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Today, I took my daughter to a pony ride at the fair. I paid to have her picture taken, and when we got home, I emailed it to my mom. She replied, disgustedly pointing out that the pretty little pony was displaying a pretty little penis. FML
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  borkchop1992  |  15

For fucks sake why is this fml wothy ponies have dicks, horses have dicks, rinos have dicks so i don't understand why something like this is such a problem is it an american thing or what?

  coolbrony12  |  3

No just no. For one, bronies are all grossed out by that for one, and two, brony porn would be naked bronies or porn of the characters. You sir have a sick mind.

  pokefan813  |  16

71 - there is no such thing as a &quot;normal person&quot; people come in all shapes, colors, sizes, likes, dislikes, ect. There really is no definition for a normal person.

P.s. I'm not a brony.

  Brattyninja  |  7

Does she not know that she has a granddaughter either? I mean, come on the whole reason the mom sent it was because of the kid, she knew the kid was there. I'm pretty sure she didn't expect the pony penis.

  spaboolly  |  26

Thank you. I came in here to make sure at least one person had some sense. I don't see a problem here. Male animals have penises. They don't control how visible they are at any given time. It's not as if the horse was turned on by the girl, and even if it somehow was, it's not like it knew what was going on.

  outoftown  |  26

Grandma expected the pretty pony to keep his pretty little pony penis in his pretty pony pants.

Grandma may be disturbed.
(But this will make a hilarious grandma story when your daughter grows up!)

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Boo-hoo. A male animal with a penis. I'm pretty sure that's a common thing. Animals don't wear pants to hide it. Just look at dogs for example. Those things jump all over people and people cuddle with them. It's a penis to, yet no one cares. What's the difference if it's a horse.

By  fmessiah  |  17

All male animals should be castrated before working at carnivals? Maybe a nappy or some form of underwear should be used? People are disgusted by the silliest things these days.

By  FaygoAndMiracles  |  18

Err... don't most male ponies have, you know, penises? I'm not seeing what the FML is here. That magic couldn't exist to make it invisible in the photo? That the Grandma pointed it out? I'm confused.