By maximus - United States
Today, I was in the line at Chipotle and noticed a very attractive lady in her mid 20's. I deliberately took the table next to her and her friend and happened to overhear what they were talking about. They were both discussing how much diarrhea they were going to have when they got home. FML
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  MacOSXpert  |  7

YDI for listening in on them. Seriously.
Besides, this is the 21st century, What did you expect them to talk about? Make-up and ponies?
You should be glad they weren't talking about last night's lay or Robert pattinson..w/e.

  riku3220  |  2

Maybe he wanted to find out her personality or find something that they have in common before making a move. Would you really want to start a relationship based on the fact that you two enjoy Chipotle?