By Rita - 10/12/2008 04:58 - France

Today, on the bus, a young high school boy sat down next to me and started to chat me up. I thought it was cute until he asked me which high school I was attending. I'm 27, I'm married, I have a child. FML
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you should definitely take that as a compliment...this should be a FLOP FML


perfect! it's not like your husband would believe a 17 year old saying he banged you. go for it!

This is not a FML, retard. If you are 27, and some random guy thinks you look 10 years younger, then that's good. Omg I thought women like you would ble glad... geez. It means you are smexy! YDI for not being in the kitchen, making me a sammich.

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how is this an FML? FHL for hitting on an older lady. for you, it's a major compliment! I just don't understand people

WTF that's a total compliment for u! u just posted this to get comments saying "oh u must be beautiful" and that shit but rlly ur just an attention seeking crap!!!

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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!??!?!?! o.O

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Go bang him your husband won't know ;)...

I hate when good looking women always brag about high schoolers trying to pick them up. Also, your husband probably enjoys banging you looking 19 than looking 27. Also, how is it an FML? " A teen flirted with me and thought I looked young an beautiful. FML."

you should definitely take that as a compliment...this should be a FLOP FML

That's totally not a compliment. You do so much changing between 17 an' 27. It would be flattering if she was 37 an' he thought she was 27. But 17 is too young for it to be a compliment. It's kind of like, 17 years old don't wanna be told they look 12. Similar thing. Too much changing goes one between those ages.

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And you dislike young compliments between 17 - 27 WHY?... Honestly no one cares.

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that makes no sence yeah it kinda is a complement girls always try to look younger she should be flattered that someone still thinks that she looks like shes only 17 after going through pregnancy

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I'm 18 and I get told I look like I'm 14-15 all the time. I honestly don't care, I'm going to look young when I'm old :P

As long as you don't smoke. Otherwise you is wrinkle quicker.

82- that makes no sense. Whatsoever. People want to look younger especially women. the fact she looks ten years is actually a very good thing. keep your hateful, stupid and nonsensical comments somewhere else. OP you must be a very flattering person to look so young.

Yeah, after 25 I'd definitely take anyone's comment that I look younger as a compliment (well, as long as they don't say I look 12..).

I'd take that as a compliment if I were you.

as other have said. you should see it as a compliment. If I was you I would laughed it off and said thank you

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Oh #5, you are so gosh darn logical.

So, let me get this straight. Women always want to be said that they look younger than what they really are. However, when young males take women to be their age rather than older than themselves, you take it as an insult? I REALLY don't understand women now.

Neither do I. I'm a girl. I don't care how old people think I look, but if someone thought I was younger than I am, I'd take that as a compliment. Then a few of my friends get told they look younger, and they suddenly freak out. What's up with that?

When you look like a kid, you get treated differently. Not all women want to be mistaken for someone drastically younger; the same goes for men. Most adults make negative assumptions about teens, and that can cause trouble.