By canadiansun - 26/02/2010 18:37 - United States

Today, I introduced my boyfriend to my dad. He met him after my boyfriend ran his truck into a tree, and my dad had to pick us up. FML
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Them damn trees, always in the way!

Uh, what? It clearly says 'hen'.


Them damn trees, always in the way!

MadaZer0 8

Just like clothing and legs....

obviously your bf can't drive and get head at the same time

Hows about you introduce your dad to the person who will be driving his truck next time.

mn_mpls 0

I would have to say f ur boyfriends life

it's only bad if your dad's a hard case, and call you a wuss for not being in a war or whatever hard men do?

ur bf is dumb


You should follow your own advice.

Uh, what? It clearly says 'hen'.

Well then it's both you lazy typoing bitch! Hah, just joking, you're not a bitch in my opinion. You just vent a lot. Did something happen to you when you were younger you don't like to talk about?

MadaZer0 8

n0 ther is'int! If uur lazy uur lazy butt thers n0 reasen to u need to bee making those tipe off misstake Sinckers... Taste the reinbow!

hint? you mean tip.

boatkicker 4

Snick, are you okay? You seem to have been in a bad mood all night.....

Snickerdoodles, your new profile picture looks great.

boatkicker 4

Oh. Yeah. I'm sorry dear. I get really weepy on my period (nothing quite like sobbing because you've run out of cereal!) and generally moody when I'm tired. I've never had the misfortune of having those together, but I can imagine it would suck. Feel better, and good luck on the projects, I guess.

hoolie06 0

Or e) the road was icy. We are in the middle of winter.

I would also agree about the final assessment part; because for me, they count for about 50-60% of my final grade.

What the..? It says "when" now..

denbeste 3

Nazi much?

PurpleSquirrel 0

lack of time in which to do them = get the hell off of this website and focus on school

I see your point, PurpleSquirrel, but she may have had a short break and this is where she wanted to spend her time. Or maybe she just wanted to do something without it being objected. She has a heart, even if you may not.

0mfgz 0

Speaking of typos...

o0XMzMayX0o 0

oh snick now wants to act like a typo is ok and other people get a rude coment by her if they accidentaly type something wrong! tisk tisk! accept that you're wrong and move on!

#40 said it all.

saraitkddh 47

man accidents happen!

Thank god for Rednecks! Amirite?

Your_Dad 0

re you from Jasper, FL.?

Trees have a thing with jumping in front of vehicles. Just tell your dad it wasn't your bf's fault because you were giving him roadhead. Problem solved.


roadhead is dangerous kids. always remember that

@snickerdoodles: you shouldn't judge people bcos all you're doing judging yourself. so hunny take your own advice

some people don't like typing the whole word so stop being hella butthurt about it chill the fck out. jst sayn.

hahah, butthurt.

KurouTenshi 0

don't feel bad, my dad met my boyfriend when he walked in on me pleasuring him orally <.< so yeah. it gets worse >.>

I love how you make it sound so eloquent. I think most of us know what a blow job is, sweetie. You can go ahead and say it.

lloydmonster 1

Sometimes when I get that drunk, I drive with one eye because it helps keep the trees from jumping into the road

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