By wtf yourself, cunt - 17/09/2012 23:14 - Australia - Sydney

Today, at school, a guy walked up to me and said I look a little too young to be at high school. I told him that I'm sixteen years old. He stared at my chest for several long seconds, muttered "What the fuck?" and walked off. FML
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Eh, consider yourself lucky. Big boobs are a pain in the bu... back. Literally.

Eliseopwns 22

It's guys like this that make me sad to be male :c


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Zoh_Aubrey 8

Don't let him get you down. I bet his dick was the length and size of an erect ant.

Members of the itty-bitty-titty-comity are well loved. Your **** won't sag with age, and guys love that!

Don't worry op real men will like you for who you are, not because you have big or small ****

I've seen many girls with smaller boobs who look way better than girls with bigger ones. At the end of the day , boobs size doesn't matter.

I think you should love your body based on what you think, not some douchebag. Least you look youthful.

I don't know why that guy was so surprised. There are plenty of high schoolers who look like little kids nowadays

Marrach 7

Yeah, its true. Alot of guys focus on **** or ass. Really? We don't judge them by length so they should just deal with it. We aren't on Earth to save them. I'ma keep it like that..

Well, now that one's sorta true.. Lol :D

I prefer my lady have them back boobs. Why sit for two **** when you can have four?

WOOOSH right over your heads my comment went

I look like a 6th grader... I'm surprised that "Niner Friday" doesn't get me... One kid got drop-kicked in the face... But aside from that, I don't really care about tit size. I care about personality and how much a girl cares. I'm a real Romeo. :) ;) :D Douche bag haters can go **** their *****. Thank you, don't come again. Bastards and bitches be trippin' and faceplanting the cement. >:D

91, I think people understood your comment. My theory is that they just didn't like it.

What I wanna know is why was that guy so surprized?

From my understanding, while men may usually prefer larger breasts, they're really not very picky when it comes to size and are more concerned with how pretty a woman breasts are. I bet that most men would rather see a small pretty breast than a big ugly breast. I also think that men aren't overly concerned with breasts in general, but rather evaluate a woman's physical attractiveness on her overall figure and her face. It's also my understanding that many men prefer other attributes, such as buttocks, legs, and hips.

She might not even be small breasted; I'm 18 and a half, and just started growing in that area. She might just be a late bloomer. And even when I was completely flat chested, I had my boyfriend; he didn't mind that I didn't have boobs, and doesnt mind that they're developing. He says, "boobs are boobs".

132- Your comment makes me want to faceplant the cement.

... wait, wait, wait, Ants can erect themselves ? :P

StayClassyLassy 6

Exactly! Big, saggy boobs look like oversized cow utters.

132-last time I checked Romeo was easier to understand and follow when he talked than you...and that play nearly killed me...

Just when I thought the comments couldn't get any more ignorant, I stumbled upon 132...

Boob size doesn't matter. Period. He is just a douche.

I just want to say how happy I am that so many males feel so positively about small breasts and that they're being so supportive to this girl, who in all likely hood could probably have had this one comment completely destroy any self esteem she had! Way to go men!!

This is true. At the end of the day, all that matters is whether her cooter is looser than a Vegas slot machine.

minorcrisis 8

149- totally agree. Your comment made me laugh so hard.

irishpassion16 6

I'm 16 too and am flat as a board, but hey, I'm a runner so I use it to my advantage ;)

I meant surprized like he never seen an A-cup.

Eh, consider yourself lucky. Big boobs are a pain in the bu... back. Literally.

That's why I always let my boyfriend help me carry mine... He doesn't mind.

And the wallet! They always seem to be "busting" my bras, forcing me to buy new ones. Edit: I shall not apologize for my lame pun!

Lol, that comment got me to laugh really hard. Nice one.

Here here! Big boobs are such an inconvenience! Try finding clothes!

55- I know right! In grade 6 I was made fun of for having big boobs ...

HowAreYouToday 34

So was I, then I started shoving them in peeps' faces.

Inheritance 10

Idk if I'm the only guy or not, but I don't really judge girls by breast size. I mainly look at looks, personality, and well size. May sound dick for the last one but not everyone prefers nice husky ladies.

Big boobs are nice, to a point. They have to be proportional, same with butts. It's not as simple as "go big or go home".

I totally agree I am blessed but very much cursed with 30FF boobs but I'm also 5feet and 18years old.

I feel bad for my girl for having constant back pain. Not much can be done about it either.

114, She can actually get them reduced if it's that much of a problem.

#120 True but then again I don't think that's something she is willing to do.

flyninja17 1

Worst time ever: bikini season. Im too shy to wear one bc of my boobs!

I know, I was a D before I got pregnant, went up 3 sizes in pregnancy, and another while nursing my now month old son :( as if D isn't big enough. My husband likes them but shopping doesn't.

Clothes do not agree with big boobs. It makes it hard for me to bind my chest completely, too.

Always been partial to larger breasts. Big booties as well. I can understand though. Bigger = more of a pain, literally. Chin up. I like petite and small breasted as well. :-)

DeadxManxWalking 27

Big boobs are good to look at but to have a girlfriend I'd prefer a bit smaller

murphdarkly 13

Boobs are good in most sizes although I tend to most prefer B n Cs.

107-I feel your pain. I am 4'10" 105 lbs and wear a 28G I have considered a reduction many times but my husband says no because he likes them, little does he realized they are actually painful and annoying

Even if you do have small boobs, it really doesn't matter. I bet OP is a very nice girl, but that guy only likes whats on the outside.

123, it would help though. Don't you hate people who complain but won't do something to help? Sounds like that kind of situation.

And you are also blessed with amazing looks

And also blessed with very amazing looks :)

Eliseopwns 22

It's guys like this that make me sad to be male :c

I think how guys have those "the D" twitter pages, girls should make "the H" (the hand, as in being slapped) twitter pages. "If he says you need the D, give him the H." I'm a guy and that'd be hilarious.

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

Man, I hate the people that say YDI, you can't help how your born.

'Yeah--give him the H on the D!', right, 59?

81- No, that's not how it was intended. Unless you meant a dickpunch. But I don't think you did...

DevDev12 0

Somebody made a douchey comment and you're sad to be a male. You're a fag.

Reeserr 3

Why would you be sad to be a male? Are you going to turn into a tranny lmao

littlemsweirdo 12

Erm, ya call that "witty"? Sweet mama jesus.

And eloquent too. Articulate. Honey-tongued. Clearly not some creep on a power trip.

Commenting on people's body types, and associating their age with their body type, is incredibly low. Ugh.

Plus I think I can speak for most guys when I say that nice legs are more important than breast size anyway.

This is why I'm glad I'm done with high school! High school BOYS can be so rude! OP, I know it hurts, but you're still growing and that guy is an ass. Ignore it and smile, because Karma is coming for him! ;)

68 speaks the truth! In my own experience, I've learned that zz top was right. All about them legs.

PrincessesCrown 17

Haha I'm short, no boobs, no butt- least I have a pretty face(I hope).

OhDearBetrayal 25

I'm 4"11 so I guess I'll have to look for a guy who's got a legally-midget fetish.

Whoa... You're like... My height... Hhhmmmhhh... ;)

4'11 is not that short :( my boyfriend is around 5'10-5'11 and I'm 4'11 and everything works out fine. Many people actually think our height difference is cute :3

Driblets 8

Oh my god 143! Finally another Freshman I know that is faced with challenging the doom of being short haha. I'm only 5'1 and my buddies always joke around about my height. Maybe we will grow one day though, eh?

nonnieluv 9

I'm stuck at 5'1 and I have a rather large chest for my age. My friends make fun of both playfully.

Are you talking to me 155? If you are, then at least you're taller than me :) Personally, I don't mind if I don't grow up anymore; it only sucks when I can't see over a crowd of people. I have learned to embrace my shortness. Plus, the people at Disney World apparently like their Princess actresses to be from the height of 4'11-5'1 :) At least that's what I saw on their website a couple of years ago. At least we're the height of a princess :D

hopsinlove17 26

Oh! I just read the FML again. I originally read it as "too young to be high at school". Well, back to my hole.

I'd smack that loser. Don't listen to ppl like that OP everyones beautiful in their own way.

I'm pretty sure the guy didn't mean to say that she was ugly just that she's small ....

I'm pretty sure the guy didn't mean to say that she was ugly just that she's small ....

Sorry for the double comment on my iPod.

FML_14u2c 14

You're special. Just like everybody else. :-P

murphdarkly 13

Is keastwood your stalker Supbabes?

Lol @ 200 i couldn't tell u never seen him comment before! Lmao

mrz1177 11

Perforate his esophagus. Extract his spleen. Eviscerate him. Any of the above would be an acceptable form of retaliation. Go get em OP.