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Today, at work, I was screamed at and slapped by a woman for supposedly violating her 2nd Amendment rights. In reality, I'd simply turned her away from the 10 items or less line because she had well over the allowed number of items. I've no fucking idea what's wrong with some people. FML
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tjv3 10

What does that have to do with her 2nd amendment rights? What a moron

You never know what to expect at a Walmart.


Could you imagine the look on the cashiers face if Op brought 10+ guns to the counter.

"yea, I'd just like to buy all these pistols, this gattling gun and umm sorry, but what's the best gun to take out police in riot gear?

Lizardgirl 7

"I see that these grenades are listed as buy one, get one half off. I think I'll take 20, my good sir."

In the constitution, it says RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Obviously this extends to arms full of groceries! Duh!

ZeeBest86 6

Maybe she had more than 10 bear arms.. Ba dum tish? -_-

70, i know the walmart that I work at does. not too sure about the others.

I don't think OP would have turned her away if she had 10+ guns.

#59 Yup, anyone who carries all their groceries while shopping gets to use whatever line they want. It's what our forefathers would have wanted, they really hated shopping carts.

Problem is simple. america. No it doesn't deserve a capital a.

Zyzz7 12

Americans... and dont thumb me down for saying that, you guys know you have quite a few nuts in the South..

You never know what to expect at a Walmart.

Actually you do. Y'know, mostly weirdos, idiots, morons, and others of the like.

perdix 29

#13, and perdix, because they have the best price on Sugar-Free Popsicles and other frozen confections, but I may fall into one or more of the aforementioned categories, although idiots and morons seldom use "aforementioned." ;) Oh, you forgot cheapskates!

So true. Goin to Walmart at 3am is like goin to the circus.. So many different strange characters

perdix 29

#85, poor people are cheapskates with a valid excuse.

The only store in my area (I live a town of 3,000 population) is a Walmart. I can honestly say I've never seen anything weird at that place.

Going to Walmart, especially after 9pm, is like walking into a live episode of Maury.

tjv3 10

What does that have to do with her 2nd amendment rights? What a moron

TheDrifter 23

That gives me an idea... I think I'll order a hundred thousand rounds of 9mm and 45acp to be shipped anonymously off the internet. I'll bet that brings plenty of people to my door to practice my mediocre social skills on.

perdix 29

She could have been buying bullets, a holster, a file, a meat cleaver, heavy-duty trash bags, bleach, a shovel, a flashlight, rope, duct tape, a map of the local woods, rubber gloves and an alibi.

TheDrifter 23

You forgot the ammonia and lemon juice Perdix

*grabs grocery list from perdix* That's mine.

shyeahh_fml 19

96, it's just a murder kit. It would include condoms if it were a rape kit.

Also, prepay for gas for a get away car or body burning

nitewlf12 10

Haha. Did anybody else not realize that you can buy an alibi at Walmart? Much appreciated perdix.

lexxiii 17

How the heck does having the right to bear arms relate to not being able to check out at a certain line? People these days...

Maybe she was buying a whole set of bear arms?

I now realize why rednecks wear sleeveless shirts.

Maybe she got it mixed up and was buying a whole bunch of tank tops for her "right to bare arms."

The right to have weapons? Lady needs to know what she's talking about.

I mean, if you're gonna go off the rails about how your randomly made-up constitutional right is being violated you'd at least pick one that less well-known. I'm damn British and I know the 2nd is the right 'bear arms' - and if 'arms' includes a longbow, a morningstar, and a ride-on cannon I'm in.

Blacksabbath211 9

You, Sir (or madam) are my hero

bamagrl410 31

I think this is the first thread where commenters finally realized that she didn't actually know what she was talking about. Kudos to you. Everyone else is sitting here trying to figure out how it could've violated her 2nd amendment rights... *facepalm*

In all fairness Walmart usually only has about 2 lanes open at all times, regardless of how many customers are waiting. No excuse for the customer bitching out though.

Yes, it's called Chronic Stupidity. Luckily I'm an expert at diagnosing this condition, and I'm sorry to say that you're exhibiting the early signs. I can treat you, but it's going to cost two bags of gummy worms and a packet of bacon. I'm not sure you can afford it.

It's okay, decimater; I'm willing to take on two patients. *hands you an invoice for a watermelon, and a bottle of orange juice*

You sound hungry... Here, have 3 bags of sausages!

jem970 19

Forget the gummy worms. Gummie life savers are where its at :)

Can you treat me too Welsite? Is chronic confusion also a treatable condition? I think I have that too.

Please tell me you slapped her back so hard that made her re-evaluate her lifestyle choices! (¬_¬)

Best part is Op could've claimed self-defense. The employer couldn't really fire for that.

But they could be fired for conducting themselves in a manner unfit for a service industry worker. It's the sad truth of the position, you take the crap so they give you the cheque. I agree that in theory it is justifiable self defense, but the unfortunate truth is you're being paid to put up the happy front in the face of animosity. In some cases companies even have simple contracts/agreements for service workers to sign along those lines.

True it's part of their job to put up with difficult people but not with physical abuse! Inflicting pain is never justifiable (unless it's self defense) ! I doubt that enduring physical pain or harm is part of OP's contract.

It's also not self defense unless there's a clearly apparent threat at the time of defense, if the customer simply slapped the OP and walked away, and was no longer a threat, they could be arrested themselves for going on the attack, both parties would be at fault. I agree wholly, It isn't part of their job to endure abuse, but it is their job without argument, to act professionally. There are always options like walking away, calling your manager, or just keeping your cool.

Well I wasn't suggesting for op to run after her and tackle her to the ground! Self defense is using some sort of force in the face of danger I know that. All I'm saying, IF op had reacted during the time of the slap it would've been counted as self defense. If it's true that an individual would've been fired for defending themselves (because i'm not sure how it works here in US) then they'll have to choose between walking away with their self esteem still attached and not ripped to shreds or keeping their job. I choose the first one but that's just in my opinion.

I'd feel more esteem in myself if I Kept my cool and could say that even though someone was completely out of line, I kept my professionality intact, and didn't bring my own dignity into question, in my opinion.

No, 102, the customer is not always right.

The customer is ALWAYS right... Until they are wrong. And as it stands even self defence can get you fired in a service job simply due to the "threat you put on the store and other customers". And it is unprofesional to talk back or act against a customer, you do not gi e the company money. The question becomes is your job worth losing your dignity by getting slapped around.

Yay I'm at the beginning and what does op mean?

xStaciexLynnx 15
Misswildsides 22

No guys. It stands for Optimus prime.

It means no one cares and that you're getting buried. Have fun, welcome to FML

Orange peels, or Orang-utan poo. Depends on what country you reside.

bamagrl410 31

As much as I'd like an octagonal pizza right now, 103, we both know it's obnoxious penguin.

Did you scream that she violated several of your rights and call then police? I hate it when people claim a violation of their rights and then turn around and violate someone else's in the same breath.