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And now you have a FML for reading FMLs. Silver-lining.

FML will ruin your job career..


FML will ruin your job career..

That was sort of redundant. That was sort of redundant.

You know redundant doesn't mean repeating right?

#45, No one said it was. But do you realize that repeating something is redundant?

And now you have a FML for reading FMLs. Silver-lining.

Definitely the epitome of irony.

Well YDI. You shouldn't have been slacking off.

How the hell does this fml have so little YDI's

I think it's because it's an ironic/coincidental fml, people liked it. I would've been fired for being on my phone, let alone fml.

I want to vote both on this one

FML about an FML. F everyone's lives

Wouldn't FMLception be an "FML within an FML"? This is only an FML about an FML.

stay off your phone at work, silly. especially if it's not even important.

Are you saying FML isn't important?

I'd rather make money and wait to read about others misfortunes.

She shall walk the plank! Argh Okay, I'm off to work.

Its almost like the infinity mirror illusion...

I vote the FML staff hire this man.

We do need another toilet cleaner, hopefully less whiny about that "minimum wage" thing than the last guy. He vanished without a trace and nobody has a clue what happened to him, Judge.

You told me that "shitty situation" joke had nothing to do with his disappearance.

Legally-speaking, maybe you shouldn't be reminding me of that on a public forum. Don't forget you ate the Rat Cook's pies that night as well. Snitch.

A thread dominated by FML staff, very cool! Another instance of wishing I could thumb up the staff :)

You deserve it I'd say.. As entertaining as FML is you should save it for your free time and concentrate on the job at hand when at work

The irony & coincidences are strong with this one. FYL and everyone else's life too...

Coincidences, yes. Irony, no. Irony =/= Any kind of amusing coincidence

Your boss is paying you to work, so...