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How do you not notice a whole damn bus?

People are so dependent on technology, that they miss life right in front of them


check me out on your phone ;)

1 This isn't E Harmony and if it was there would be allot more pedophiles on here.

It's ok.. Lets assume you are deaf ? Or had headphones really loud?

Hey OP, do you also watch the stars on your computer screen? Text your girl/boyfriend when you're next to them? Or tweet about a roller coaster ride while you're on it???

Or maybe they're in a heated bus shelter and several buses go by that stop. This is why I almost missed my bus today. And maybe I was playing a game on my iPod. Oops.

I don't like posts like this, makes people like me who use technology alot look bad

You missed the bus? That was so 39 seconds ago

And that's how life works

Maybe it was a super silent ninja bus. :)

Now I'm imagining the bus being fully black and having a super sized red headband around it with ninja star rims. I wish monster garage would make that.

Maybe the bus was fast too because the OP didn't notice until it was too late.

It was the night bus and op is a muggle

More like a West Coast Customs job.

No, it was just somebody so dependent on technology that they forgot how to use their eyes and ears.

With super silent ninja people

How do you not notice a whole damn bus?

Yea I could understand missing half a bus, or even 3/4 of a bus. But this was the WHOLE bus!

Hahahahahaha! Tht made my day! Thanks!

People are so dependent on technology, that they miss life right in front of them

Chill, they missed a BUS, not life.

Honey if you miss something as big as a bus in front of you, then you have a problem.

Story of my life

... And they said the quiet environmentally friendly buses were good for everyone... Well, I guess not.

Ya I know right??!?! And the crap they're feeding these busses too!!! Corn based bio fuel??? Forget smog!!! These busses is farting everywhere!!! OP if you couldn't hear that bus farting like a fat school boy on burrito day, then you must be deaf!!!

You had to be blind, deaf, and dumb -_-

Helen keller lol

At least he plays a mean pinball.

This thread. Can't decide if it's win or fail, but then again I'm half retarded, so I'm leaning towards win! And the edge of my booster chair...

The pinball wizard!!

#14 but hellen kellar wasnt dumb

ComBUStable engines in vehicles are pretty loud, so you must've been very BUSy with your technology.

*bada dum tsssh* *cricket, cricket*

BOOOOO!!!!! *throws tomato* Even my horrible jokes make you laugh! Not at the jokes themselves, but that's a different matter.

too much caffeine? concentration too great

Maybe the bus didn't want you on it anyways.