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By  DocBastard  |  38

Were these people high on Coke? I'm sure this gave you a Jolt, but in Sprite of your ordeal, don't keep Tabs on these people - they could be dangerous criminals. You need to try to stay 5-Alive. I would take a Minute Maid and then get out of town. Maybe take a walk through some Mountain Dew and breathe some Sierra Mist, or take a trip to a Sunkist Orangina grove, or go visit your Crush.

I hope my advice Pepsis you up a bit. Good luck.

  tjv3  |  10

I hope the OP beat the snot out of them, or at least got the lic plate number. Then OP could stalk then and make their life a living hell

By  SkoomaKi  |  27

Did you get a look at their registration plate? Of you can try and find it, paint it some nice colors ;) I'm sure they'd appreciate the paint job.

If you know what I mean.