By gabe8 - 15/06/2009 05:42 - Mexico

Today, after buying the plane ticket to Glendale, CA to visit 17 year old Courtney who I met on a dating website, she called me for the first time to say that she was actually 19 year old Seth from Atlanta, GA. FML
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Haven't you read enough FMLs to know that you shouldn't date online?

Also, thanks for the xbox my "stupid parents won't buy me"


hey Im from atlanta and I know a seth that's 19.... hmmm... no probably not, hmm

good to know people can still get relationships without dating sites >_>

That's so messed! A freaking pedo from mexico flying to the US to meet a 17 year old girl. How is this NOT causing an uproar?!

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Except for the fact that a pedophile is described as somebody who likes prepubescent children generally between the ages of four and ten.

how is a 17 year old even allowed on one of those dating sites?

Here is what gets me. The fact that you bought the plane ticket, before actually finding out who they were via telephone.

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I tottally second you on this was my first thought. How ******* out could this dude be like 30

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I agree with #2 you pedo-bear.

Godless25 0 ever occur to u that the person writing this might have been 17 or 18 too? dipshit

yes... although op is stupid enough to buy a plane ticket to someone he doesn't even know. you hating on pedobears???

Better watch out mod police will give you warning for calling him a name

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now your kinda starting to sound like a pedo-bear

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Eugh that's just wrong on soo many levels.

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Yes this fml sounds a little pedophile-ish

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Haven't you read enough FMLs to know that you shouldn't date online?

No... you should just be aware of who you are meeting. Do you not have Snapchat or Skype?

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