By Anonymous - 21/06/2013 09:04 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, after cricket training, the homeless man that lives in the drain next to the nets threw a beer bottle full of piss at me for rejecting him for a date last week. I ducked; it sailed through my car’s open window and smashed all over the seats. FML
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That's a great example of a win-lose situation


erockinthesuburb 17

Try a LITTLE harder with your puns next time. Until then, DOWNVOTED!

friedpwnadge 25

You should have gone over and beat the piss out of him.

Oh boy URINE trouble its going to PEE some hard work to scrub that outta your seats.

then000bster 16

When I read the Fml all I could think of was, "how the F does a cricket get onto fml and why do they have to go through training?"... Then I realized she meant the sport.

Buy him a beer next time full a Piss to make up :)

Llama_Face89 33

64- may as well just give him a Bud at that point.

excused, that pun had to be made evantually

That's a great example of a win-lose situation

Why was OP training crickets in the first place.

no, its lose-lose. either get soaked in piss, or get your car soaked in piss

It could also be win-win depending on how you look at it. The OP didn't get hit by the piss bottle and the car window could have been up, which likely means the window would have been shattered as well as the car's interior being flooded with said homeless man's piss. That said, I cannot imagine having a bottle of piss thrown at you is pleasant.

Where is there a win in this?? You either get soaked in urine or your car does. Having you car soaked in urine can't be much better than having a smashed window!

Win- didn't get soaked in piss. Lose- the car did.

whiteboy896 9

Should have just took one for the team.

Jeez OP has some killer reflexes. Sucks about yout seats though

DyslexicPanda 12

Yes, because OP totally knew that it was going to fly into their car.. -_-

You'd think a homeless guy would be used to disappointment. Don't get mad. Just think about how that jackass will be sleeping alone the the gutter tonight.

That's absolutely disgusting, sorry OP. I'd hate to be the person who has to clean that up... *cringe*

6- Agreed! Plus I would never feel the car was clean enough no matter how much I scrubbed after something like that! Oh hell no!

I don't understand why people have to be such dicks.

Why bother peeing in a bottle? When you're homeless, the entire world is your urinal. He must have been saving it for exactly this occasion. The next time you reject him, ask him to pee directly in your car window. At least that way you avoid the glass shards all over the seats.

erockinthesuburb 17

I should have done this while growing up. When I was turned down for a date, throw piss! That would've changed their mind about dating me.

dutch_girl13 20

#24- it wouldn't change their mind, they would just be more glad they said no

#26 Thank god you came along! I had no idea why girls didn't like me when I pissed on their cars! I Finally Understand!

yawateverok 10

i dont kno how this will help but k

Well that was very Matrix like, but would've been better if you had grabbed the bottle mid-air and chucked it back at him.

Zimmington 21

Although the idea is cool. Who would want to touch that bottle?