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The person spelling discrete as "descreet" and spelling you're as youre calls him stupid. I don't usually call out spelling mistakes, but don't call someone else stupid if your English is this bad, come on.

I might be able to take you more seriously if you didn't spell the word 'discreet' wrong as well. I'd take care to next time to make sure you're ACTUALLY correct before coming off as a pretentious, pompous and generally uninformed moron. I, also, don't normally comment on spelling, but you really deserved this one. The irony is striking.

Airenh4: Before you criticize someone on spelling, check your stuff out. Both 'discreet' and 'discrete' are correctly spelled words, but they have different meanings. dis⋅creet –adjective 1. judicious in one's conduct or speech, esp. with regard to respecting privacy or maintaining silence about something of a delicate nature; prudent; circumspect. 2. showing prudence and circumspection; decorous: a discreet silence. 3. modestly unobtrusive; unostentatious: a discreet, finely wrought gold necklace. dis⋅crete –adjective 1. apart or detached from others; separate; distinct: six discrete parts. 2. consisting of or characterized by distinct or individual parts; discontinuous. 3. Mathematics. a. (of a topology or topological space) having the property that every subset is an open set. b. defined only for an isolated set of points: a discrete variable. c. using only arithmetic and algebra; not involving calculus: discrete methods. So, in this case, discreet is correct. Sure, they did still spell it "descreet", which is incorrect, so if you want to hound him for that, go ahead, but it's really not as bad of a spelling mistake as you made it out to be.

Oh wait, I just realized this is probably a joke lol WHOOPS... nowhere in the FML does it actually use the phrase "smoke pot," so it wouldn't make sense for the replier to just bring it up.

ROFL yeah I noticed that too. What a fool.

Dude what the ****? He didn't get caught. His friend, who did it with him, ratted him out. How the hell are you supposed to hide that you're doing something from the person you're doing it with?

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you. are. retarded. im sorry. you are. sister would have done the same thing. If we both did something bad and she was the only one to be caught, she would rat me out also. That's what I hate about her! :P

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@#115 Where did it say that he smoked pot too? His friend said he and the OP did, the OP didn't say anything about himself.

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i hate it when people say pot, its not pot, its weed, or cannabis or marijuana, its not smoking pots and pans. goddammit the only people who say pot dont smoke weed, so this is fake

The exact same thing happened to me in high school, and my parents made me shave my head, and gave me piss tests until I turned 18. Oh, and #365, it's been called "pot" since before you were born shit head.

LOL! IT'S A GRAMMER NAZI PARTY! WHO'S BRINGING THAT NAZI BEER STUFF!?! ... crap I spelt beer wrong, switched the e's... dammit

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376: You spelled 'grammar' wrong. I don't think you should worry about the word 'beer.'

its weed, pot is one of the many names for it !!!

What the **** is wrong with Weed? Man stfu and read up on the facts about it. It's the safest substance out there...The only bad thing about it is that it's classified as a Class B drug.

Safest substance out there??? HAHAH I think YOU need to be reading up on the facts...dude

actually it stimulates brain cell growth and protects against heart disease. it also reduces stress and has many more benefits.

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lol the worst thing that could happen to someone smoking ONLY weed is they will eat the kitchen clean then fall asleep. it's everything else that goes with it or in it that makes it bad

Yeah except if you grow it at home and only use organic fertilizer and then use a vaporizor...not really much bad stuff left but yeah it's really bad for you *rolls eyes*

Yeah, it can also cause addiction and chronic users suffer from brain damage Humans have naturally addictive personalities; thats what makes this substance harmful. Perhaps at first it doesn't have a negative impact on you but your body will start to need it and by then it will be too late.

Check your facts. Marijuana is only psychologically addictive. It is not physically addictive - you don't go through physical withdrawal symptoms like other drugs if you suddenly stop using it. Compare this to alcohol or tobacco, which are both physically addictive, but completely legal.

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what? i wasnt talking smoking with bong or vaporizers, i was talking about people lacing it.

Psychological is just the same as or even worse than physical because you don't actually need it you THINK you need it.

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that makes it easier to recover if it is only mental. changing a mindset i believe would be easier then changing a bodies reaction to something. i could be wrong

"Addictive personalities." Enough repeated.

Marijuana fanboys are worse than hippies

weed is for ******* retards. every1 all the people i know who do it are the fattest, most unfit ***** on this planet, COMPLETELY FAIL at school.... fail every test, dont give a shit about their life (coz they have weed probably). maybe the actual effects on ur body may be bad, but nevertheless its for ****** up people

Most unfit...hmmm wait wasn't there a guy at the 2008 Olympics that won 8 Gold medals and later there was a pic of him smoking? Oh yeah Michael Phelps...Yeah he is totally unfit...

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not true at all. 1.weed is to chill out 2.most of my friends and people i know who smoke pot aren't fat, infact they are fit and healthy as one can be's not for ****** up people, everyone here is normal and they live a great life (well here in europe)

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#52: He was just repeating the exact words of someone else. A lot of people I know who smoke pot are skinny, not fat. My friend used to get really bad migraines all the time and he hasn't had one since. Everyone I talk to says there really isn't a need, it's just a want.

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Hahah #43 that is false. I smoke pot and I've maintained an above 4.0 average in school, and I take the hardest classes. (Not trying to be pretentious, just trying to make a point). Just because maybe everyone YOU know are all underachievers, doesn't mean that everyone everywhere is the same.

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right so #43, about your stupid little rant. how about the fact that I smoke weed and I'm probably 10x smarter then you since you cant even type. If everyone who smokes weed is stupid then please explain to me how I've made highest honors every year in high school and I'm in EEP classes and already have 12 college credits from these classes. And if everyone is so unfit please explain to me how I'm a gymnast and cheerleader. Oh, and I care very much about my life and my grades. So next time you want to talk shit, at least know what you talking about. (: Oh, and OP that sucks, I'd be pissed.

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Does your mom normally let you leave the house with all those bad opinions?

Wow! Does everyone here smoke weed? The smoking of weed is the most harmful method of consumption, since the inhalation of smoke from organic materials such as weed, tobacco, and rolling papers can cause various health problems. Copied right out of wikipedia.

#30 - Physical addiction is worse because your body makes your mind believe it needs it. I don't see how you can argue otherwise.

I smoke weed and I'm on the academic honors.

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#77 That just means that it is more damaging to smoke weed then to say, eat weed in special brownies. But any smoke is damaging to your lungs a bit, even candles and incense.

How is thinking that you need something worse than actually needing it? Besides, it's not like actual addictions don't come hand in hand with psychological addiction.

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honestly weed is never really laced. just one of the many myths of marijuana.

and everyone i know who smokes weed (including myself) are the complete opposite of that so...

All you idiots saying weed is good. It isn't. I work as a doctor in the United Kingdom and a woman came to me who has smoked one spliff everyday for the past four years. Her lungs are black and when she breathes, there is a smell of rotting flesh as the insides of her lungs are decaying at a vast rate. Marijuana is a gateway drug, and eventually leads most people onto a path of Heroine addiction and cocaine. It also affects physical and mental performance, loss of memory, and paranoia. Marijuana was also used as a poison in some countries hundreds of years ago when injected into the heart. It would cause what we call 'being stoned', then a vast decline into V Tach and cardiac arrest. When you inhale marijuana smoke, it is slowly having the same effect on your heart. The woman is going to die. We cannot replace her lungs. So now, now is the time to stop if you have started. Otherwise, see you in the ER in four years time.

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ha. are you even really a doctor? if that were true she'd be doing more than smoking weed. I call bullshit. weed has never killed anybody, and that's a fact.

Yes, it is true. Along with 5 cigarettes a day, but these people are probably smokers too. Marijuana causes lung cancer. And I don't appreciate the accusation of bullshit either.

Miss Dr....saying that everyone who smoked weed smokes cigarettes is a huge stereotype. Also as you said it she smokes spliffs and cigarettes... A spliff is weed with she probably got it from the cancer sticks so yeah stop saying marijuana gives you cancer if you don't know shit... I wonder why cancer patients use marijuana to ease their pain...I bet it's to get MORE cancer...get your facts straight. Oh btw where did you get your so called "medical license"? In a box of Cheerios or Lucky Charms maybe?

Inhalation of smoke introduces so many poisons into your lungs. And as for my medical license, it really is no business of a pot smoking idiot what it contains.

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Aww. You started so well, then you started talking bullshit and used big words to cover it up. I thought this was going to be serious... Anyway, we're not talking about daily use for four years. It's the 'best' of the known drugs since it has the least side effects.

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"along with 5 cigarettes a day." cigarettes cause lung cancer, not weed. this is a classic example of how people against weed twist things. & to say that all these people who smoke weed probaby smoke cigarettes too doesn't make sense. I know plenty of people who smoke weed and don't smoke cigarettes. me included.

If you don't appreciate the accusation of bullshit then don't be deceptive by leaving out the part about smoking tobacco.

HAHA your a silly boy, I smoke weed like every other day, and I have a gpa of a 4.1! thank you very much!

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actually your completley wrong i know people who started smoking pot at age 13 and are now 50 with absouletley NO damage to their lungs so i would say that you dont know what the **** your talking about when u say that u will die in 4 years of smoking pot. and if this was true than why aren't cigarettes illegal also? and also most people who smoke pot dont eventually smoke other drugs

I've smoked every day, several times a day for 16 years, guess what? I'm fine! In fact, I'm awesome!!!

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Safest substance out there? Its worst then the radiated water in fallout 3! D:

Wikipedia is now unreliable because it can be changed. Even with false facts. Dumbass.

LOL WHAT A DOUCHE. That's the most prick thing to do ever. "Oh, it just slipped out."

Damaging to the lungs " a bit " wtf, smoking ONE joint is equal to FIVE cigarettes. And to everyone else, I have smoked weed, and it is better than coke, or heroine but it is still harmful. OP:YDI.. you smoke weed, be prepared for the consequences.

I heard that your mother was a speedfreak ***** in a leper colony for 15 years and loved every minute of it, until she found out that the other ****** got paid ...

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i think he meant compared to other drugs.

First off, I don't smoke... anything. I tried this stuff one time. I just graduated from a really good university with honors, and I'll be going to grad school. Don't bother calling me a loser or a pot head. You'll only make yourself look irrational. (Obama tried COCAINE once and he's the ******* President.) Weed is only bad if you use too much of it. It's exactly like alcohol or tobacco... or McDonald's. Should it be illegal for me to have a two drinks once a month because some people are alcoholics? Should it be illegal for me to eat at McDonald's because there are fat people? Marijuana would actually be safer if it was legal, because then smoke would go through a filter as it does in tobacco cigarettes. Marijuana would also be less likely to contain other, more dangerous chemicals if it was grown commercially. Also, we wouldn't be spending so much tax money keeping people who sell marijuana in prison longer than rapists. We could also tax the sale of marijuana, which would provide the government with more funding for things that could benefit the rest of society. It is also arguable that if marijuana was not illegal it would be less of gateway drug. Someone who uses marijuana (once or twice or frequently) is currently likely to think "Well, it's stupid that this was illegal because it's not that dangerous" and then try other, more harmful, illegal things, assuming that their danger is similarly over-hyped. Pot is largely illegal because companies who make tobacco cigarettes want it to be so that they don't have to compete. The worst part of this is that the stigma they have created against marijuana has been exploring its medical uses impossible (and what limited research has been done has shown that there are some). There are probably a lot of people suffering right now who don't have to be because of this. Anyone who mindlessly follows the idea "Marijuana is bad!!!!!" without actually looking up any real data to base their opinion on is part of the problem.

Also paper companies don't want to compete with paper made from hemp. Sorry... forgot that part.

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What's wrong with it? It's illegal you dumb shit, that should be reason enough if the OP is really that worried about getting caught.

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You are wrong...dead wrong. Psychological issues are just as hard to overcome as physical.

ON WHAT PLANET is ganja bad? if you have asthma, then ganja will help you (while tobacco smoke restricts alveoli, cannabis expands them; i have not had an asthma attack in almost 20 years; i smoke all day every day). if you have glaucoma, then ganja will help you. you must not have these ailments.... there are many documented medical benefits from cannabis use. this is why 13 of 50 (26%) of the states have legalized it.

are you talking about pot or heroin? jeeeeeze.

spliffs are pot and tobacco rolled in paper. TOBACCO causes lung cancer, weeds never killed anyone ;]

# 77 "straight from wikipedia" Exactly! If you go to university you will find out that wikipedia is not an scholarly source because anyone can write pretty much whatever they want on that! so just because wikipedia says it, it doesn't mean its true. In fact, most likely whatever it says is flat out wrong.

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all you asses that say ganja is bad **** off..seriously. theres many reasons why ganja should be legal, so be a little more open minded and read a damn book about all the perc's it has then smoke a bowl

You do relize theres only two reasons pot is illegal. 1. The government can't tax it because it can be grown unlike cigarettes (tobacco can be grown but theres are many chemicals added to it to make it addictive). 2. Cigarettes companies probably pay politicians to keep it illegal because unless you were addicted to cigarettes there is no possible reason to want to smoke cigarettes over pot. They also pay for those bull shit propostions against marijuana and all anti-marijuana commercials and advertisements.

KittenOnAcid 1

You do realize theres reason why i said for the people who think its bad? Theres obviously alot of people on here that say its addictive and it should be illegal because all their bs beliefs or whatever the excuse is, But it has wayyyyyyy more pro's then cons. Its not only because they cant tax it, by being legal cannabis in cali pulled in a billion dollars in other countrys that have it legal the cigarette company's get action in that shit so what would make it any different over here? marlboro sells it buddy..alot of it is because they are ignorant about what they think is right and wrong, religious beliefs play a roll in this undoubtly. it doesnt kill brain cells like they try to play it off, it doesnt make you act out or cloud your judgement, its not addictive. As i said before read a book and try it out for yourself. Knowledge is key

ahahaha, you're so naive. Marijuana is not good for you. You fell for pothead propaganda

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you dont think you NEED it, you just think you WANT more of it lol but ya, all n all not addicting

KittenOnAcid 1

Hmm yeah your soo right because people who really need it for medical purposes like depression which ganja btw is proven better than anti depressents which in many cases actually leads to suicide Also for those cronic pains that would actually like to feel relief then be in pain, Anorexics where it influences them to eat. Cancer for anxiety, pain, and muscle relief. people with asthma need it, people with migraines need it. throw some facts or challenge me with something more intelligent than im naive.

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For those of you who believe that weed is the "mirical" drug that has only given you benefits in life, Congratulations! You are among the 15% of people in the world that have gainned it's benefits. while the other 85% of people in the world gain the negative effects of an unpredictable narcotic drug. Most street marijuana has been laced with other chemicals, like rat poison and other insecticides. These increase the feeling of intoxication. Obviously, if a chemical would kill another form of life, it would not be good for you. You need to suspect any street drug of containing harmful chemicals. Smoking, by itself, is a very efficient way to introduce any substance into your bloodstream. Smoking anything, whether it is crack cocaine, marijuana, cigarettes, or oak leaves, kills the source of our life, oxygen. You'd have to add the perils of smoking on top of any inherent detriment the original substance contains to accurately determine the level of risk. Another factor to consider is that marijuana is currently illegal. During prohibition, alcohol was consumed. But there was a lot more stress and risk involved in having a drink 80 years ago than having one today. If you smoke a joint and end up incarcerated, how good would that be for you? Sometimes, you need to be practical. Pure majiuana in a sense has no "negative" side effects, but when test were conducted on your average joe, they used only "pure" majiuana. because majiuana is illeagl there is no "pure" majiuana avalible unless you were to grow it. Now the stuff you kids buy off the street...its like stiking your hand into a tank full of sharks, nothing might happen the 1st, 2nd or mabye the 1,000th time, but the 1,001 time, well, looks like you lost your arm, not just your hand.

KittenOnAcid 1

maybe if the government would legalize it people wouldnt be able to lace it smart guy. obviously if cannabis was sold dispensary's wouldnt be able to lace it with coke, crack or any other special ingredients your talking about, and as for the rat poison what do you think is in cigarettes? get smart. another pro about having it legal is that you would be able to grow it yourself so you know exactly what your getting back. so thanks for that #311 Toxicpyro.

Toxicpyro 0

obveously you don't seem to understand that only 15% of the population of the world (6 billion people) ONLY GAIN BENIFITS while the other 85% GET THE UNWANTED PSYCOLOGICAL ALLERGIC REACTION WHICH INTURN CAUSES PYSCOLOGICAL DISFUNCTION, and you know what else is funny? Only the people who have gainned the benfits, or simply refuse to use the drug have spoken, you can compare the fyls and the ydls and see what the true voice of the people is. You can use that as your physical evidence.

#43 You're saying this, but don't even know how to use real words like "you're" and "everyone"?

KittenOnAcid 1

Only people who get benefits or people who dont smoke at all? ive looked it up a bit right now and the worst they came up with from this is a mild case of paranoia which as you said yourself could be laced and not anywheres near 85% like you said. if its legal there wouldnt be so many people getting it laced and would be able to grow it themselves or buy it from the government then having to buy it from "drug dealers" so as i said before the pro's are so much greater than con's. knowledge is key so go do reseach on both sides and be more open minded. it helps alot of people and one day it will be legal.

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@#2 The OP never said that he smoked pot. His friend said that he did with him. Have you ever heard of lies?

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ummmm yes it does... not that i would want it that way but yes people do put shit in their weed, everything from coke to windex. for the record though i do smoke and find nothing wrong with the vise, not laced of course. and to the one that said it is only for fat lazy idiots.... ummm again, no.

For everyone yelling this and that about weed without having their facts straight go pick up a copy pf the Emperor Wears No Clothes. It's a book with tons of facts about weed, good and bad. It's 100% true that nobody has ever died from smoking weed, it's what most people do along with it that will kill you. SO not to bash anybody's ideals or opinions but please get your facts straight before you start to comment on a very sensitive subject such as smoking pot. It's not such a big deal, trust me the world has many more issues we should be trying to fix, other then teenagers who are just trying to chill. Once again I don't want to sound like I'm basing anyones comments, just know what you're talking about when it comes to a battle like the one on weed. 1

#1: That is excessive consumption. Even if everything else you said wasn't bullshit, it just shows that moderation is important. Too much water will kill you. #2: Her lungs smell like rotting flesh? Really? I have actually never once heard about that. I think that if anything actually did that then it would be a big part of anti-smoking campaigns. #3: Gateway drug? Utter bullshit. Yes, most people who use harder drugs try pot first. But the vast majority of people who smoke pot don't go on to other drugs. People don't try heroin because they tried pot. They tried both because they wanted to experience everything, or hide from some trauma, or they live somewhere with nothing to do, etc. #4: If you were really a doctor then you'd hopefully realize that injecting almost anything into your heart will kill you!

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#311- I stopped reading after you spelled "miracle" wrong.

KittenOnAcid 1

it had effected you the wrong way but theres a reason why doctor's prescribe it to so many people. not nearly as many people see good results from the anti depressents than when they smoke ganja, on top it never makes you feel all suicidal, unless your the first then congratz but highly doubtful dear. I was depressed and once i started smoking i noticed a difference and its really helped out with anxiety also so its not like i have to get high daily, unlike anti when you have to take them like twice a day. plus just smoking a bowl makes everything more enjoy-able. So cannabis is bliss...ohhh i rhymed and i didnt even mean to haha.

I resent that assessment because not only do you call pot users lazy and stupid, which is downright untrue, your post is riddled with spelling errors. Off the top of my head, I can name ten pot smokers that I know of that scored above a 2000 on the SAT and are in the top quarter or even tenth of their class. Michael Phelps, who has won more olympic medals for swimming than anyone else, is an admitted pot smoker. With all due respect, get your facts straight, fix your grammar, then we'll talk.

The fact that people are willing to quote Wikipedia and call it a credible source is downright worrying to me.

amazinggbaby 2

last time I checked the highest gpa you could get was 4.0..?

amazinggbaby 2

hahah are you kidding me? weed has never killed anyone. you probably got that from a completely biased and unreliable source because I personally knew 2 people who died from playing with a gun while he was high and another who got in a car accident while high. get your ****** facts straight.

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no you need to check ur facts DUDE weed does nothing to u I been smoking for years and hav near 2400 SAT scores

logogo85 0

again been smoking for years and getting phd in archaelogy I gonna be making more six figures in a couple years try top that dumbass

logogo85 0

I'm sorry Ikaite, I respect u as a very smart man or woman but smoking marijunah is bad for u but you would need a lot of weed to get black lungs u hav been smokin weed since seventh grade and my health along with my lungs are basically untouched by it. she must hav smoked bad quality marijuana to start having her lungs decay

I used to and I quit and FYI I'm not fat and I don't fail my tests or grades.and I'm actually ahead credits to gradutate so there ya go

there is a reason that some people are more successful than others. enjoy your pot.

zakkyzebra 11

Yes, 77, because not a single unknown person can go in and modify a wiki page to their delight

people who do illegal drugs deserve whatever they get. it's illegal, simple as that.

ihatecake 0

i've been to 10 different middle schopls and 3 different high schools. (my parents travel around on business) thanks to that i have yet made a hood friend but i have categorized many people. fact is 28/30 pot users are in fact pale, almost anorexic/obese, and have a below 2.0 gpa. yes i did the math. hard proof beats opinions.

Actually, you ignorant assholes, weed can kill you! It can be all of you dumbasses who smoke weed on their patio and get high and fall in their pool, or you morons who just smoke weed because they think they're cool and try to impress other idiots and get high and drive and kill people. It kills 300 braincells for each blunt you smoke, and can give you mouth cancer and lung cancer. I'm pretty sure anything you get high off of isn't good for you fake jackasses.

Wrong, how many college students smoke bud dumbass?

It takes over 1000 lbs of weed in ONE HIT to overdose.

It takes over 1000 lbs of weed in one hit to kill you, and that's only because your lungs would inflate like a balloon crushing your other organs then explode, so game over.

I don't care too much about the weed issue. I simply believe that everyone has the right to their decisions. But if you are going to prove a point by degrading somebody's intelligence, please use spellcheck and grammar check. It's "than" not "then" #71

Marijuana has less reported deaths than peanuts...

damn sucks. your friend's a nark. never ever associate with those types. or maybe think of having cooler parents...?

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Tell his parents that there son has gotten involved with heroin that outta cheer them up

i agree with #2 you deserve it for being a pothead

Come clean about his pot usage? Wtf? If he wanted to do that, whatever, but he shouldn't have put your name out there. I'd kick his ass. FYL

come "clean" about "pot" oh the irony.... YDI shouldn;t smoke pot then you wouldnt have to worry

the worst thing that can happen with pot is getting caught with it.