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Today, at my cousin's birthday party, my grandma took me to one side, slipped me a pad, and started ranting that tampons "steal your virginity" and that I should never use them. Well, okay then. FML
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CheeseTron 15

Well just don't eat one and put it on Youtube.

And the funny thing is, she has a boyfriend, while a billion of us perfectly normal girls don't. Let that sink in for a little bit


CheeseTron 15

Well just don't eat one and put it on Youtube.

Jessj958 19

Guess I'm out of the loop. Do I even want to know?

Not if you enjoyed your lunch today and would like it to stay in your stomach.

Jessj958 19

Lol thanks. It's amazing what people post on You Tube.

TheRandomIndian 17

It's amazing what people will do for attention

A girl took out a tampon and sucked that sucker dry...******* DRY.*eyes burn and explode*

And the funny thing is, she has a boyfriend, while a billion of us perfectly normal girls don't. Let that sink in for a little bit

I showed someone that video earlier, but I didn't tell him what it was till after she put it in her mouth the first time.. The look on his face was priceless.. 48 Is he mental!

48 is it the guy who ate his own shit? they make a perfect couple.

While I don't know why someone would suck a tampon dry for attention, at least it was her own tampon? That's still pretty gnarly, but at least it wasn't a random person's tampon. I think I'd be a lot more okay having my own menstrual blood in my mouth than someone else's (though it's pretty a pretty gross thought). Still less gross than 2girls1cup.

I feel your pain #48, the world works in wonderful ways dosent it?

I think it actually is the guy who ate his own shit.. made for each other.

This thread has made me thankful for my strong stomach.. Didn't even gag one time... Eating Doritos and I returned..

After that, some kid makes a video of him eating his own turd. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

v1kt4r 13

Honey Boo Boo's mom has a boyfriend.. LET that sink in for a bit

70- I'd imagine he's thankful for him, too.

lilmisslovely13 15

There's another girl who had sex with her dog and filmed it. It's all "oh yeah, oh yeah... STAY!"

Believe me, the internet has much worse ><

oj101 33

And be sure not to wear white - only red & black clothes. Bloody hell, it must be rather awkward for her.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Looks like grandma still thinks that a hymen is an accurate representation for virginity. Better not join sports then. Hell, just sit around all day. Wouldn't want your future prude of a husband to walk out and announce the marriage as invalid on your honeymoon.

oj101 33

Very true #34. Someone loses their virginity when they first had sex with someone- it's a conceptual idea, not an arbitrary process that requires physical evidence.

7yzz 18

Ahhhh Gran's a loose old girl ;)

34, or ride a bike, ride horses... Oh that hyman gets me every time!

SerenaSerenadex3 13

My aunt says I should take my own like she did so no one else could ever "have that power over you". o-o

45 - And yet, it's still going to hurt like a bitch both times.

#45 your grandma is crazy, you can't take your own virginity.

7yzz 18

1., it was her Aunt. 2., No sh*t!

And let the Giovanni Plowman jokes begin.

insertnameherr 11

I don't think she's up to speed with today's normal.

I can't even get a tampon to fit in... It's going to hurt like hell when I actually lose my virginity. :(

Well, there are smaller tampons. And penises aswell.

MNBOY16 15
Suaria 38

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MNBOY16 15

Wow am I the only one that feels awkward???

I can't tell if 21 is being sarcastic, or if they are completely serious and just not too bright...

allforyoux3 25

21, is that the excuse your grandma gave you to keep you from using them? Because you are very misinformed. 27, I really do hope she is being sarcastic...

Trix_Disorder 20

Just you, 24. I personally live for reading about a stranger's vaginal tightness and apprehension of sex on the comment section of FML.

I thought the same thing 6. Vaginas are made to be really stretchy. If a baby can fit through a ******, you can get a tampon in lol.

SApprentice 34

21- That's just horrifying. Inappropriate. 6- It's okay. It is hard in the beginning. It's harder too when you start really young, because it really is more difficult to get them in, especially until you can figure out the slope and all of that. They make these smaller tampons now for preteens and such, so maybe you could have an easier time with that. If it makes you feel better, after struggling with it for a year in 6th grade, I had a break down, ran out crying into the yard and climbed a tree. Getting me down was quite awkward for my father.

21 your post was put on the dictionary for the definition of awkward..

strawberrywine22 30

#6, you've got nothing to worry about :) I've had to use pads for years. I put in a tampon once when i was 15 and couldn't walk without excruciating pain. I lost my virginity at 22 to my husband, and a 2 second pinch was the extent of my pain. I still can't use tampons. Not being able to use them doesn't necessarily mean that losing your virginity will be painful :)

WrongRomance 11

You may want to see a gynecologist about it. If it hurts very much every time you try to use one, and you are inserting it correctly, there could be something wrong. That's how I figured it out.

I'd just like to say I'm now slightly disturbed noor. I really didn't need to read that and will infect never unsee that post.

21 - Please say you're joking. You can't be serious.

Wtf 21, did you not take sex ed? because I'm pretty sure your teacher didn't say: " ok class, if you wanna use a tampon you need to get sexually aroused first. Circle your ******* ******** until your ****** opens ". nonono

Pregnancy specifically leads to the dilation of the walls so you cannot possibly compare that. She is probably just young and may be doing it wrong.

As long as you don't ram it up there, you should be okay. And don't use tampons with the diameter of a banana.

Tampons cannot take your virginity...

Suaria 38

Tampons can take your virginity. It can pop your hymen or in other words, pop your cherry. If you are talking in the literal sense, then no tampons cannot take your virginity.

Hymens can tear, they don't really "pop". And a torn hymen is not the same as losing your virginity, nor is an unbroken hymen a sign of virginity. You can tear your hymen in plenty of ways (physical activity, masturbation, tampons) and you would still be a virgin. Some women's hymens are so loose that it doesn't tear the first time they have intercourse. And there's surgery to repair hymens. So yeah, hymen=/=virginity. At all.

At least it wasn't one of her Depends.

Smartdumbblonde 27

Tampons don't take your virginity, maybe you should let her know that is like a myth

I find that your comment and the location of "like" in your sentence reflect your username well ;)

Smartdumbblonde 27

Where in the FML does it talk about ops dad?

58- I almost feel as though he is referring to the D.A.D.D. dad from a few FMLs ago.

Did she in the same breath insist that the earth is flat and that the sun is in orbit around the earth?..