By tamponmayhem - 09/03/2009 19:30 - Canada

Today, my mother and I went to Wal-Mart to buy pads. I suggested I get tampons instead, so that I can go swimming at my boyfriend's cottage. My mother then goes to the nearest store employee and asks, "excuse me, if my daughter uses a tampon, does that mean she is no longer a virgin?" FML
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No kidding - If i we're that employee i wouldn't know to laugh or know weather or not she was serious


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agreed... don't feel bad op, my mom asked her preachers wife, among other various ppl... I feel ur pain:(

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actually, victorioustunnel, i think you're the idiot here. there are two "places" down there: one is the urethra, which leads to the bladder; and the other is the ******. and since neither penis nor tampon goes up the urethra, they obviously do go in the same place. do your research (or maybe just attend health class) before you make offhanded know-it-all comments. (not that using a tampon constitutes the loss of virginiy.)

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agreed! they go in the same place. if you're sticking anything up your urethra, you're going to be in flat out pain. however, that being said, tampons and penises do not feel similar. if you put a tampon in correctly, you cannot feel it. you can definitely feel a penis.....

I hate that stupid myth!!!! The first time I used one I got called a **** around school for a month cuz ppl thought I wasn't a virgin.... I was 12 and hadn't even kissed a boy yet

I want to know what the employee said

your mom is too naive. you should tell her you haven't been a virgin since you were 9. fight the power

dude your a ******* idiot. all your comments are just plain out stupid

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why would you say something creepy like that? you look and sound like a pedophile.

and she thinks the store employee would definitely have the right answer?

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I'm having a hard time believing this story.

That sounds like something a sheltered preteen would ask, not a mother. And who comes right out and asks a complete stranger that anyway? Wow.

Note to self: Never go shopping with mom again.

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oh my god, your mom is extremely dumb, no offense or anything but come on