By Anonymous - Canada

But mah freedumbs!

Today, I was screamed at and told that I was denying someone's "second amendment" by not letting him through with a gun. I work at the border; he was trying to enter Canada. This is not the first time, and it probably won't be the last. FML
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  Reaper1984  |  13

As an American what kills me is all the Americans who think they know our country's history and our govt, and they call themselves patriotic. But in actuality they don't know half what they thought they knew and just look idiotic.


As an American, I am embarrassed that these people represent my country. It's never the average, hard working people you see, it's everybody else who others see. I am truly sorry.

  mattlw  |  25

As an American, I am ashamed at the mentality that has crossed this nation. The mentality that everybody owes me something for nothing. I promise, some of us are decent human beings who work our asses off to get where we are.

  kwyk  |  23

Americans are smarter than stereotypes would have you believe. They give their idiots guns and leave the rest to natural selection...

  Alastor13X  |  8

(Face Palms) 2nd amendment doesn't account for Shit in Canada. No wonder every other country hates us so much... We have idiots like this so self unaware of their own stupidity becoming poster children for the face of America. As an American U.S. Army Veteran, I apologize for what sounds to be a very uneducated civilian who probably has no business with a firearm in the first place. Some people just don't need them, and he failed a very simple IQ test right on the spot.


Not to start a political debate, but I'd have to say all politicians are useless liars who will never be good enough for the general public. Stop bitching about the guy in power and just be happy it's not worse. Anyone who thinks if the dude they voted for was in power then things would be perfect, is mentally retarded. They all suck, so fuck it. Unless you are willing to revolt and overthrow the political systems nothings gonna change no matter what some slick talking liar says.


89- If you'll allow for an addendum to that, it must be understood that when it comes to voting, the presidential vote is a farce. We, the People, don't vote for who the President-elect; the electoral college does. That said, there are still plenty of state, county, and local issues and amendments that must be addressed. Those votes actually matter and are the most relevant.

  Ryan8878  |  21

Tell that to Michigan officer Walt Wawra who was upset he wasn't allowed his firearm while vacationing in Canada. It was inferred the men that approached him were giving away Stampede tickets. You Americans who want your guns, get the proper Canadian licensing or stay home.

  Lizardgirl  |  7

All countries have their stereotypes. It's ignorant to generalize that all Americans are stupid, overly patriotic gun lovers who have no common sense for standard laws. There are always some who live up to their country's stereotypes, but many more who are rationally minded people. Idiot

  gc327072  |  29

I prefer the term "enthusiast", because in my mind it doesn't bring up redneck stereotypes, but rather the image of an older, fancy gentleman saying "indubitably".

  sum42guy2k  |  6

Actually #23 you are wrong. America stands for North America and South America. Brazil is still part of the America's. USA stands for United STATES of America. The USA was originally not supposed to be a country unto itself, it was supposed to be somewhat like Europe is with the European Union.


ACTUALLY, 47, 23 was just saying that the person they were replying to was playing a game of semantics.

And although the term America may not represent only the USA, in this context it's pretty obvious that it does, so there's no need for the history lesson.

  noncom  |  12

And that matters why? No other country has a name similar to ours. If we were trying to make it look we owned both the continents, we would have names ourselves the "United States of the Americas".