By Anonymous - 28/12/2014 00:22 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was waiting in line while a lady paid for her shopping, when her credit card got declined. She started ranting and insulting everyone and kept insisting: "I'm not poor!" By the time the lady had finally stormed off, I had spittle on my face, and the cashier was almost in tears. FML
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JocelynKaulitz 28

One thing I've learned about retail: The customer is almost never right. Just rude.

yumyumpower 16

Aww the poor cashier !!


yumyumpower 16

Aww the poor cashier !!

I agree this more the cashiers fml. People need to learn some respect.

Honestly I would give that cashier a twenty, hunny needs a spa day after that fiasco!

Hope your day gets better!

JocelynKaulitz 28

One thing I've learned about retail: The customer is almost never right. Just rude.

Don't let her get ya down OP! Karma will definitely get her back!

Who knows? Maybe she gets hit by a car on the way out.

skittyskatbrat 19

Poor car ;)

Mf2307 15

aint that the truth

People like that should not leave the house

I work in retail and people like that are the worst. At least you'll never have to see her again.

You probably jinxed that. I'm waiting for a follow up on if you see her again OP!

Poor Cashier. I know how it feels to have someone yell at you at work. However, it wasn't the customer, it was the crew who yelled at me, and I cracked under pressure.

Does anybody else get slightly concerned about people's inability to act in a respectful and adult like manner?

larrena2377 26

All the time

jthmtwin 16

I question how many function in today's society with the amount of rudeness and stupidity around.

I feel bad for those in retail, I'm unsocial person so I'm not flirty or overly talking, but I am never rude to them. Now telemarketers I just hang up on. We all have to deal with them and they have to deal with us it just their job and will effect them longer then us...

My grandma used to work in telemarketing. Once I remember she was almost in tears on the phone after a man cussed her out as a joke. That's why I try to be polite to them whilst immediately hanging up.

if she kept insisting that she wasn't poor why didn't she just have the cash to pay?

not everyone has cash on them all the time, thus using debit or credit cards. I personally don't like credit cards, too easy to get in debt with.

I just use debit, safer than cash and its faster. cash is too easy to lose once its gone its gone.