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Today, while house sitting for my mother and stepfather, their elderly dog passed away. They live in such a remote location, the closest open vet office is a 2 hour drive, and the local one opens in 10 hours. FML
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If the dogs already dead there’s no point in bringing it to a vet.


A lot of vets provide cremation services for animals that have died. It's easier and potentially safer than burying the body in your back yard.

If they live 2 hours away from the nearest town, then burying it by a tree would be perfectly safe and much better for the environment than cremation.

How is it “safer”? Are you worried about the dog zombie apocalypse? Pretty sure coyotes, groundhogs, deer and other dead wildlife don’t bother with cremation.

I was thinking in terms of keeping potential predators and scavengers away since this implies they live in a rural area. A lot of people don't bury their pets deep enough. Granted, I should have said "potentially safer" rather than just "safer" (or just left that out entirely). Should've explained better, I apologize.

Oh, ok. I thought you meant 'safer' from a sanitation/hygiene standpoint.

If the dogs already dead there’s no point in bringing it to a vet.

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What does the vet have to do with anything. 1. Get shovel 2. Go out back 3. Get to digging

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Sounds like you need a shovel, not a vet.

I would suggest burying it. If you are worried about predators digging it up, place some rocks on top of the body before covering it with dirt. Oh, and bury it deep, at least 3 feet or so. maybe under a nice tree? And be quick about it, you really don't want to have to handle a rotting corpse..

I’ve put deceased pets in the freezer—or put it outside if you are in a colder climate..

Same here. My last cat died during the month of February and the ground at our usual pet-burying spot was frozen (because mid-winter). I kept her in a box in the freezer until everything thawed out enough to bury her properly.

Hi OP. Sorry for yours and your parents/Step parents loss.

It's not like it's going to completely decompose over the course of ten hours. The wait will be fine. Also, sorry to your parents for their loss.

Seriously? Initial decomp is bad. A dog is going to stink in ten hours. You won't want to be carrying it around either.

Rigor mortis would take 3-6 of those hours alone. Not nearly enough time left after that for the bacteria to still break through the intestinal wall.

Burying the dog yourself would be much better than what the vet does with it. Trust me....

A vet won't help him... How long till folks come back? Bury him in the backyard.