By tired of my job - 29/10/2015 08:33 - Canada - Surrey

Today, I was at work, stocking shelves. A customer got mad because I was in the way of her "shopping time" and knocked down all the work I had done. FML
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You know what they say: "The customer is always a dick."


As someone who used to work retail, trust me, we all wish we could respond like that.

Knock the stuff out of her cart and say she was in your way.

Would be very satisfying, but unfortunately a good way to get fired. :(

There is always that fated last day where you can do anything you please at least once.

You know what they say: "The customer is always a dick."

Some people have absolutely no respect.

Well did you make her restock the shelves.

I hope your store refused to service her!

I hate entitled people like that. They always think that the work revolves around them and nothing else matters.

Wait, you mean the whole world DOESN'T revolve around me?!? Shit, I guess I have some apologising to do. :P

She is also probably one of the first to complain if what she wants isn't stocked.

What a ****. Chuck one of the items at her head.