By Anonymous - 21/06/2013 04:44 - United States - Vancouver

Today, my boss held my hair while I threw up. It's day two on the job. FML
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triplebeerox 27

Well, that was nice of your boss. Sometimes I can't do that even for friends...

Were you giving him a blow job?


triplebeerox 27

Well, that was nice of your boss. Sometimes I can't do that even for friends...

Roskosity 22

You have a great boss. Work diligently.

I know, you try to help people and then they start gagging and it all just goes down hill from there...

triplebeerox 27

Yeah, I have more of an issue with the smell *shudders*.

janelly16 7

Hey well at least it shows the boss cares enough to do this after knowing them for two days. Probably shouldn't worry about it too much.

In her defense, maybe it was a 2 day blow-job.

#41 what is it with all the sex addicted 12 year olds? Do they think all female works give blow jobs to their bosses now?!

They watch waaaaay too much porn.

Coming from the one with "send me nudes" on their profile.

Yeah i know what you mean

herotime 7

No more party hardy

Who said it was party related? Nowhere does it say that OP wasn't just ill! Poor OP :(

exactly, OP could have had a stomach bug or morning sickness. don't be so quick to judge 2, you cheeky monkey

Get ready for day three!

Were you giving him a blow job?

yes, because he throwing up = a blow job

RedPillSucks 31

Jokie jokie....

she* this sucks, autocorrect will take first priority, and the minute I notice and try to fix it the internet goes out. I hate the Greek infrastructure

IworkAt711 14

Well it doesn't say that OP is a woman. It could be a man with long hair for all we know.

whiteboy896 9

I doubt a man cares if his long hair is held by someone else while throwing up.

IworkAt711 14

I sure as hell would. I dont want puke in my hair.

It doesn't say that OP's boss is a man either.

Deep throat?

Look at the upside: Your boss seems very nice.

I don't know whether ydi or fyl. But that's pretty bad for second day on the job.

I thought this FML was going to end differently. Damn, you dirty mind....

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Well your boss seems to be respectable! You're gonna wanna work really hard to show some appreciation OP!

yawateverok 10

i think he will forgive u for troubles its fine (:

Sabriiyah_Witter 5

Well be happy you have a kind boss?