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Today, I was denounced for being a terrible person, because my family raises chickens, some of which we eat. I was then told how cruel I am for "killing innocent birds" and that "good" people buy their meat from the supermarket. FML
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Yes, god-fearing people buy their meat from the big companies who keep their chickens stacked in a square foot box, stacked 10 high in rows of 100, where mans dominion is unquestioned, how dare you blaspheme and raise chickens in a sustainable manner.


Those words are from a blatant idiot; don't take it seriously.

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In my opinion, family raised and owned chickens are way better off than the chickens that are sent to slaughter and treated poorly. Some people just don't understand.

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They certainly suffer a lot less than those who are shoved in tiny cages with 5 other chickens.

yes but the problem is that op probably doesn't pump enough hormones so that the chickens have larger breast for the consumer to eat

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-_- ... Is the only face you can make immediately after reading this fml

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Actually, it's much better off that OP doesn't pump hormones into the chickens. That's kind of like taking birth control pills just to make your own boobs bigger. (If you're a female, obviously.)

94 - I think 77 was being sarcastic, though it might just be the way I read it.

Whoever said that was stupid and shallow, besides this person will eventually die (unavoidable). Which means you should stop worrying about such a small things.

everyone will eventually die so should we not care about anything anyone ever says or does?

7, Majority of people, majority of things people say and do are useless, pointless, meaningless and/or shallow. Those things and those people will unavoidably fade away without trace. It makes sense to worry about maybe 1% of everything, the rest can be ignored with no consequences. Filter the crap out. If insignificant thing like this makes you worry, you might get health problems eventually. Ignore them or laugh at them.

Are you saying that the majority of human exisistance is pointless/meaningless if almost everything fades away without trace?

I actually believe the opposite. I believe every little thing from Bill Gate's teacher to me placing a can in recycling has a massive effect on the world when multiplied by the actions of others. Just because we die doesn't mean we can't leave a legacy through our children, our friends and thus their children or even the environment

Tell me what meaning does it all have when our sun goes super nova and destroys us?

I think the point is that if we disregard all human endeavor as pointless, only then does it become pointless. We have millennia until our sun destroys our planet, and if humans play the cards right, and integrate all of humankind's experience, then we may transcend the bonds of this little rock, and save ourselves from that imminent destruction. Nothing is hopeless as long as some have hope.

17, Yes, precisely. For majority of people 100 years after their death there will be already only some of their trinkets left, and that's it - nobody will remember the person. If you keep moving farther into future, everything that person did will be forgotten or turned into some kind of fairytale and everything that person had will be destroyed by time. If you keep moving farther, then eventually the whole planet will be destroyed by sun going nova. And if some of the theories about universe are right, entire universe will cease to exist. So there's no meaning - "This too shall pass". So stop worrying about useless crap, and enjoy life as it is. --- Whenever life gets you down, Mrs.Brown And things seem hard or tough And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft And you feel that you've had quite enough Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned A sun that is the source of all our power The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see Are moving at a million miles a day In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour Of the galaxy we call the 'milky way' ... ---

#35: Thanks for the depressing comment. I was all happy and then BAM!...happy feelings are gone.

32, "millennia until our sun destroys our planet, and if humans play the cards right" the problem is that you won't see that day, and humanity might destroy itself long before that, along with the planet, and, "if they play cards right" along with entire solar system. Anyway, "meaningless" does not mean "despair". If nothing matters, why not have some fun? Enjoy the life *today* instead of hoping for better tomorrow.

Are you supporting the theory of YOLO?

So rapists should rule the world and Hitler did nothing wrong because in the end it doesn't matter? Heck I always wanted a Ferrari and to be on the news, so I might steal a Ferrari and run over some school children because in the end it doesn't even matter!!!!!

45. "Are you supporting the theory of YOLO" Nope. This way you die sooner, possibly earning Darwin Award. It isn't really worth it, there are better ways to live. 46. Doesn't work this way, because you forgot "action -> consequences". If you act as you described you won't get your ferrari and will die in prison. I believe that a person should look for personal happiness/satisfaction. Because you're going to die anyway, it would make sense to enjoy the trip. However, agressive/criminal actions towards society will be punished, which means that for one mildly satisfying day of running people over in a car, you'll get 12..50 years of unsatisfying years in prison or your life will be cut short. I.e. it isn't a very smart choice. Same with YOLO. If you do stupid thing because you "live only once", then you'll die in ridiculous way, so in your final moment you'll understand that people will ridicule you, your life and your death for a LOONG time after you're gone. That's not a very satisfying way to go. 47. "He's really supporting nihilism." Not really. If the life is pointless it would make sense to see ways to enjoy it. Somehow I doubt that's a nihilism.

Making your comments extremely long doesn't show intelligence or make you right. In fact it shows that you are unable to formulate a decent response in a reasonable amount of words.

I thought you said that in the end everything doesn't matter.... But you said that it would matter to you of people ridiculed you for a LONG time... If what you're standing by is right this should not matter.

60, Short comments might mean you have nothing to say or type too slow. Also, If you only make long comments when you want to "pretend to be intelligent", you need to learn - try reading books. Maybe eventually you won't need to "pretend" anymore. 61. Congrats you found a small contradiction. The point was - if you die too soon, you'll lose opportunity to enjoy life for a longer time (or to find new ways to enjoy it). YOLO and "go crazy and kill everybody" encourages early death and thus aren't a good idea.

56- You just provided a counter argument in your own statement. If "Action -> Consequences" Then nothing is "pointless", everything creates a reaction, and everything poses opportunity. Your idea has become so convuluted i doubt even you have a point anymore.

27, you're silly. Our sun doesn't have enough mass to super nova. What will happen, is that our backstabbing moon will eventually escape out of Earth's gravity well and fly off into the distance, quite conveniently before the sun, now out of the lighter elements, expands, whilst using the heavier elements for fuel. During that expansion, it will burn off Earth's atmosphere and kill off all life on Earth. But, that's not for 4.5 billion years. By then we would've cracked intergalactic travel, in one form or another, be it wormholes or negative gravity generators, we'll probably be long gone from Earth when shit does down. And not everyone dies. I plan to create a machine that can house a human consciousness, using a cloned brain. With that, I shall become the technological superman, saving lolcats from diabolical 4chan predators.

How the hell is all of this relevant to some idiot who doesn't know where store bought chicken comes from?? #2, you might want to wipe your chin, I can smell the bullshit running down it from here... Way to be a hypocrite, talking about not worrying about small stuff yet you keep coming back to argue a totally irrelevant point on the frigging INTERNET? Do you have NOTHING better to do with your life?

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For the love of all things good and holy, 35; find something that makes you happy, and do that something. Find your calling, and your life won't feel obsolete; all the well known and remembered people are well known and remembered because they did what made them HAPPY, and thus allowed them to succeed.

#70. 1. Problem: Everything eventually is going to die/disappear, and there's nothing you can do about it, life is meaningless. 2. Solution: Ignore pointlessness, seek personal enjoyment/pleasure. Since there's nothing you can do, enjoy the ride. 3. Addition: Action that reduce your life span (agressive actions toward society) will reduce number of opportunites to seek enjoyement, and therefore should be avoided. You call THIS "convoluted"? Seriously? Maybe you should play chess, learn computer programming, become a lawyer or do a lot of puzzles. Perhaps that'll help.

116, "How the hell is all of this relevant to some idiot" His/Her life is temporary, and in a blink of said person will be feeding the worms anyway, so no reason to worry about another lunatic, unless he/she poses direct immediate threat to your life. Knowing that said person will unavoidable cease to exist might make you feel better. "yet you keep coming back to argue" "Do you have NOTHING better to do with your life?" I go where I please and do whatever I want. I like arguing. Unfortunately, during last 5 years I encountered total of 3 people that were capable of providing enjoyable discussion arguments. You aren't one of them.

some people are so ignorant to life. they don't understand the circle of life.

Yup, many thing were put on earth for us to eat, chickens are one of those things.

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Idiots the world is full of them

Sorry, my iPod typing skills suck, also i double posted, so I changed the comment to "lol"

*Idiots(,) the world is full of them(.)

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There would be less idiots if people would stop interfering with natural selection.

They do know that supermarket meat was killed the same way, right?

If anything the chickens would be way better off at a family farm than a straight slaughter house.

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Yeah really. Grocery store chickens were probably treated much worse before being sent to slaughter.

Youtube has tons of really good videos about how supermarket chickens are raised. They are truly treated with the most disregard to life. Kind of like Hansel only add more of him to the same cage to fatten up.

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Food Inc. You'll hate Tyson.

Netflix has "Food INC" I think i googled "chicken nuggets" or something like that and all these animal cruelty videos started showing up.

You can also watch fast food nation, it's weird but you see some pretty interesting stuff

OP said that they told them they were killing innocent 'birds' not animals. This seriously makes me wonder...

I believe this was a reference to an earlier FML where the OP's friend told the OP that chickens aren't animals..

Yes, god-fearing people buy their meat from the big companies who keep their chickens stacked in a square foot box, stacked 10 high in rows of 100, where mans dominion is unquestioned, how dare you blaspheme and raise chickens in a sustainable manner.

Exactly. Although there are people that buy their meat because its the closest/cheapest, this guy is an asshat, and probably living in an idealistic brand name dominated world.

I for one love chicken so keep up the good work

What's that one cliché everyone here likes to spout? Oh yeah: "Oh, the irony."

Their? You mean They are. They're. What grade are you in, anyway?

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I can't even. Obviously you should ignore that comment and move on with your life and surround yourself with smarter people.