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I had no idea she was doing this! My mom blamed me for not watching her closer. I thought she would know better since she's 14. Were both grounded though.
By PumaPounce - / Saturday 2 November 2013 04:50 / United States - Butler
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  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

& Before we got home, I would've confiscated all of the little brat's candy for the troubles she cost me (or given them all away if I couldn't get away with keeping them). Then told on her so I wouldn't have to take her trick-or-treating again.

  PumaPounce  |  15

I had no idea I found out when the cops collected us and she told them that it was a joke they then took us into questioning and called our mom and let her off with a warning

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

I HATE when parents do that! What lesson is giving a warning going to give her? "I can do whatever I want, and all I get is a slap on the wrist." You got picked up by the police because of her "joke", and all she gets is a warning? No, she needs to know that there are consequences for her actions. You did her a favor, and she pulls a stunt like this? (Woo-sah)

Edit: Wait, did the cops let her off with a warning, or your mom? Think I misread... Still though...