Feet issues

By fet - 23/08/2012 14:30 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I had to shave my feet in order to wear ballet flats. I'm not a hobbit. FML
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starman02 12

That sucks OP but at least it is only hair! Go get some wax sheets and wax both feet. That way you will not have to worry about it for a little bit!

But how would anyone's hair be that problematic on their feet?

Everyone has hair on the tops of their feet. Some hair is just darker than others. In the winter, I shave them once in a while because my hair gets darker. It takes literally like a second. This doesn't seem like much of an FML, just an inconvenience.

kirbeaar 19

Agreed, you should wax them. Shaving it will only make it worse.

63 - "literally like??" You keep using that word..

Hair removal using electrolysis: costly, yet satisfying.

devandanae 11

Laser hair removal is not very effective. The hair can and will grow back, and it is a myth that the hair will grow back worse. The hair simply becomes more coarse.

113, electrolysis isn't laser hair removal, it uses electricity (surprise, surprise) and it's the only known permanent solution.

I don't believe he ever said electrolysis didn't work...he said laser didn't work.

At least you don't have to walk to Mordor.

Its black gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is an evil there that does sleep and the great eye is ever watchful. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.

Psh yeah.. Not like we could just FLY to Mordor or anything.. That'd be ridiculous!

iFizzgig 11

You have my sword. And you have my bow. And my axe! *insert epic music*

Why didn't they just ride the eagles into mordor. It would've been hella easier and would have saved us a couple of hours.

They couldn't simply ride eagles to mordor because of the Nazgul (the big things with the people in black on them). How the hell are they supposed to outfly 9 Nazgul? The ring would not have been destroyed and SAURON WOULD RULE! That is why they didn't ride the eagles. Also, why would you want the movies/books to be any shorter? They are full of pure awesomeness.

Are you sure you're not a Hobbit? Feet that hairy are not natural.

MolesterStallone 13

There is one disease where it causes one to grow hair everywhere but the palms of their hands and bottom of the feet.

Aug1508 9

Yea well OP can wax her feet. Because when you shave hair grows back thicker. Eek

26 if that's true then my legs would look like Bigfoot after a few days without shaving.

People grow hair on their feet, toes, hands and parts if their fingers. To say that it is not natural for people to grow hair there is ignorant. On another note, not being a hobbit goes without saying. We all knew you weren't and therefore that last part of the fml was not necessary. Sorry.

Perhaps she is half hobbit and does not know the true identity to her father.

tifani322 13

It's actually not uncommon for a girl to shave her feet/toe(s)

It's actually not true that hair grows back thicker after you shave. I read that it just appears thicker because of the angle it's cut when you shave.

Then explain how my beard has been getting progressively thicker over the past 6 years of my shaving life.

Well, 60, it's part of a thing called growing up and maturing. Shame your brain didn't keep up with your hair follicles.

kirbeaar 19

56 - It does get thicker. I once shaved my stomach when I was younger and the hair is much thicker and darker than it used to be.

Only people who disagree have either never shaved or has blonde hair.

The main reason the hair appears darker after shaving it is the fact that the hair grows back un-tapered, and is therefore thicker all along and therefore appears darker. The other reason is that repeated shaving can cause damage similar to split ends, which makes it appear like there's more hair there. Not sure if that's exclusive to shaving or not. If you wax (or related removing from the root methods) then it'll grow back tapered and is therefore more likely to grow back similar to it's original form, and therefore look the same/similar.

Fluffy801 2


4- did you forget your meds today, hon? It sure looks like it :)

Really, this is the best comment I've seen yet. Keep up the work. //Sarcasm, for the slower ones.

Hobbits are cool, you should feel honored. All the more so if your last name is Baggins.

One does not simply walk into Mordor, but I guess you can dance.

As soon as I read that I just imagined Sam and Frodo break-dancing into Mordor. Which is one of the funniest mental images I've had.

Ballet flats and ballet shoes are two different things. :3

Lil_Mac1213 2

Don't shave them, get it waxed! It'll grow back slower.

9- ...do you know this from experience?

Why are you two so ignorant? Most people shave or wax, she is talking about the whole body. Most body hair, not including the hair on the head, seem to grow quite quickly. Waxing removes the root of the hair whereas shaving just cuts the hair very short. It's common sense, don't pick on this girl because you are ignorant.

One does not simply walk into ballet shoes

I does not simply think up their own jokes

Oops I meant one...kinda ruined my comment :(