By RaveCharlie - 18/04/2013 22:47 - United States

Today, I had to break up with my girlfriend twice. Apparently, the first time she thought I was kidding. FML
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People often ignore what they don't want to hear. Or you said it in a funny way, that could be it too.

californiapoppy 11


People often ignore what they don't want to hear. Or you said it in a funny way, that could be it too.

Or it could just be that this girl is crazy... just a thought

Or, she's really just dense.. And in that case, good choice OP on the decision.

StalkerChick 13

At least you don't have to deal with her stupidity anymore :)

it's very ironic that you would side with OP, overly attached commenter.

I agree, 18, I also had much higher expectations for the comment when I saw the mix of profile picture and username, combined with the content of the FML, such a waste, like only eating the cheeks off of an animal. (Even though they're the tastiest)

Roskosity 22

She's obviously hoping to get with OP. Shes been waiting for this day for many long years.

29-thanks for the nightmare fuel... I'm now picturing various barnyard animals running around with their cheeks cut out. Grisly...

StalkerChick 13

31- You're right. I was looking through the window the whole time waiting for my chance.

RedPillSucks 31

OP never did say that he was successful the 2nd time.

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just wondering how did you break up with her the first time

I imagine something like this " OPs GF: Hey babe what are you doing" "OP: Not much babe you" "OPS GF: Watching Jersey shore with a friend " "OP: oh well I think we should break up " "OPS GF: LOL i wish you where here" "OP: no im serious where breaking up" "OPS GF:............"

That's more of an FML for your girlfriend. She must feel embarrassed and retarded.

I guess she didn't want to face reality. But hey, you got out of the relationship, so all's well that ends well.

more like all's well that ends twice

What? Nah... Come on, OP. You've got to be kidding. HA HA HA! You jokester, you. There's no way that happened.

That's unfortunate, but hopefully this time it takes. If not... Third time's a charm.

twaumat 28

were you not clear the first time?

jojimugo 20

"Turn the key" .... Anyone?