Words are hard

By Anonymous - 27/01/2013 18:50 - United States - Temperance

Today, I had to slowly explain to my son that an "analogy" is a literary device, not a genre of porn. FML
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How old was your son that he didn't know what an analogy was, but he watches ****?

mpj13 8

Sounds like a pain in the ass


How old was your son that he didn't know what an analogy was, but he watches ****?

18 is a bit old to not know that try 14-15?

18 too old to know what an analogy is? either you aren't familiar with today's american youth, or you're weirdly optimistic!

If he watched ****, he would know that it isn't a genre because it doesn't appear on **** sites.

As a 14 year old i know teens can be f*cking retarded my estimate is between 14-17

Thanks, 44. We all really care that you're a 14 year old.

7yzz 18

Haha are you serious? You didnt watch **** till you were 18??? Were you homeschooled??

then000bster 16

@49 Really? You are now mocked at for not watching ****? And even then the standard is watching it before you are 18? Hmmm, If I am correct you have to be at least 18 to watch "mature content".... And so what if they were homeschooled. I bet they learned the word analogy before 5th grade. Now this is a true "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"

Pyro_Wolf 17
7yzz 18

Because its a normal part of natural discovery, which most people get shown by one of their friends. If someone has not seen it by 18, people will assume they've been hidden from the world, or they have no friends..

#59 you watched **** with your friends? I guess there's nothing like a bunch of boys all getting a stiffy, right? Oh! Oh! Did you have a jacking circle?

7yzz 18

Little boys share around their **** stashes lol, nothing new.

mpj13 8

Sounds like a pain in the ass

7yzz 18

Pretty sure I majored in the study of Analogy.

I was gonna make an anal joke, butt **** it.

I've got to hand it to you guys, these puns are clever shit.

Hey, literature can be pretty hot. I mean, who doesn't get turned on by Shakespeare?

ncsteven10101010 11

Lady Macbeth had it going on!

coolboy675 16

27- was she all you wanted and what you've been waiting for so long too?

lilmisslovely13 15

Richard III is a hunk. I mean who doesnt get turned on by a cripple with a hump?

hunteryager 18

27 a woman who can get a boner?????

hunteryager 18
CheeseTron 15

Hey, its deceptive word. Give him a break.

No, #16, you were wrong. That was dumb.

I find it funny that so many people are unhappy with me disagreeing with myself. Though, admittedly, I was right the first time.... Sorry if I'm giving anyone whiplash!

...why would you disagree with yourself by sort of pretending to be someone else but still using the same account? Why not say 'oops, sorry, I was wrong'? What you did was kinda retarded, especially if you thought you were right the first time. I'm having a hard time getting my head round your motive for posting these comments.

Because I was not pretending to be someone else and I was very tired, so I did believe I was wrong. I just didn't feel like being boring about correcting myself. Only after I got some sleep did I realize I was, in fact, right the first time. So, that was my "motive." To take over the world.

Now I can never are that word the same way.

It seems your inner pirate has gotten ahold of you.

I meant to type *see. I must have typed something like aee and it autocorrect'd to are.

It autocorrected autocorrected to autocorrect'd

I laughed at your comment more then I should have, #34

SeepingSarcasm 7

So did I #58, so did I! But #34, thanks for that comment, you really aarrrgghh good!

insertnameherr 11

That kid should take an English class instead of an anatomy class.

Imhere4fml 24

Did your son say "then what have I been watching?"

laya_fml 26

Did you use an analogy to explain it to him?

oj101 33

Appeal to him through the mnemonic method. Teach him to remember that an analogy is a literary device closely related to ****. He's sure to remember, and his teacher will definitely be impressed.

maybe you should try the back door approach