By pasquale - 20/09/2014 06:54 - Australia - Parramatta

Today, my mother threw an egg at my face with force because I returned home 5 minutes late to dinner. FML
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Her emotions were all scrambled up!

It could have been worse. You could have came home 5 months late, and she hits you with a chicken.



This cracked me up

That was one awesome yolk.

This thread is eggmazing

Her emotions were all scrambled up!

The mom's probably menopausal or in other terms she has rotten eggs.

Stop it- your jokes are uneggceptable.

She egged her former egg? How eggcelent

Someone needs anger management

Or egg-er management xD Anyone? No, okay...

#49 I don't know why I laughed at your comment. XD

I feel like any time someone uses the phrase "anyone? no? okay" they lose their credibility, and what once could have seemed funny is now just something to question and dislike

sounds like she got over eggcited

happy easter!!

Well you know egg whites are supposed to make your hair shiny and smooth so...

You got yourself a free hair treatment.

The shell and all...

OP you should be thanking her. Don't be ungrateful.

op must be mad cause the egg got thrown on his face instead

Have egg on ones face...literally

someone must be feeling a little cracked. No? Ok...

Batter up!

breakfast for dinner kinda day?

So she decided to waste food in her temper tantrum? I hope you didn't get egg in your eye.