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Today, I came home to visit my family after a year at college. Expecting to impress them, I proudly informed them that I now speak fluent Swedish. Imagine my surprise when my mother said, "That's a useless language" and everyone agreed. FML
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azcardinals1307 2

well, it does depend on the location, but that's pretty harsh of them.


azcardinals1307 2

well, it does depend on the location, but that's pretty harsh of them.

Start cussing at them in Swedish, and tell them you'll kill them in their sleep in Swedish. It'll make em want to learn when they wake up with you watching them, with your head turned, and a smile on your face.

The fact that you learnt one language in a year shows how smart you are! Picking up another language will be easier now. Well done.

Useless? He can talk with the swedish girls now!

leadman1989 15

Yes, learnt, and spelt, are both accurate terms as well as learned and spelled. When in doubt google.

YourEvilHero 12

I'd rather learn something more common like spanish or Indian so I know what they're saying at 7-11

lilmisslovely13 15

It would be better if you're family was swedish :)

Vasin_fml 15

I believe you're thinking of Arabic.

No, 169, they don't speak Arabic in India, maybe some Muslims can read the Holy Quran in Arabic but that's basically it. There are many Languages in India and many speak English. Arabic is only officially spoken in the Middle East.

Arabic? How geographically challenged are you?!

Vasin_fml 15

I wasn't talking about people from India, someone was trying to name the language used by people from 7-11. So Arabic is right, at least where I live.

TKmax 5

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22cute 17

It's very useful in Sweeden. And that's a fabulous place to live.

aeshleyrose 6

#2 I got $50 on the presumption that you only speak one language.

It's not useless, you can say anything you want around your family and they'll never know the difference. Ex: Calling your mother a bitch but telling her you said she was awesome.

TKmax 5

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Too bad for you 95 she probably won't send you it anyway. Besides, on the internet I know all languages because I can use translators. It's not that impressive online TBH.

aeshleyrose 6

#'s 2 & 95 - Really? Name them.

Hahaha, 110 - you've got to love Google translate... "Oh no you didn't" would be "Åh nej, det gjorde du inte!" in Swedish ^^

Hahaha ^^ Probably! Det är bra att vi är här för att hjälpa till med vårt "useless language" ;)

Hahaha ja eksakt.. :D det är så roligt när ingen kan förstå oss :P

Though you clearly struggle with English.

No it's not useless, cos now you can buy something from IKEA, and hand them the instructions and say is it a useless language now?

Midrash 5

She lives in Canada, so yea, it's a pretty useless language to learn.

hebron77 0

If he happens to meet a Swedish person that doesn't know English, bam, he's all set. What language do want him to learn, Spanish? Swedish really isn't so useless in Canada.

It's not useless but I would assume they'd have been more impressed with some form of Chinese or an Islamic language because if you were a buisnessman/woman the oppurtunities for over seas sale are immense. Then again your family could just be ignorant.

87 - 89% of the Swedish population is, more or less, fluent in English.

enonymous 8

Interesting you put up the Vikings picture right after a post of Scandinavia... Well played SoTY... Well played... Just not at the QB position

:D I think he will play alright, and if the stars (and I mean every star) aligns something good could come out of it. Meh, I'm born and raised a Vikings fan. I'll be wearing purple all my life.

enonymous 8

You're about 40 years late on the greatness of the Vikings... At least you had 1998 before a miss field goal and 2009 before Chilly ruined it

I'll never get over 2009. It's not the loss, it's the reasons they lost. Yah, at least I got to watch the Packers win another ring. That's always fun. Wish I could've seen Tarkenton play though.

Op totally learned to wrong Scandinavian language... GO NORWEGIAN!!!!

Well, seriously... If you are fluent in Swedish, it's only just a small step to Norwegian. At least the reading will be totally painless.

I am from Norway but speak fluent in Svenska and Suomi. Very fun languages, much like each other! Selvfølgelig snakke jeg Norsk...

alstbv12 13
kickazz16 15

Speak to her only In Swedish! And buy some Swedish fish :)

enonymous 8

Finally someone who can read my ikea instructions. Here's the ****** up Allen wrench now put my whole dinning and living room set together