By wearingshorts - 28/08/2010 04:54 - United States

Today, I decided to wear string panties. While in line at the mall, they became untied. I was wearing a skirt. FML
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hopefully your hot so it didn't matter in the first place... lol

Was it the cool breeze that made you figure out that you lost something? ; )

You'd BETTER BE HOT. If not, that image of an obese girl in skirt and panties dangling below would be so disturbing. >:(

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BRB! checking people of walmart pics!

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i can imagine an obese girl wearing dat ewww

denbeste 3

BRB! checking people of walmart pics!

lol @15. they probably were at walmart. classy people.

wow. idiot. nver wear unstable underwear with a skirt.

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@pursey Actually I don't really know how it feels. I've never seen dangling panties under a mini skirt on an obese person. I've only seen as much as a super tight mini skirt on a large female that seems to squish all her fats out. Not Pretty. =(

i smell a porno... did you go into the changing room with the guy behind you?

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Again, don't complain about something that's your fault. YDI.

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It's funny when an ugly person puts down others. Brush your hair 13 and wash your face, you're a hot mess.

it would have been a real fml if she were to have started her period at that very moment

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not a good type of underwear to wear with a skirt. but for trying to be sexy YDI. lol good thing you didn't get gang banged right there and then huh. 

I think 13 was thinking about her image when she chose her name

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what's the thing behind 13s head?

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#86: Probably some Japanese sex toy.

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holy crap its head in head for the YDI and your life sucks!!!! time to change to odds. your life sucks!

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did a security guard help you into the back room???? i smell a porno.

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13 What the **** is sooooo wrong with Big Girls???!? I'd rather have a big girl than a Skinny Stuck up bitch...

YDI for wearing any panties with a skirt. ;0

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#86 is that a string hanging out of ur shorts???

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did you bend down to pick them up?

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Just casually say, "they aren't mine" and walk away :P

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ain't u a beautiful angel that fell from heaven

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#113: Fail at secretly checking 86 out. It's the cinch to her jacket, btw.

102 - So you'd like to bang an obese middle aged woman? I find you a strange one.

109 your trucks flames look sooo real! where can I get a paint job like that

Am I the only one who finds #13 attractive? She needs a new haircut, but I like her face..

so.. then you have legs exposed..? you still wear skirt right?

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prob was maybe her panties were dangling down. LOL.

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I could imagine your panties falling down followed by you getting searched under the suspicion that you were trying to steal clothes.

And possibly her tripping over them. Or not being able to bend over to get them without flashing everyone if she was wearing a somewhat short skirt. :D