By BrokeAndPsst - / Tuesday 12 April 2011 04:27 / United States
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  CAPTmok  |  7

For misfortunes like this, I'd normally blame the 'blackberry effect' (I think op's gf uses this ). But ignoring someone totally is just plain wrong.....

  biass  |  0

140- I'm stealing your pic and making it my main screen on my iPod. It's hilarious.

Dude, tell her she needs to be better or your leaving her. She's probably cheating or something. Unless your desperate. Then hold her until your dying breath. Or until you find someone else.

  MissBunny25  |  0

OP, there is only one solution... first, you buy a huge pot full of boiling water. then, toss that bitch in and watch her scream. also, take a giant piss on her as she boils. that bitch does not deserve life -.-

  ImaWiseGuy  |  5

here's what you gotta do.....1st) punch the kitty one last time.....2nd) let her know her acting contract is up and you have no interest in renegotiating.....3rd) recruit a new franchise player.......

  N3v43h  |  0

She's likely sadistic, and absolutely gets off on using u, while she txts the many other guys, she's using and snoozing with. Get checked, cash out ur chips, eat the loss, and u'll immediately be in a gain, dispute ur "loss" instead if losing ur time, money, dignity, and any sense of self or happiness u still have and could have in the future. Definitely get it, before u split it, then immediately break it and say it's not u, it's me... I'm sorry. Ur just not what I'm looking for...

  N3v43h  |  0

Or she might just want u to do it, so u don't try to win her back. But most likely she has no concept of love, so the best she can do is "win the game"... don't toss ur pearls to swine, brother. Get out quick. She's likely a good talker, and likes carnage, so save urself now, or ur chances of unf***ing ur life, will become more and more impossible, after ur depressed, and drained of everything, unable to move on.

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