By ddll - 05/09/2011 01:27 - Singapore

Today, I broke up with my girlfriend. She responded by sitting on the floor, crying like a baby and screaming "WHY?" at strangers. FML
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Sometimes I like to roll up in a ball under my bed and act like a carrot.


The fact that she appears to have the mindset of a little beech is reason enough to break up with her.

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walk away..don't look back..chin up high..remember, you don't know this person.

Normally people who are on the receiving end of a breakup act in weird ways. I mean, after all, that's someone who they spent almost all of their time with, and did just about everything with.

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Hahah! That's what I was thinking too

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I didn't know you were dating Nancy Kerrigan.

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souns like she's 14 or something...

hey nice piq(: idk what this was for sorry

OP, there's a reason you break up with a girl at her house with the front door open or over the phone. You can getaway easier.

Gasp, someone understands the shit I'm dealing with right now

i disagree, she is obviously nuts and in private she may have come at him with a knife of fireplace poker

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So I guess breaking up with was a good idea after all

Especially since it sounds like it was in a public place. Douche bag deserves that one. He had to of know she was a weirdo.

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16- you don't find a lot of strangers in private places so obvs it's a public place

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This gives me great idea for the future.

60- depends on what you call a 'private place'. A home is a private place, I can throw a party. A bathroom is a private place and I baked that out with bitches and johns plenty of times before. Obvi duh!

I think it's pretty self explanatory. Because she's weird!

Maybe they were going out for a long time and she was really upset?? Or she's over dramatic... Haha

Very much so. It sounds like she just wanted to humiliate herself more.

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I think the word you're looking for is PSYCHOTIC. "Weird" doesn't even begin to cover what that girl is...

My guess is her mind was not very stable, at least at the moment, if she yells WHY!?! at random people going by. The only sympathy she gets from me is that I'm sure ending a relationship must suck.

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Have any of you ever been in love? When you're with someone for awhile and they break up with you, your whole world crashes down and leaves you empty. Obviously OP is a heartless dick if he felt nothing about the breakup

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Way to jump to conclusions 59. I'm pretty sure he felt emotions and other things, but like a civilized human being he was able to control himself.

Well put 59, based on the replies you can tell a lot of these people have never been in any relationship. I'm amazed that people think this girl is psychotic simply because she's heartbroken and showing emotion. Most relationships don't end like "Hi! I've brought you to this public place and I want to break up with you ok?" "Yea ok, bye! Have a good day!"

71- I, for one, wouldn't use the word psychotic to describe her. I simply saw this as an unnecessary reaction. There are a lot of things we can consider an emotional reaction. While we shouldn't be emotionless zombies, we shouldn't let our emotions control us. Yes, I see this is a delicate situation, but do you not see this big of a reaction as unnecessary at all? Also, this would more than likely have been handled better in a private place. Bad planning on OPs part.

Maybe he broke up with her because he was tired of the childish emotional outbursts, and he figured that doing it in public might be a way to prevent another embarrassing outburst. Either way, if this is how she reacts to disappointment, he made the right move. What if there was an emergency? You think that clown would be able to handle herself in it? Yeah, I doubt it.

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62- Almost every comment made on FML is an assumption. We only know about 0.03% of the actual situation in a post.

59, is that a schecter? And umm OP, I think she was a tad bit on the crazy side. Just saying.

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62-if he felt any emotion like love for this girl, it wouldn't be an fml an he woulnt be embarrassed by it 101- you call having your heart broken and reacting like that childish? Put yourself in the girls shoes and tell me she's childish. 141-hell yea :) it's a Schecter C7 Hellraiser FR :) the pic was taken just after it came out of the box, all shiny and new lol

184- my lead guitarist has the same guitar haha. He's buying a synyster gates custom soon.

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Nice! It's the best guitar I've played so far haha

you dont think she got a clue for the reason?

Probably because op's girlfriend doesn't let him go to strip clubs and makes up excuses to get mad at him

That's when you shout "Does anyone know this pschyo maniac?".

no. thats when you go up to her face and yell "YOU KNOW WHY!!"

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Sometimes I like to roll up in a ball under my bed and act like a carrot.

Hahaha dumber than a puddle of horse cum, but I laughed at your comment

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sometimes I like to hide inside a giant brown sack and scream potato

Sometimes I sit on my hand till it gies numb, so when I **********, it's like it's someone else.

You would never have known that trick if it wasn't for Family Guy.

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Sometimes I lay on people and pretend I'm a blanket.

Sometimes I like to wear a skin tight green body suit and pretend I'm a stalk of sugar

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Sometimes I poop and pretend to wipe

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Sometimes I go to walmart and curl up in the fetal position and pretend to cry and tell everyone I need my Teddy bear.

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I don't know what a gies is, but I think you're doing it wrong.

If I was a stranger walking by I would have raped her!

Must have a very low window or no wall for her to be able to yell at strangers while sitting on the floor...

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Or she's sitting on the floor outside, or in a public place, just a thought, I could be wrong though

Well, it's not considered a floor once you are outside, but my first thought was that it was at either of their houses or apartments. I don't see why he would break up with her in a public place either. I'm sure it happens, but that wasn't my first thought. My apologies.

No, it's still considered a floor if you're inside a public place (like a restaurant). perfect example, a casino refers to their gamblicg section as "the main FLOOR". Anyways, moving on. As for breaking up in a public place, a lot of people do it so there's no scene caused. People tend to carry themselves differently around other people, trying to keep a sense manners and etiquette. However, this backfired on OP. Breaking up publicly also prevents danger...

44- LOL... I said "outside". Obviously I consider a public building to be not outside. I do leave my house every so often, contrary to popular belief. Also I quite clearly said my first thought was not of them breaking up in a public building. I followed this by "My apologies" which probably can be interpreted to mean I saw that I was wrong. Your entire comment is quite redundant, sir.

Omg! Give it a rest! This is the stupiest string of comments I have ever read!

Just wanted to see if you'd actually catch it ;) LOL- stupidest string of comments continued...

Good thing that was actually a trap. Or you'd have made your comment look quite unintelligent. :P

45, I thought you meant "it's not considered a floor once you're outside" meaning outside of your house or apartment. My mistake, misinterpretation.

Yay, someone who actually admits a ****-up. :D Thanks bro.