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Today, while waiting for my order at a restaurant, a woman walked up to me and slapped me. She looked at me for a moment and said "Sorry, I thought you were someone else." Ten minutes later, the same woman came back and slapped me again. FML
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Would've slapped her back the second time.

I really don't see any way this could be OP's fault...times like these I question the people saying YDI.


Would've slapped her back the second time.

I would've slapped her back the first time

Stop the violence! Can't we all just get along!?

jojimugo 20

Slap me once shame on you Slap me twice your Ass is mine

Or you could just get overpowered and they could slap you a 3rd time.

I hate how "call the police" or "sue them" is always someone's first thought now. What happened to the days that my grandfather told me about where two people would get in a fight, then shake hands afterwards and continue on with their life?

What if he is a guy? Some guys I know would never hit a girl, no matter how many times he gets slapped.

Second time? If some random bitch came up and slapped me, I would have slapped her right back. I wouldn't wait for a second time -_-

You would fight a woman? A man fighting a woman physically, nobody cares how it started, you'll be roughed up, by customers, by the cops, and your day will be ruined. Better for him to call the cops. A woman could slap a woman and get away with it, but what if this other woman is just looking for a fight? If she gets in lots of fights she might be pretty good at it. For guys, it is too easy to do serious damage with our strength. Or the other person pulls a knife. Better to have the person ejected from the restaurant at a minimum, have the restaurant manager call the cops maximum.

I really don't see any way this could be OP's fault...times like these I question the people saying YDI.

Agreed, people just seem to press it for the sake of pressing it :(

He just let her slap him. I don't see how he didn't see it coming the second time.

94yhy 8

Well, OP doesn't explicitly say they don't know this woman. They could have done something to her and they are indeed the person she wants to slap.

YDI for not standing up for yourself the first time! The women was probably dared to do it again because OP is probably really passive.

DyslexicPanda 12

Ahh but it IS his fault for choosing to look like the culprit, duh!

Should've had her removed from the restaurant

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She'd slap him again on the way out, she did it twice already we know she has no restraints.

Repost? Read this one a while back via random.

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Did she apologize again? If not, then maybe she realized you were the right person after all. Now the only question is what did you do? o.O

You know that's assault, right? Call the cops, they can do more than we can. Or at least we hope they will do something.

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slap me once shame on you...slap me twice...ur getting ****** up

Beat a ************.... Yeah you know where this goes.

nnnope 26

Oh my god if that happened to me she'd be leaving with at least one black eye. How can someone be THAT dumb?

What. The. ****. Happened. To. Your. Ear? I don't mean to be rude. But DAAYYYUM!

nnnope 26

Piercings "happened." If you don't like them, please just keep the negative remarks to yourself. It's actually /very/ rude, and is totally irrelevant to the comment/FML. Thanks.

well you like it and its your body so who cares what anyone else thinks? im only 15 and if my mom let me get more piercing id be soo happy.

nnnope 26

I care because it was rude and *completely* unwarranted, and it happens /all the freaking time/. Thank you for being understanding, though. [by the way, wait til you're 18 and get pierced at an APP-registered shop!] (;