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Today, I was planning on breaking up with my girlfriend of five years in two days time. She just mailed me a care package that said, "I'd die without you." FML
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...or give it one last try, see how it works out? :) (we don't know anything else than what you've written, so this may be a very bad idea, I don't know :D).


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Are you my life coach? I've been doing this for a long time. The drinking part didn't work -- too much puking. Can you tell me where to find a "sumin," Coach?

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I really doubt people actually think she would kill herself if she didn't have him. And I don't think you should be questioning others' intelligence when you don't spell things correctly yourself.

inconvienentgurl: Your spelling sucks. It's cool though. Allow me to educate you! This link will help you many times throughout your life.

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dude she was on a 4killstreak don't make her kill herself :0

#57 Thanks for that. You really cleared the air with that one.


would u die to be with her?```lol

...or give it one last try, see how it works out? :) (we don't know anything else than what you've written, so this may be a very bad idea, I don't know :D).

Nah - he's already decided - a care package ain't going to make him interested in her for the long term. Suck it up - there's never a "good" time to break up - and every day you stay together prolongs the agony and puts off the time that she will find someone who really does love her. Break it off. Gentlemanly thing is to give back the care package though ...

Other than abusive situations, the whole idea of a unilateral breakup is ludicrous. If you're both adults, talk. Communicate. Agree—either to stay together or to break up.

seriously, if he's been with her for FIVE YEARS, there has to be something there. if he has doubts, they need to talk about it and see if it's something that can be resolved, maybe even seek couples counseling. having been the girl who invested that much time in a relationship only to be dumped for a relatively trivial reason, i absolutely hate hearing about guys who want to ditch a girl after years together. unless there's been a dealbreaker like she cheated, she wants kids and he doesn't, or she's a career criminal (which it's extremely unlikely that something like that would crop up 5 years into the relationship), he needs to be a man and try to work it out.

It sounds to me like the OP already has worked it out. "Being a man" does not mean staying with somebody unless there is an extreme reason to end the relationship.

She won't agree. He doesn't need her permission to dump her.

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The long term? It's already been 5 years. He'd better have a really good reason to not try.

I guess it might be time to test that theory? Seriously though, if you stay with her you might end up hating both of you as a result!

you know, when a girl has to send a message like that to you, to me it seems like she's "reminding you" of never to leave her. like a dont-you-even-think-of-leaving-me message. i could be wrong and it could just be an emotional moment for her and she decided to be all loving but seriously, "i'd die without you"? who says that anymore in a loving way. im guessing she knows or senses what is coming. and is tryin to stop it.

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something tells me shez sharper than you think, sounds like she trying to make sure u arent going anywhere. on a mo serious note, u do realise ' i would die without you" is a figure of speech, unless she added literally, then you're ******

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#8, learn grammar. And spelling. Christ on a pogo-stick.

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Another grammar nazzi it# 89 n dnt be 1 their just jelious bc their to Uptight wit spelling n shi+ like dat


maybe she knew u wanna break up with her``

Call her family, or a suicide hot line, or an emergency line, then break up with her after she's being monitored and safe. If she's faking it, everyone will know.

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The suicide hot line does nothing but sit there and be awkward -__-

And if she's not, then she's dead. Win win situation there Huh?