By BrokeAndPsst - 12/04/2011 04:27 - United States

Today, my girlfriend chose the most expensive restaurant in town, then spent the entire time facebooking, texting, and playing games on her phone while I dined in silence. This is the second time we've been out this week. She didn't even eat her food. I didn't even get a thank you. FML
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straight out dude... you seem like a very nice guy.. who just so happened to be stuck with a hardcore bitch.. dump her and find one that appreciates!

Sounds like she's not interested in you. Time to move on.


straight out dude... you seem like a very nice guy.. who just so happened to be stuck with a hardcore bitch.. dump her and find one that appreciates!

that really sucks, I had to put up with the same thing a few times

For misfortunes like this, I'd normally blame the 'blackberry effect' (I think op's gf uses this ). But ignoring someone totally is just plain wrong.....

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#1 is right you can do better

well if is soo into her phone then you shoulda text and be like 'hey where you at' or 'can you pay attention over here!?'

Hit it & Quit it. Sounds like you've already spent too much time & money on the bitch. You'll find better.

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Go home, screw her a little, and then tell her to screw off and leave. She's definitely a bitch and you shouldn't put up with her at all.

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70 is only half right. It's original prankster.

I agree. I wish my boyfriend would do something that nice for me. yea instead fr started acting like a dick the day before my birthday and asked for a bj

invite her to a very expensive restaurant, and leave her with bill ! :D

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sounds like y'all are not dating anymore, and you are in the friend zone. sorry bro dude the ungrateful bitch

just leave her and find someone who appreciates what you do, you seem like a really nice guy :)

140- I'm stealing your pic and making it my main screen on my iPod. It's hilarious. Dude, tell her she needs to be better or your leaving her. She's probably cheating or something. Unless your desperate. Then hold her until your dying breath. Or until you find someone else.

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OP, there is only one solution... first, you buy a huge pot full of boiling water. then, toss that bitch in and watch her scream. also, take a giant piss on her as she boils. that bitch does not deserve life -.-

next time she does it get up and boot the phone out of her hand's.

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sex, then next... I seen there were sum broken little combo rhyme things. that's all I could think of.

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hell yea haha I've done that before

#159 you have some twisted ideas, good though

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What?! You gotta be flipping kidding! Don't worry I know a few things about princesses that I could teach you.

good suggestion. you might wanna rope him up w yr sister or cousin if any.

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i agree with #1 completly, ur nice enuff to take her somewhere expensive and she doesnt give a damn!! cold hearted bitch

you should have texted her during dinner maybe shes shy....

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Hahaha 213, for some reason that comment made me chuckle.

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hahaha toot it and boot it!! Ayye

159 what is it with you and piss? most of the time you comment u mention it. just saying

agree with #1.... she doesnt deserve you OP

agree with #1.... she doesnt deserve you OP

agree with #1.... she doesnt deserve you OP

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eww wata *****.. i would have appreciated that .. gurls like that make me want to shove their fones down their throats and watch them choke to death.. but thays juat me :)

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um agreed with bunny **** that bit$h

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Sounds like she's not interested in you. Time to move on.

yeah move on to her mom or if she has any sisters

Or her bestfriend. Or someone she hates.

get rid of the ***** & find someone worthwhile

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Looks like she WANTS him to dump her; she doesn't for whatever reason wants to break it up herself....

138-yeah that what it seems OP it's up to you mate

Or the dolphin she adopted for £2 a month last year.

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sounds to me you need a new girlfriend ... she's not in to you if she spends the whole tine on her phone that's just rude!

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OP should have texted/Facebook messages her.

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here's what you gotta do.....1st) punch the kitty one last time.....2nd) let her know her acting contract is up and you have no interest in renegotiating.....3rd) recruit a new franchise player.......

OP invite her for a restaurant again and then tell the waitress to tell her you're coming.

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wow. time to leave man. there are other girls who would be completely apprechiative rather than a spoiled brat.

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damn, i hate when chicks are so into their phones. try talking to em and its like ur not even there. its ridiculous

I'm like that.. I couldn't live without my phone.. haha just kidding! that is like super rude I see girls like that all the time! but yeah..

Get rid of her before you get too attached and can't let her go D:

I couldn't agree more, get rid of her ass before it's too late.

She's likely sadistic, and absolutely gets off on using u, while she txts the many other guys, she's using and snoozing with. Get checked, cash out ur chips, eat the loss, and u'll immediately be in a gain, dispute ur "loss" instead if losing ur time, money, dignity, and any sense of self or happiness u still have and could have in the future. Definitely get it, before u split it, then immediately break it and say it's not u, it's me... I'm sorry. Ur just not what I'm looking for...

Or she might just want u to do it, so u don't try to win her back. But most likely she has no concept of love, so the best she can do is "win the game"... don't toss ur pearls to swine, brother. Get out quick. She's likely a good talker, and likes carnage, so save urself now, or ur chances of unf***ing ur life, will become more and more impossible, after ur depressed, and drained of everything, unable to move on.

lol just take her to a cheap restaurant...she's not going to realize the difference unless you text her and let her know.