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  MDTeddy  |  13

Zooey Deschanel has nudes. Scarlet Johansson has nudes. Katy Perry has nudes. Ashley Tisdale has a shot of her boobs or one of them. Miley Cyrus has a distant photo of her boobs showing while on a horse, but it is too low a quality that it shouldn't be mentioned. She has a side boob shot and a cameltoe shot. She even has a shot of her hard nipple showing through a shirt. Google ftw? Watch out for fake links though.

  beccaishereyay  |  11

I'm curious as to why you are oblivious to the fact that, no matter what age, most boys want to see naked women. It's not unusual for a young boy to be curious about naked pictures.

  lovelyspyder  |  7

If her son is over 16, he shouldn't be wanting to see a teenaged pop star naked. Period. Can't wait till u have kids, then maybe you'll grow a brain about this shit.

  0RedPenguin0  |  8

Why do you think boys over the age of 16 wouldn't want to look at nudes of pop stars? Even if they are teenagers, it's not like Miley Cyrus was any younger than that when she did the show. Not much will keep a teenager from looking at any nudes, anyway. This one was just stupid.

  Tuffay  |  14

I am afraid the Internet is ruining adolescent experimenting... Doesn't anybody spend their free time finger banging the neighbor girl anymore, or is it strictly jacking off to digital nudity?

  IscoreOnU  |  19

57- lmfao If only it were still those times. It's different times. Not to mention dreaded friend zones and over cautious girls worried about being labeled "whores" for something everyone wants to, does, or will do. It's retarded.

  Feared  |  9

I find this funny, but just in case people can't sense the sarcasm, do NOT delete System 32. That's like pulling the plug on your computer... Permanently.

  TurquoiseJesus  |  15

On a seriously note, I think deleting system 32 would actually help the situation. Assuming he doesn't have a smart phone, it is considerably harder to look up porn if you don't have a working computer to use.

By  kiwienne  |  21

Let's hope he uses incognito (or something similar) so you'll be spared from all of the terrible things he gets curious about! I bet it isn't going to be naked ladies only...

  drewcat21  |  0

Best of both worlds was the theme song for the Hannah Montana tv show. Meaning she lived Miley Cyrus' regular life and Hannah Montana's celeb life. Sad I know this I know but I have younger siblings and well fml these stupid shows were always playing.

  JAB2010  |  1

Oh, unfortunately I already knew that too, 53 lol I was just wondering why that joke made sense in this context, other than just using the name of the show :)

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I'm pretty sure naked women pictures sketches whatever, have been around for more then 100 years. The Internet just makes it easier to find them.maybe not for OPs son. But for most people they are easy to find.