By unfortunategeek - 23/12/2010 16:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I tried to contact my birth mother, who abandoned me when I was three weeks old. After months of tracing, I finally plucked up the courage to call her. She told me to "f*ck off and die". FML
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Well, consider yourself lucky that she didn't raise you.

Acousticpixie14 6

You said she abandoned you? If she abandoned you, not just gave you up, but ABANDONED you, then why did you even want to find her? I guess I can understand the morbid curiosity and wanting to meet your biological mother, but are you really surprised at her response if she ABANDONED you? That really really sucks for you, and I'm sorry, but you kinda walked right into that one.


Well, consider yourself lucky that she didn't raise you.

fakeaccountX 6

Hey #1, I'm guessing you didn't like your parents either? Lol.

I agree. That is absolutely horrible. You said it yourself, OP, that she abandoned you. Don't be upset she told you this, be relieved. She didn't raise you, and you're better off for it. She's not worth the time and effort.

cbroxs17 0

I think that the mom isn't all in the wrong. for all we know she could have thought that op was just someone messing with her and she yelled at him because it was a touchy subject for her.

Susieee_Q 9

#1 - Just what I was thinking. Maybe it's not the best thing to hear, but at least OP knows now, and can move on.

Alpha35 4

she sounds like a smart women.... u should do it :)

ruby84 1

agree with #1 I wish my parents abandoned me instead of f**king me up!

Reyo 2

As horrible as it is, what did you expect from someone who "abandoned you when you were 3 weeks old"? I know, some parents do it because they don't have the funds, but I wouldn't really be surprised if the bitch turned out to be just that...a bitch.

KFCkoolaidWaterm 0

Indeed, it was horrible. But that's when OP should have replied back by saying, "B____! I turned out so flipping amazing, no thanks to you! Have fun with your life!" Then, hang up.

H3adFonHyStRiA 0

I'm sorry that happened; I'm sure it's very hurtful. But, as #1 said, be thankful she didn't raise you...

austin1414 3

op you deserve it, WTF makes u think she would want to talk to u? just be glad she didn't raise you, as others have said

Why trace for months? After several practice runs, I'm sure you would have been able to draw a semi-decent picture.

that's terrible. be thankful she gave you up to good people.

Sorry to ball bust but you don't know that she did. OP could've been in foster care her/his entire life or raised by a horrible foster family.

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wow that's relly mean hope u have a good life your probly a rich asshole

morgy8599 0

hahahaha your such a bitch it amuses me. What the ****?! what if u were in that situation you wouldnt be laughing then!

Being an asshole makes you rich now? Or being rich makes you an asshole?

I just think that's ironic and kinda karma. maybe the mom was having a bad day. I'm not trying to justify that this is a good thing, but I think there was a reason the mom gave OP up. she didn't want her.

just like your the reason people invented headache medication? seriously "the mum might have been having a bad day" who gives a ****? she just told her bio son to f off and die. no one rly cares about her. just like u ;) have fun being a constant pmsing menstrual bitch, picking on the unfotunate, I do hear a rag works however, try it.