By fucking teen cunts - Australia - Chatswood
Today, I was on a ladder at work, fetching some stock from one of the storage shelves. Some teenage kid thought it would be fucking hilarious to grab the ladder and violently shake it. He hadn't bet on me being startled enough to fall off and fracture my elbow on the floor. FML
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  gc327072  |  29

44- many lawyers only get paid if you win. To cover their costs when they don't win, they cut out a big chunk of the damages payments (when you win, obviously) as lawyerly fees. So OP wouldn't have to pay them, but would profit significantly less.

  wallandpiece  |  16

It is battery because he "applied immediate and unlawful bodily force". The force may not have been bodily but OP was standing on a ladder at the time which may be considered an extension of oneself just like clothes are.