By for fuck's sake, gran - United States - Bainbridge
Today, my grandma and I went shopping. When I picked up some shower gel, she started ranting in front of everyone that shower gel injures one's "lady parts" and causes infertility, and that she wants me to give her great-grandchildren. FML
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  HerMischief  |  21

Who says your going to have kids at all and that you're not child free? She acts like your opinion doesn't matter. Women aren't obligated to have children. You're not a baby making machine.

  Nessco  |  36

Yeah, she may some issues there. Been using shower gel for years and got pregnant twice (whilst on the pill) and using shower gel. Kids are really healthy. Definitely no infertility from shower gel.


31, It's an FML because her grandmother was being absolutely ridiculous. If cleaning female genitalia lead to infertility this wouldn't be the first time you'd be hearing it.

By  Pstraka6  |  20

Talk about awkward moment, I just hope you corrected her judgement of what hurts ones "ladys parts". Grandma almost always knows best, but in this case I'm not so sure

By  NthDakotaBeaches  |  12

Depending on how old she is I wouldn't put too much blame on her. My grandmother is also very paranoid about health and thinks everything is so dangerous nowadays. Maybe ask her to be a little more respectful and not make a scene next time.