By Anonymous - 21/05/2012 01:10 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, someone threw an open soda can at me from a car. It missed, so they circled around and threw an unopened can. That one hit. FML
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Were these people high on Coke? I'm sure this gave you a Jolt, but in Sprite of your ordeal, don't keep Tabs on these people - they could be dangerous criminals. You need to try to stay 5-Alive. I would take a Minute Maid and then get out of town. Maybe take a walk through some Mountain Dew and breathe some Sierra Mist, or take a trip to a Sunkist Orangina grove, or go visit your Crush. I hope my advice Pepsis you up a bit. Good luck.

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Did u grab the unopened one

Comments first comment and I'm first. I'll probably never comment again. Have fun bashing me.

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You are so amazing. You are my idol.

You ah should of held onto the open can in case they came back. And if they didn't, free soda.

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Sounds like a game of dodging the soda cans!

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a soda can.

starman02 12

At least it was closed because you didn't get all wet!!

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This is why everyone should be strapped

might be the same people who are thumbing you down.

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Did u grab the unopened one

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This wouldn't be an FML if he would have been able to grab it. OP clearly says he was hit.

...OP could have walked over to the can and grabbed it? TheCarChanel didn't ask if he caught it.

12_Yes we know that OP got hit but the question of whether he picked it up and drank it still remains.

#17- It would make an awesome pop commercial if he did catch it.

If he did, I sure hope he waited a little while before enjoying his drink.

Saryrr 3

So it wouldn't fizz every where, right?

Shoulda thrown it back break that fools window

tjv3 10

I hope the OP beat the snot out of them, or at least got the lic plate number. Then OP could stalk then and make their life a living hell

Ge0rger0kz 5

What would happen if they missed the second time?

20- How do you know? Perhaps hypothetically they come around again with a big carton of milk...?

3rd time is the charm I suppose.. They just got lucky with the second.

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It would have been a six pack.

GovernorGeneral 8

Heyyy your comment reminded me about that fml where the guy tries kicking a can at op but continualy misses so he picks it up and throws it xD

They'd get out of the car, walk up to op, and hit em with the can head on.

They would open a can and get a funnel so they don't miss.

Drive by canning? What has the world come to? Are bullets that expensive?

Yes they are! That's why I switched to Nerf gun missiles.....that shit is cheap and reusable! :D

Chris Rocks skit about making bullets worth thousands a bullet starting to stop shootings work in real life

Did you get a look at their registration plate? Of you can try and find it, paint it some nice colors ;) I'm sure they'd appreciate the paint job. If you know what I mean.

Ah yes. Vandalism. Always the answer! (sarcasm)

Ah no. Joking. It gets used quite a lot on this site. (no sarcasm)

=0 Or pour a bunch of soda all over it.

raraisbang 12

Thats what you get for pissing those gangsters off. I told you that was a bad idea!

Sounds like a fizzy situation! No? Ok.