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Today, my friend and I were playing football in the street, when out of nowhere a homeless man sucker punches me in the gut, grabs my football, and runs away laughing like a maniac. FML
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JoshTheMaggot 8


X3liteXHunterX 12

Gotta love homeless people!


JoshTheMaggot 8


And the Street Corner Bums win again!

icefshng8 9

You got sacked!

Somebody didn't watch their blindside

cyK0tek 0

^^Sacked like Flacco lool

I call that a fumble, you always have to protect the ball.

It happens

A wild homeless man appears! homeless man uses sucker punch attack! stupid Jersey **** has fainted blah blah blah screw you op ydi

The poor guy just wanted some pork rinds^.^ (get it? pigskin?)

He's got some real "balls" to do that! Haha, get it?.. Oh god, that was just a flat out sad pun....

X3liteXHunterX 12

Gotta love homeless people!

That's probably the most fun he had in months. Too bad it had to come at OP's expense.

It's Halftime America.

i'm sure it seemed like a good idea for him after 2 fifths of whiskey

lizard399 0

Little do we know, the fun is just beginning for this homeless man and his new football friend. Looks like it's halftime OP.

Lol yeah with my hockey team, I was at a fitness class thing, and we went outside to run, and we saw a homeless person sleeping in a dumpster...

81- Are you sure he was sleeping and not dead?

Not sure O.o

What did your friend do?

Get a camera and a baseball bat; film what ensue's, and then sell the tape's to buy another football. Problem solved!

You should've invited him to play earlier! Sharing is cari- oh wait, maybe not the best phrase for this scenario.

DontClickOnMe 28

This reminds me of this guy that used to steal my toys when I was a kid. My mom would chase him to try and get them back. We called him El Loco. True story.

RaquelW 7

Is anyone else bothered by the change of tense halfway through this fml? No? Oh.

badass243 6

football in the street?

When you only have two people, the cars provide for a good set of replacements for the defense

lizard399 0

And each time you hit a car, just move further down the street in the opposite direction.. Move far enough away from the scene of the crime and the game could last awhile.

83- what about ice skating? Or street hockey? Swimming? Those are pretty much restricted to one place.

kalabunga 0

oh I just can't wait to go swimming I'm my fire pit!

ninjuh_wingman 29

The homeless guy just won life by trolling you.

lizard399 0

Well at least in the homeless man's eyes.. until he needs some change, the homeless seem to survive purely on our change.. That homeless must have been without change for hours!! He became delusional.. yes.. and mistaken the football for a bag.. a bag full of change..

If he going to use it as a pillow then feel bad for him

Haha! I bet the chinese people think you're crazy now.