By fucking teen cunts - 27/01/2013 21:59 - Australia - Chatswood

Today, I was on a ladder at work, fetching some stock from one of the storage shelves. Some teenage kid thought it would be fucking hilarious to grab the ladder and violently shake it. He hadn't bet on me being startled enough to fall off and fracture my elbow on the floor. FML
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CheeseTron 15

hopefully you can make him liable for your injury


hopefully you can make him liable for your injury

I do hope so, too. But I'm not sure whether the lawyer fee or the medical bill will cost OP more...

44- many lawyers only get paid if you win. To cover their costs when they don't win, they cut out a big chunk of the damages payments (when you win, obviously) as lawyerly fees. So OP wouldn't have to pay them, but would profit significantly less.

Yeah, you can press criminal charges against someone for that.

Technically not battery because three kid didn't actually touch Op, sadly the best that could probably be is negligence

It is battery because he "applied immediate and unlawful bodily force". The force may not have been bodily but OP was standing on a ladder at the time which may be considered an extension of oneself just like clothes are.

would it not also come under work place insurance?

CheeseTron 15

Amen.. also, wait until it heals up. Then fracture it again.

RpiesSPIES 27

42-Only twice? For something that OP's neck could've been broken of they landed wrong?

Ouch? I thought it was a relatively pleasant experience for OP.

CantusVulpis 12

Well what the hell, did he expect you not to fall? Ugh, that sucks, I hope it feels better soon.

Ya, shame he hasn't developed his frontal lobe yet...

insertnameherr 11

Well, what did he expect to happen? You're on a ladder, and he basically throws you off of it. Beat his ass, OP. Beat it up real nice.

Why didn't OP do an elbow drop? You had the height man! It would have turned his skull into a bowl for his brain tapioca pudding.

I feel slightly ashamed to be a teenager right now. He gives us a bad name. Hope you're better soon OP.

Report his ass to security, get them banned from the store.

As much as I agree with you, your picture creeps me out too much to really do anything.

Banned from the store? No. That's too lenient.

You should've fallen on him. He would have deserved it, the jerk. I wish you well, OP.