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Today, while shopping, I saw a little girl and her mom. The girl was pouting so I tried to cheer her up by asking her if she was a princess, because she was so pretty. She smiled but her mom looked at me with disgust and told me to, "Get lost, pedo." I'm a 17-year-old girl. FML
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  doctorhook86  |  24

Since about the 1980s, sensationalist media has made North Americans afraid of sexual predators around every corner, which has resulted in some ridiculous situations. For example, there is a strong tendency now for people to assume that any man who works or spends time with children is either gay (for doing something womanly like childcare), or a pedophile, or both--this is ridiculous!

Attitudes like the OP encountered are exactly the problem. In this case, fear was so strong that this idiot mom thought that the OP--herself a young girl--was a sexual predator!

Stand up against fear, people.

  FarSide  |  22

@5: Can you GUARANTEE that there are NONE? Not everyone is a pedophile, but pedophiles exist in every occupation, and every parental role. Have an unhealthy fear? No, but always be vigilant.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

There isn't even a nice way out of those situations.

But I love kids...
She's so pretty, it was a compliment to both of you..
I just wanted to cheer her up..

All things moms take offense to. That was nice of you though! (:

  Aug1508  |  9

Yea some people are completely paranoid and dirty minded. Now a days you can't compliment people without them thinking you are trying to hit on them, you like them, or you're being a complete pervert. At least OP tried.

By  Voldy_fml  |  16

Wow, how disrespectful of the mum to talk to you that way. Even if you were a male, that's still no way to talk. She should've just smiled and kept her thoughts to herself.

  alshygirl  |  14

She didn't say that but a mother is going to be more protective over her young daughter when a man is trying to comfort her than if a woman did. My guess would be that OP is a male judging by the mom's response, but that doesn't make it right

  Voldy_fml  |  16

25 - Not at all! What I meant was /even/ if OPs a male (which they isn't, by the way.) the mother shouldn't talk to them that way, whatever gender. They meant no harm, but I guess the mother was kinda over a rude way. And since when was asking someone "Are you a princess?" wrong? It doesn't sound wrong to me, I think it's sweet they're complimenting her out of nowhere. At least I think the child felt happy.


#37 exactly! One day I wanted to give a friend and extra boost of happiness, and said, " Are you Cinderella? ... Because you look like a princes... " and also, " Are you Belle? Because you sure are a beauty ;) " it made her laugh(: hehe.
HAHA, you know what would be funny? If OP said to the little girl, " Are you beauty? *glares at mother* because your mother is a beast."
Oh gosh. >:D

  Prodigy7  |  4

31, 28 wrote that their guess WOULD BE that OP is male JUDGING FROM THE MOM'S RESPONSE. That is if OP did not mention otherwise, that would be 25s guess from the mother's reaction. Obviously no one could misinterpret the last sentence. Maybe you should learn how to read... and use your brain while you're at it.

  alshygirl  |  14

Whoops! I read the comment and thought "oh this must be one of those FMLs that doesn't have a gender." I should have looked first. Sorry!

By  Elegance  |  7

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  ALpein  |  0

No, princess is usually a term of endearment in such a situation to make children (usually girls) feel better about themselves and know that they're loved.

By  Kiki242  |  19

There have been cases of females preying on children but she is a bit paranoid. Then again when you have family members preying on your kids you never know.