By jannister - 13/08/2012 19:25 - Germany - Bad Blankenburg

Today, my mom threw my tampons in the garbage and said that from now on, I'll be buying pads instead. Turns out she read a scare story going around by email that all the local teens are soaking their tampons in alcohol and inserting them anally to secretly get drunk. FML
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"Man I am so drunk off my ass right now"

It could be worse. My friends mom opened up the trash once to look for her used tampons because she thought she was faking being on her period and hiding being pregnant. All because of some Dr. Phil episode too.


A really weird one by the standards of usual FMLs

It said that the OP's mother got rid of OP's tampons because she read a BS story about local teens dipping tampons in alcohol and inserting them analy to get drunk.

That joke only works in the right ocasions

Maybe you should stick to lurking in the shadows #1.

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It's not bs, it's actually true. A few girls in my area were hospitalized because the alcohol went straight into their bloodstream.

Sorry guys... The pressure of commenting first got to me. :/

My German is pretty rusty, so please feel free to correct me: OP, deine Mutter ist blöd.

149- oder einfach nur leichtgläubig! mine is rusty too haha

146- Ya don't say... Obviously, the point is for the alcohol to go straight into the blood stream unnoticed. The problem with it is that you can't control the rate of absorption and unlike the stomach, the anus isn't equipped to expel the unabsorbed alcohol. By the time you have had too much it's too late. Very easy to get poisoning this way.

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This is one of the weirdest things I've ever read

225, it is weird. Unfortunately, it is true. Girls have been doing this for a while. I've seen these stories on the news for over a year now, easily.

An alcohol enema? I didn't know that was possible.

It was on 1000 ways to die but not that form. The dude had throat surgery and had his wife give him a enema of whiskey so he could get drunk. She gave him the whole bottle and because the body will absorb alcohol quicker that way he died of alcohol poisoning. It's actually a really dumb and dangerous things kids are doing.

It's possible. The intestine allows alcohol to get into the blood stream much more quickly, and would take less alcohol to get "buzzed" / "grilled" / whatever slang dirty hipsters use to describe getting drunk.

Your skin is selectively permeable. Hence the trans-dermal patch being used for medications like birth control, pain management, & addiction therapies. Mucous membranes (mouth, nose, rectum, and ******) are more permeable. Thus resulting in quicker, unfiltered absorption of substances.

2- According to the email, it is. I wonder what that tampon will be like once you take it out. Gross.

^Thanks guys. I didn't know any of that information. I appreciate that you told me without ripping me apart for ignorance. :)

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While I agree that alcohol is easily absorbed in those sensitive areas, getting a soaked tampon into your anus is complete bullshit. Most people would have trouble getting just a tampon in there, with alcohol it's all soft and squishy and swollen... That's a fun mental image...

Kids are doing it so parents can't smell it on their breath. I assume they do it using a tampon with a plastic applicator.

Oh yes it's possible. I saw an episode of "1000 ways to die" and he died by getting liquor poured in his ass through an enema bag. He died because it doesn't go through the liver and the liver takes out most of the alcohol. So he died from alcohol poisoning.

56 - they leave the tampon in the plastic applicatior, soak it in alcohol, apply lube to the tip, then insert it just as one would insert a normal tampon into their ******. My husband is an emt and has actually seen the aftermath of this a few times...not pretty...

Kallian_fml 21

Am I one of the few people left who are capable of inserting a tampon without an applicator? I don't even know what one looks like...

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88-nah. I dont need one either.

78 - That's not exactly how ingesting alcohol normally works. Your liver is not part of the digestive systemt that way.

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I should really stop eating while browsing FML...

115- everything passes through the liver if digested and absorbed via the stomach/intestines. Sublingual and rectal absorption bypasses the liver. Google "first pass metabolism" for more information about this

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Yeah, some kids like to do that, rather dangerous though. I don't see why they don't just drink, it's more social anyways. Unless of course, people are helping one another shove a tampon up each other's asses.

Actually, its possible to do it, through the anus or ******, its kind of like doing an eye shot, the skin absorbs the alcohol because its a more sensitive area, but it can cause severe burns and pain on the area that it is used depending on how strong the alcohol is

Your mom needs to stop believing that everything on the internet is true

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Wait, not everything on the Internet is true? So that Russian mail order bride I sent away for isn't coming? Next you'll be telling me that I wasn't really that website's 10,000th visitor and I didn't win a free iPad.

Actually, that is true. I heard reports on the radio about it

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20- and my late ultra rich uncle Mahamadou in Nigeria didn't really leave me 400,000 dollars?...

Yeah, it has to be true if it's on the radio AND the internet...

So there aren't any hot singles in this area looking for me?

Psych101 9

81- I choose to believe that one is true for personal reasons.

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It's definitely true. It's been on national news multiple times.

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@81 >.> It's those Internet Bears. I hear that one in 5 people you meet online is a bear waiting to meet up in real life and maul you.

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Yes but this is true. My neighbor who is a cop has seen many woman do this while they were driving. Though no alcohol could be found on their breath when they were checking them out he found a tampon hanging out, he questioned and being drunk off their ass you honestly think they lied?

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This reminds me of my favorite quote. "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet" -Thomas Jefferson

Now im not sure if the girl who pulled hers out freeing a wedgie was telling us the whole truth. Im not sure of anything anymore *Frowny face* the 'whole' truth...

This isn't only true, it's very dangerous. When you have alcohol put into your system this way, it is way more potent than when ingested.

117: that wasn't half bad for your first comment

OP - Well that is just delightful, I'm sure many girls relish the thought of putting alcohol soaked tampons up their arse.

It could be worse. My friends mom opened up the trash once to look for her used tampons because she thought she was faking being on her period and hiding being pregnant. All because of some Dr. Phil episode too.

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Suspicious parent + dr.phil = hell for a child everytime

Dr. Phil Impersonating an actual doctor since 2006. (ie- his medical license expired in 2006)

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43 thank you.. And your mom does know you can die from that right?

Uber_muffin - He never had a medical licence. He's a psychologist, not a psychiatrist.

Yeah, when i was younger, my mom thought i was doing meth because she found a empty, burnt up lightbulb attached to fish tubing because she read it in some parenting magazine. Really i was just too broke to afford a vaporizer for weed. I can understand her concerns and reasoning, but she knew i smoked pot, and refused to believe it was not meth. Eventually you realize that you love and hate your parents for the exact same reason; trying and caring.

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Wow. That's really gross... Talk about a serious invasion of privacy.

Maybe you can sit down with her and tell your mom you want tampons instead! Good luck, OP!

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Yeah, I did, and I don't particularly appreciate your condescension.

the saddest thing is some people actually MIGHT try this... the alcohol doesn't get filtered by the kidneys so one gets drunker much faster, of course the fatality rate is really high as well. Of course as is true with all stupid people, that's not necessarily a bad thing...

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Wait, that could actually work?! Holy shit!

That is not how it works at all. Your kidneys don't filter out alcohol, your liver does. Also, it filters it out of your blood, not your stomach, so it doesn't matter which orifice you use.

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213-You don't have to be a doctor to know how the body works.

I wud tell u I give a **** but I already gave it to ur mom last night

When I began using tampons I did it out of secrecy because it was just me and my dad and I was too embarrassed to ask. Well he found them and since he was told you can't be a virgin while using tampons he assumed I was a lying ***** and was grounded for 3 months. Parents are nuts. I feel your pain OP.

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This is why men should not get involved with teenaged girls and their periods.

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Ignorant men. There are other men out there who understand things, are sensitive and know what to do. Also, from the FML, there are clearly women who don't know shit.

Damn that sucks. I used to send my dad to the store and get my feminine hygiene products. You just made my dad sound awesome.

It sounds like it would work. It also sounds like a great way to end up at the emergency room.

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It sounds like it would work? You mean to tell me that you've got/know of and anus that's loose enough to shove a big, soggy, swollen, squishy tampon in it?

66 - It's called an applicator. Soak & insert. A little resourcefulness will go a long way. And it would work because inserting it that way really would get you drunk.

#66 Not to be gross but I'm pretty sure a tampon is way smaller than a dick an those get shoved up asses all the time.

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#66. I think I'm in love! Absolutely hilarious! Hopefully those aren't soaked in alcohol too!! How are things in Petit Roche?

dannnngthatsux 19

Sorry my last comment was for 235.

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You can actually get drunk off you ass?

Yup, sept people tend to die from doing it.