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Today, I paid a social visit to my grandparents. While we were watching the news, a story came on about the Queen of England. I scoffed, "How is she not dead already? How old is she, anyway?" My grandmother replied, "About my age." Oops. FML
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How bloody inconsiderate of you! -slams my tea cup down-


kodinbug 2

Casual, ill-thought, rude remarks, are often the cause of funny FMLs. Like the person who asked about her pharmasists leg, not realizing he didn't have one.

@11: The OP from the 'pharmacist's leg FML' was trying to be polite. This OP is just plain rude.

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Well that was pretty disrespectful, OP.

She's not even that old, only just turned 86. Given the fact that she gets the best medical care in the world and that her mom lived to be almost 102, Elizabeth II might yet live to be queen for another 15 or even 20 years.

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Just because she isnt all botoxed up like half the people near her age (about 15 years younger possibly) mean shes any older than all these other old people. i actually applaud her for that.

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that's why you never talk about old people with old people..

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39- Please refer me to the 86 year olds you know who've had Botox...

I don't know if it's just me but my grandparents don't use Botox

He/she is french which explains the rejection of monarchy, but that still doesn't explain his/her social stupidity.

**** you OP, people love the Queen, and just because you're not British or a member of the commonwealth does not mean that you have the right to be disrespectful towards her and throw around remarks about her death. Grow up and learn some manners already.

The only thing i was thinking is how brave you are for saying that, even on fml. Op could have the whole british nation against them. Expescially here in Northern Ireland

#113 god save the queen? Amazing lady if I do say so lol! If I lived to her age i'd be pretty impressed like. As OP is French we can't expect her to know about British affairs. Most British people know nothing about British affairs

116- you indeed have a point and i agree with your comment about living that long about myself too fantastic age.

The queen is an unelected fascist who lives off tax payers money. The country is in debt yet we're still expected to support this parasite. The diamond jubilee celebrated nothing more than a death sentence heritage and 60 years of oppressing poor people. But yeah, you deserved it op. god save the queen.. And all that.

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@125: Actually, you're wrong. The Queen makes the country far more money than she takes from it. Besides, without her, we have nothing in the way of national days and things to celebrate. Like it or not (and over 80% of us like it according to surveys) the Monarchy represents a major ingredient of the glue that holds British society together.

Glue that holds British society together? What is this shit. She shouldn't be in the 'glue'. Society should work as a population anyway, regardless of how much we love our dictator. And what is there to celebrate? She was just born in the right place at the right time. Lucky her. In the past, it was just a way of taking money from peasants, and killing any opposition. Brilliant.

I'm sorry, "dictator?". I hardly think so! The queen's role now is largely ceremonial - she spends her days meeting people and just waving to crowds. If anyone's a dictator it's the prime minister and politicians (not that I think he is) seems they are the actual law makers. Also, saying she lives on tax payers' money is just a pathetic statement as so little of anyone's money is given to her it is almost unnoticeable and yet it allows such a rare and fantastic tradition to continue (this of course being the royal family itself).

Well technically she is a dictator. No-one outside of her family will ever take her position. Does the monarchy use the Montesquieu principle? I think not. Despite her not actually doing anything in terms of 'running the country', she still has enough enthusiasm to claim her hard earned cash, elegantly and majestically stolen from commoners and peasants. I believe the figure is somewhere around the £45 million mark. My A&E service at the local hospital was shut down, probably because of that £45m going to her instead of contributing something to society.

Yes okay that is sad, but it must be kept in mind that we are in an economic recession. It is not as though the queen is the sole reason for things closing down. Also, the queen brings in millions of pounds whilst admittedly she does technically live off tax payers money. I don't understand why people hate traditions and want us to live in some grey communist state.

I understand what you're saying, that taking away the queen would take away traditions, and to a certain extent, our national identity. But I'd happily sacrifice what's left of our national identity for a symbol that is relevant to the times. The monarch was an important historical figure, but not now. She means literally nothing. I don't even think treason is a crime these days. I could be wrong. Our national identity should consist of people that actually serve a real purpose. Anyway, at least with communism, there'd be no class war. That's a start.

Okay I hear what you're saying... However, there is always a class war in communism. What happens is you get one percent of absurdly rich leaders (e.g Stalin) and then the rest of the population get reduce to total poverty.

I meant real communism. Marxism. Stalin wasn't communist. He deceived people by claiming to be communist.

But real communism is the most flawed thing in the world. for instance, if everyone is given the same amount of money and possessions etc, there is no longer an incentive to work harder than someone else. Therefore, the system collapses as people have no actual need to do anything as "real communism" grants them the same as everyone else.

#148 Lenin tried communism and the only way he succeeded was through his war economic plan which allowed small businesses to make a profit...capitalism, Russia prospered to an extent. As for the queen duh she makes a lot of money off tax payers but she isn't the one in charge. What politician needs 400 or 500 k a year to live...does anyone need that much? Maybe if some people started taking large pay cuts the NHS,schools and other important things wouldn't be going to shit. If I can run a house, pay bills,heat the house, put food in my child's belly and clothes on his back plus look after myself on the small amount of money I get then so can they. Everyone has their own valid opinions about the queen get over's the government that needs to get in touch with the people okay? They don't give a shit. My gran can't work because she is seriously ill...does she get help? Does she **** because they rejected her cry for it yet any ton dick and lazy ass Harry who have never done a damn days work can claim left right and centre...grrrrr

Well **** me, you don't seem bigoted at all do you?!!

Please remove foot from Mouth now!!!!

I seriously thought the same thing! Every time I see the queeen on tv, I'm like why isn't she dead yet!? And let Prince William and Kate rule :D (not that I'm against the queen or anything! From my American view point :D)

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#2 - And insert foot into ass.

Prince William and Kate would not rule if Queen Elizabeth were to die. Also, wishing the death of an old lady, so that a young couple can rule, is pretty ****** up.

Prince Charles is next inline for the throne, not Prince William.

Prince Charles is next in line for the throne but there's a controversy over whether or not he will actually assume it because he's been divorced and remarried. In the eyes of the Church of England (of which he would become the leader if he were to be King) that makes him a polygamist. In fact that's the very reason Queen Elizabeth II is Queen. Her uncle, King Edward VIII, was pressured to abdicate his throne when he chose to marry a two-time divorcee. Thus the crown passed to her father, King George VI, making her heir apparent.

Well since the monarchy is now no more than a mere figurehead and is an icon of patriotism for the people, emulating an asshole like Henry VIII is frowned upon. The only reason Henry VIII got away with it was because his word was law. The modern English monarchy just doesn't have any real power anymore.

BTW, as I said before, there is more recent historical precedent here than Henry VIII. Remember, less than a hundred years ago Edward VIII had to abdicate his throne just for marrying a divorcee.

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43: You might want to transfer some of that enthusiasm to your own country's politics. It is an election year, after all. Also, even forgetting the whole Charles thing, it's not like William and Kate would actually be "ruling" anything if Queen Elizabeth were to die. It would just change the figurehead.

I'm not wishing for that sweet old lady to die, she just has been on the throne tooooo loong , I know that prince Charles is next but I think that the only reason is living as long as she can is so that Prince William can take over and not her son. Personally I don't like Prince Charles... and Im glad that princess di dirvorced him too! She's still my favorite :)

egc573 40

Darn, gracehi pretty much just said my second thing. Ah well...

Sorry I beat you to the punch, man. Better luck next time! ;)

78- no thanks, it's not like my vote counts anyways, the electrocollege chooses our destined leader anyways. Obama is going to win...yay I's already planned out. But "ruling" is just a figure of speech :)

#82, Only once or twice in history has a president lost the popular vote and won the electoral college vote. Also, the electoral college almost always votes according to the popular... *Glances at 82's comment again* Oh, I see you're an Obama supporter. *cough* On second thought you're completely right. The election is totally rigged. There's really no point in voting. You might as well just stay home that day.

84, no I'm not an Obama supporter did you see my enthusiam for him lols and I'm not a Romney either, so what does that make me!? o.o lol but I didn't want Obama to win the 08 election for some odd reason because I knew the US will slowly be a socialist society *sigh* what can we do? And thanks for the history lesson :D I learn something new everyday! :)

81, no I'm not an Obama supporter did you see my enthusiam for him lols and I'm not a Romney either, so what does that make me!? o.o lol but I didn't want Obama to win the 08 election for some odd reason because I knew the US will slowly be a socialist society *sigh* what can we do? And thanks for the history lesson :D I learn something new everyday! :) (this will probably get deleted, so I hope you read it before hand xD)

Nope not possible lol she probably said something just as dumb trying to fix the situation. I probably would have :p

Please remove head from ass and be more respectful to the elderly!

Be more respectful OP, and she comes from a long lifers family. He mother was over 100 when she died.

Respect for your elders? I think not.

Respect is earned. If we gave respect to people just because they're old we'd have no ingenuity. Without some person challenging the ways of old and changing the status quo we'd be nowhere. That isn't to say that this girl isn't being ignorant.

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Or at the very least, watch what you say in their presence.

How is 16 not buried yet? There is so much wrong with what was said. For starters, respect and compliant are two very different words. By respecting someone you are in no way obligated to change your world view or stop, change or start doing things that aren't impacting on the person you are showing respect to. How you made the connection between respect and lack of human progress is beyond me, they're not even in the same ballpark. And 28, there is nothing to agree with in what they said.

I agree with the latter quote, out of context it does make sense. The latter is about respecting them as individuals, not necessarily their way of thinking, and treating them with respect.

28, I guess that's what respect has been in my family, and I see that's not what it is for others. Thanks.

"Respect has to be earned" is a bullshit platitude that sounds a lot better than it implies. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect. Don't worry if someone has "earned" respect, just treat them with respect--the world would be a lot better if we all did.

As far as I'm concerned, she has been one of the most approachable members of the royal family. Disrespectful much...

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There is no recovering from that. Time to change the subject!

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At first I didnt understand the 'YDI' then i realized... You think that because someones really old

youjustmademelol 4

Sorry i accidently pressed send ...they shoyld be dead? Never even bring up age near old people, not even compliments saying "you look so young today" what if they never felt not young? It also implies they usually look old.

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And how did you come to that conclusion, exactly?

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never talk about death around old people.

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Too bad OP found out this way.. but hopefully they managed to cover their arse.

Well you kinda have to... The people dying usually buy the plot of land and headstone or just join a family plot. Avoiding inevitability is generally a bad idea.

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Yeah my grandma just died yesterday. It really made me realize that you have to cherish the time you have with them and treat every time you see them like the last.

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Simply flatter your grandmother on how she looks much younger than the Queen. Something like "Oh, really? I would have never guessed!" I dunno.

Yeah, saying something like "wow, to think with all that top notch medical care and she still looks so much older than you!" comment would have totally cleared up the situation.

How bloody inconsiderate of you! -slams my tea cup down-

Being inconsiderate is not my cup of tea.

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This tea I like it. ANOTHER!!

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That's awesome but it sucks for you.

How is it "awesome"? This FML is just stupid

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I'm assuming 10 feels like grandma probably owned OP...