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By  rukusrazor  |  0

Honestly, I'd rather MAKE some money than spend all mine (or my parents) money on a dance you'll spend 10 minutes at then the rest of the night drinking and boning in some cheap motel.

I know, the ladies love their prom. It's one of the million "have-to's" on the chick-list. But I fucking hated prom. Every. Time. I. Went.

In my opinion, don't skip that part... OPINION (underlined, highlighted and circled) you lucked out, but I'm sure the prom means something particularly special to you.

By  vtb12  |  0

@ #7
I'm a guy, I had a lot of fun at my prom. My date was just one of my friends, we just went to the dance, all went back to a friends house, and it was just good times. It was a lot of fun.