By what_the_hell - 20/06/2013 08:35 - Finland - Helsinki

Today, while bagging my groceries at a store, a lady came over to me, took a good look at the food I'd bought, picked out an item and put it in her bag. When I confronted her, she called security on me and told them I wanted to steal her stuff. I got thrown out and she walked away with a smirk. FML
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Have them look at the security tapes. That'll clear everything up.


yzzami 17

I agree here. You could have told security to look at their cams or look at the reciets

Yeah OP definitely deserved it if she wasn't smart enough to pull out a receipt.

Maybe OP did, but the woman went into the hysterical victim mode. Another possibility is that the security staff are in on it. The woman must of been pretty confident to just walk over, look at the food, and grab it, in full sight of OP. That confidence could mean a set up.

lmngrl889 14

sounds like Impractical Jokers!!

Ali_Br_fml 33

If it's on the receipt, make the guards check your bags then grab another one to replace it. You paid for it, they let her steal it. Not your fault. Their problem. Then ask to speak to a manager.

BryanVilla 2

Especially old bitches. The elderly are out of control these days..

Have them look at the security tapes. That'll clear everything up.

Hell yeah it would. Also, the person at the register has no say in this? Wtf?

51- shouldn't matter, there is always a cashier watching the self-serve checkouts, who could have easily been called over to say "yeah, I saw her buy that". They might have even noticed the other woman taking OP's stuff. I don't understand how this would have been at all difficult to prove... Sounds like someone screwed something up.

I work in a grocery store, anyone trying to pull a stunt like this where I work would be locked in our security office waiting for the cops to come, then put on a no trespassing warrant. It sounds to me that OP is shopping at a very shitty small town market, or possibly even wal-mart.

This is what receipts are good for if they believe OP

SailorSolaris 43

Ask security to go through the security tapes. Hopefully they will reimburse you. I'm sorry to hear about this though.

I think the fact that security in stores is pretty high (security tapes, anti-theft things on the doors, etc.) you should be able to talk to the manager and get the tapes looked at.

MEM0817 18

Old people man... They get away with everything! People assume they're innocent but they're usually more guilty about shit than the rest of us!

It just says lady. We don't know if she was old or not.

MEM0817 18

Whoops, I somehow mis-read it and thought it said old lady. My apologies.

MEM0817 18

I think that is it. I had just read the FML about the old lady and bookshelf incident and then read this shortly after.

Some people think they can do whatever they want... And get away with it too

I guess that's actually true for that lady

Ah, the new way to shop: with no accountability.

That's the new way to do everything, who has accountability these days

I would've said Santa clause... but the dick never gave me that Nerf gun I asked for >:(

oj101 33

Although what she did was morally wrong, I admire her craftiness.

When it comes down to it, grade school bullies commonly pull the same stunt. So she's about as crafty as a 1st grade student.

Scynistr 20

Who can be quite underhanded and devious to get their own way...

Playing victim isn't really that crafty.

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